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Boge Quinn - Webmaster


Hey Jeff,

I just wanted to give you two thumbs up for your article "Do you have enough" I am an eagle scout and a volunteer for the American Red Cross and my community emergency response team and people need a wake up call about being prepared. You're right, people don't like to think about the "what if's" so instead they do nothing and don't get prepared. Both my wife and I are full-time college students and both working part-time and even though it's hard we can save a little to get prepared. A great way to get your food storage is this website I don't know who runs the company but it's great. You can have meals auto- shipped right to your door in easy to carry boxes. The food is good and high in calories at really low cost. The food is sealed in the boxes and will last for 30 years so they won't go bad anytime soon. The only downside is they do require some water to prepare the food. I just wanted to share that with you in case you're interested because I agree with you that Americans are not prepared for disaster. If the people in New Orleans would've had a good 72-hour kit with emergency supplies a lot of disaster could be avoided. Maybe you could post this link on your website to help Americans get prepared.



December 29, 2008


First of all, I visit your website several times a week and enjoy it very much. Some of your reviews have really helped me with gun purchases. However, regarding your recent "Do you have enough", I have just a few comments.

First, no one can predict the future. We can only have an opinion and you know what everyone says about opinions. Barack Obama may end up being the best or worst President we have ever had. Only time will tell.

Second, police officers have no obligation to protect you. Their job is to defend the law. Many are not aware of this and I felt you should have been more explicit in your article about their obligations. Some logos on police cars say "To serve and protect", but that is simply not true. Not one of them has an obligation to take a bullet meant for you.

Lastly, most gun owners, like myself, have enough defense ammo to defend ourselves under normal circumstances. I just make sure to have several thousand rounds of .22LR for enjoyment of my hobby. I'm not sure there is going to be a run on this.


December 28, 2008


About Obama, I do not know what he will do, but I do know his record, and what he has stated that he would do. Whether he will or will not try to ban guns is not the point of the article. The point of bringing that up is that people BELIEVE that he will try to ban certain classes of firearms, and that belief is what has caused the buying frenzy. 

The courts have ruled that the police have no obligation at all to protect a citizen, and that was the point that I was trying to make. In a disaster, you are most likely on your own. However, when the police ignore the Constitution and steal privately owned firearms when their owners need them the most, that is worse than just not helping, that is criminal. 

Hopefully, none of us will ever have to live through such a scenario.



I have been reading and lurking around your site for about a year now, I paid for my membership tonight after reading your article "Do You Have Enough". Truer words have never been spoken. I have been making my own list and collecting the things to have on hand at my home in a city of about 600,000 people if anything happens, natural or man made. I am a gun person and patriot, and over the last two years I have been collecting arms that I may never fire myself but instead they are intended for my 15 month old daughter, and her soon to be born brother or sister. During the same two years I have been gathering the things you mentioned in the article, water storage, food supplies, medicine and back up power supplies. God bless my wife as she is on the same page as me, it makes these preparations easer! She has also seen disasters first hand, in college in Kentucky years ago her part of town was hit with a power outage that lasted ten days due to an ice storm. The only place to get warm and get water and a hot shower was at the University that opened its doors to the public in need. 

Now that we are parents there are two things we will never let happen, we will never let another person harm our children and we will never let them go hungry. Extra firearms and ammo, great. Having food, water, and electricity when those we count on to provide and make them available even better! Thanks for the great article, I hope your readers take note, now I am off to buy a box of ammo and two extra cans of soup. God bless. 


December 28, 2008


Just want you to know that I thought your article, Do You Have Enough, was excellent and to the point. I enjoy GunBlast and have for several years now. Keep up the good work!



December 28, 2008

Do you have enough?  Damn good article. I'm so proud that I live in the sticks ....with fresh water, abundant game and a bit of isolation with tactical advantage.


December 28, 2008

Jeff, Your "DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH" piece is another great article, and very thought provoking. I hope that people who read it will give it some serious thought and take your words to heart.

For those who think it'll never happen here, please go to the link below for some real world experiences in the aftermath of Argentina's economic crisis in 2001.;f=1;t=044387;p=1

I too am concerned about what lies ahead during an Obama administration. But I am even more concerned that a majority of our country thinks this is the way to go, and voted us into this mess. I wonder what kind of a world we are leaving for our kids and grandkids.


December 27, 2008

I just downloaded the and watched both the 640x480 and the 320x240 videos for the FN SLP Mark I Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun. Just wanted to say I definitely like the high quality video downloads, it took less than 20 seconds to completely download the large video (using a Comcast cable modem, out of Boston, Massachusetts), and the extra detail of the high quality video was a world of difference better and looked much more professional. Thanks for all your great reviews!


December 26, 2008


I just came across your website while browsing for receivers on the the Stag Arms website.

The point of my email is personal, in that I wish to express my gratitude to you.

I've hunted and used guns (recreationally) on and off since I was a kid. I've not served in the military nor in law enforcement. Generally speaking, I'm unfamiliar with the gun community and its political endeavors and/or struggles. I've never spent much time contemplating our constitution or questioned my patriotism. In fact, living in Santa Cruz, California it's no wonder I've been a quasi-liberal my entire life; that is, until 9-11. 

That day changed everything for me. At that moment, global politics drew me into the fray. Being an engineer, I was taught to follow the data. For the first time in my life I began really reading and listening and looking and learning. I began realizing what was happening in my country and around the world; and the more I learned, the more I wanted to see. And the more I saw the more I realized I had been in a dream most of my adult life. 

It's a crazy world out there. It's crazy here as well! This is not the world I thought it was when I was a kid. Furthermore, I've realized I'm not the guy I thought I was. Who am I? I now realize that I'm a lover of my country; I'm a patriot; I'm a constitutionalist, and I'm a staunch supporter of the efforts and accomplishments of our founding fathers. I never realized (before that day) what a great country we were born in; but I do now. 

What's my point? My point is that I am impressed with your your website. I respect you for what you've created, and I support your position. Furthermore, you're content is neither condescending nor arrogant. On the contrary, you convey your points in an articulate and respectful manner. Bravo Jeff. I'm impressed with you and with what you've created.


December 7, 2008


Thank you, Sir, for the kind words. We must all be vigilant to keep that which has been given to us by God and by those who preceded us in the founding and preservation of this nation. There are many who do not like our way of life, both without and within our borders, and will do all that they can to destroy this nation.



First let me say that, as a gun enthusiast, I do enjoy reading the reviews on Gunblast. com. However, I find your political views to be `off target' and I would like to try to shed some light. 

You are clearly upset that Obama has won the election. It seems he represents many things you fellows don't like or agree with and Jeff would probably say that's an understatement.

You seem to be hung up on his birth certificate or a lack of one. You seem to be clinging on to a last hope that someone can find some shred of evidence that can get this guy removed. The scanned image seen on the Internet was exactly that, a scanned copy. It seems a number of self-proclaimed experts seized this opportunity and claimed that this scanned image was a "Forgery". Investigators have turned over every leaf looking for any possible truth to this claim. What did they find? Nothing. 

Obama did, in fact, produce a birth certificate and it was verified by state officials. Health Department Director Dr. Chlyome Fukino says she and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, have personally verified that the health department holds Obama's original document. Fukino says that no state official, including Gov. Linda Lingle ever instructed that Obama's certificate be handled differently than any other. This document was inspected very closely by many Government investigators including the McCain team. All found it to be legitimate. 

Don't you think someone in the Republican party would have exposed something, anything if they had one tiny thread of concrete evidence? Of course they would but they couldn't find anything. However, they were able to find hidden in the Honolulu Advertiser on August 13, 1961 a report of a birth date of Aug. 4th 1961 on 6085 Kalanlanaole Hwy. This added to the verification that Obama was, in fact, born on U. S. soil.

Also. The video you suggested passing along about the lawyer Philip Berg was also nothing more than conspiracy hype. In the 34 page memorandum issued by Judge Surrick the case was dropped because Bergs allegations were "frivolous and not worthy of discussion" and that he had "ventured into the unreasonable".

I read with interest your article `Time to Come Together' especially Jeff's comments at the bottom of the page. Greg, your words lost their sincerity and credibility when you still continue to bash Obama in your articles that followed. You say "how do we best support the one that was elected" then turn right around and disagree with everything he says and want him brought down because of some fictitious conspiracy theory. I think a better name for this article should have been taken from Jeff's rant. "Time to Draw the Line". 

Jeff openly accuses Obama of raising everyone's taxes, not fighting terrorists, taking our guns away, killing babies. etc. All these accusations are false because he hasn't even been signed into office yet. Jeff, you have condemned Obama as well as the entire democratic party before he even started. 

Your political articles have nothing to do with "coming together" or trying to understand another persons views. Harsh, ignorant comments like "Obama and his socialist followers can kiss my hairy ass" will only isolate you and make you unable to move forward due to close mindedness. Bigotry rears its ugly head once again.

I want to remind you that this country of ours was founded on the freedom of religion. This does not mean that Laws should only be written according to `your interpretation' of `your bible'. There is much discussion that Obama may be a Muslim. He factually is not a Muslim but what if he was? There is no law that says you can't be a Muslim and run for political office. In fact, we already have Congressman Keith Ellson who is a Muslim. 

Bigotry has no place when it comes to solving problems and coming together. Freedom in this country is not just about your views and your bible. There are other people in this land that have different views and other forms of religion, sexuality, and color. They have every right to be in this country. No, you don't have to like them but I ask that you tolerate them. Don't hate monger against them. If you truly believe and support the ideals of a free nation then you should not condemn people for not sharing your beliefs and not being exactly like you. 

Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.


December 3, 2008


I appreciate that you disagree with me. Nothing wrong with that at all. However, you have no right to call me a bigot. I do not care what color the man is. Eight years ago, I voted for Alan Keyes for President, and he is blacker than Obama ever has a chance to be. I base everything that I stated about Obama on his voting record in the Illinois senate, and upon his own statements regarding gun control. If you have some evidence that I have ever been a bigot, please present it now. I have never said anything negative about something as trivial as the color of the man's skin. I disagree with his politics, his philosophy, and his morals. I don't care if he is purple. 


I really appreciate this website. It is one of the most useful one's I have ever seen. I am am 8 year navy vet. A competition shooter all my life and presently the captain of a Marine Corps League shooting team. I stand solidly behind the 2nd amendment. 

What disturbs me is organized religion. At best I think I am an agnostic. If there is some superior being out there then how and why it works is beyond my comprehension but I always run into true believers who quote what god wants as if the have constant conversations with it. Years ago I learned that those who really know don't usually tell. Most "ism's" and "ites" given the chance will try to control everyone they can. Remember that there are few, if any organized religions that are truly "free". All require that you submit to their dogma. Few would call me "liberal" but I draw the line at condemning those that honestly choose another lifestyle. There are many examples of what happens when these organized religions get sway in politics. Most evident is the Spanish Inquisition and present day radical Islam. Those who rant about Christianity and our founding fathers are as dangerous as the middle eastern terrorists. They can not seem to understand that the world is made up of very different people and not all of them are like them. What is the most humorous is that they think that ,somehow, their world or their civilization is going to be destroyed by hordes of homosexuals or liberals. This world has been this way for thousands of years and will go on this way for thousands more. There are ups and downs in politics and right now we have gone into a Democratic cycle. When people realize that they are as lame as other Democratic eras, then people will vote conservative again. BUT, at this time the focus needs to be on protecting our 2nd amendment rights. How many of those who visit this site and deal with firearms are NRA members? They are the ONLY ones really protecting our rights. So, go on about your religion but join the NRA and contribute to their programs or kiss this sport goodbye.


December 2, 2008


We always encourage NRA membership (that's why you'll find a link to join the NRA at the bottom of each page). I have been a life member for over 20 years now, and tomorrow am sending in my money for Endowment membership. 

There is much wrong with religion. Religion was invented by man. However, if everyone lived as if there is a God, we would all be better off. There would be less violence in the world. I cannot prove to anyone that God exists, but I believe in God, and in eternal life. However, if I am wrong, I have lost nothing. If you are wrong, you have lost everything. 


I have just come across Your "MAGAZINE " and I'm very impressed. But first and foremost, Thank You for Your remembering Our POW-MIAs. And now I shall return to the " MAG." 

D. Hughes

Vietnam Vet, '64-'68, USN-USMC


Thank you, sir, for your comment - but most of all, thank you for your service. I try never to forget those who fought for my freedoms, those who paid the supreme sacrifice, or those who were left behind by an ungrateful nation.

God bless you, sir.


Dear Jeff-

I just want to say thank you for the honest, insightful reviews that you folks provide at Gunblast. I sincerely rely upon them when making my purchases and often tell all of my friends as well.

I wish I could say the same about the opinions, but I cannot. I have read the latest concerning Obama, as well as California, and I must say that I think that you have a limited perspective on both issues. Have you even been to the west coast and stayed enough time to understand the people here? Did you watch any of the debates and listen to then candidate Obama speak? Did you thoroughly analyze his proposals in an unbiased way?

California is absolutely a hostile place when it comes to gun control, and yet the only ones fighting indeed are the gun store owners, why? For the same reason I believe the NRA exists: for gun sales. These folks have a genuine interest, along with firearms manufacturers, in selling their products at the maximum profit margins possible. It has little to do with American freedoms and more to do with sales than anything else. All over this state, and nationwide, gun sales are soaring, and the NRA has executed its propaganda push at just the right time by scaring society into believing that they will be disarmed. Who is really benefiting from this?

Obama is not gonna rock the boat, especially not in his first term. You will see that with time and patience, he will get this country on the right track when it comes to issues that are truly urgent such as the economy and healthcare. I hope you will not let your personal feelings and beliefs affect your better judgment and will re-evaluate your own opinions about our future Commander in Chief.

As for California, it is not entirely a lost cause, I believe that the next major earthquake followed by looting will wake a lot of people up and will stir the pot of change that is already brewing nationwide.


Eric E

Proud Non-NRA Member 

Metro Southern California


Thanks for your comments. There is a lot of disagreement on those political matters. That is why we keep such topics in a different section. I have been to California, and also receive a lot of email from readers who live out there.

I am not an expert on healthcare, but I have seen government healthcare programs firsthand. I am Board Chairman of the Stewart County Community Medical Center in Tennessee. I also have seen how ineptly veterans are served by the VA Hospitals. My daughter is married to a soldier, and they have government health care. When one of the kids is sick, it can take weeks to get an appointment. I like our free market system better. One can choose to buy insurance, or to pay for health care himself. The government should not try to take over private businesses.

I watched every debate, including all of the primary debates on both sides. I do not know what Obama will do, but I do know what he has said he will do, and also his political record.


November 27, 2008

Jeff and Greg,

Just read your respective pieces on the election results and have got to say I am disappointed in you both.  While both of your pieces have a lot of good thoughts (although Jeff's is pretty condensed), neither of you mentioned the power of prayer and the need to pray for our new president and our country.  As good Christians, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Our Lord instituted this country as his Grand Experiment for the betterment of mankind.  This was recognized by all the founders.  George Washington marveled at all the bullet holes in his uniform coat.  A hurricane, not American soldiers, drove the British out of Washington after they had burned the capital in 1813.  Andrew Jackson beat their best General and 8,000 of the world's elite fighting men with 4,000 ruffians and incurred only 17 casualties.  When we really needed them, He provided Abraham Lincoln and General Ulysses S. Grant, both losers in their early careers.  In more modern times, there were Teddy Roosevelt, his cousin Franklin, Generals Eisenhower and Patton, and more recently Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

For the last eight years I have kept President Bush in my daily prayers.  I have asked the Lord our God to keep him from getting discouraged, protect him and keep him safe, and inspire him to keep on doing the right thing instead of the expedient.  So far, my prayers have been answered.  I now include Senator Obama in my prayers for the same reasons.  I ask that he be inspired to do what is right for our Country and our people.

I don't know why so many American have been hoodwinked by the liberal Democrats (there are still a few good Democrats), but they have, including several of my own children.  I bear them no malice, though, as I made as bad or worse mistakes when I was their age.  Perhaps we are living in a modern Sodom and Gomorrah.  It can certainly seem that way if you watch TV or movies, read or watch the news, or just look around you.  It may be that like the Jews who worshiped the golden calf in the desert, we have to be tested to see if we are worthy to carry on the Grand Experiment.

Being a Christian, I realize that everything we have comes from God.  But being a practical man, I pray as though everything depends upon Him but work as though everything depends upon me.  That being said, my biggest hope is that Senator Obama and our Democratic controlled Congress will be so preoccupied with the economic and security crises we face that their efforts at gun control will not receive their full attention for a while.  In the mean time, we need to call our forces together and precipitate a repeat of the 1994 mid term elections, which even President Clinton acknowledged was due mainly to the NRA.  I trust you boys, with your not insubstantial influence in our Second Amendment community, will join me and our NRA and do your part in bringing about another political victory for the righteous.

Best Regards,

Darrell - NRA Life Member

November 11, 2008


It seems that I am constantly disappointing someone. Obama needs salvation. Already, less than one week after winning the election, Obama has pledged to issue an executive order that the US start once again funding abortions overseas. Mine and your taxpayer dollars WILL be used to murder babies around the world. This is much worse than anything that bastard (look up the definition, he qualifies) can do to gun owners. He cannot even wait until he takes office to begin his jubilation over his power to have babies murdered! I can assure you, Sir, that I will be praying that Obama will either come to know Jesus as his personal savior before more human beings are murdered, or that the good Lord will take him out of this world to begin his eternity with Satan, his father. Hopefully, I stated that clearly enough.


Hello Jeff,

I have not found anything in your "politics and beliefs" section on this matter so I thought I would write you to get your thoughts. As you may be aware, my home state of California will be voting on Proposition 8 (amending state constitution to read that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California) on November 4th. Although this Proposition will not directly affect you in Tennessee, I feel that ultimately if more and more states continue to allow gay marriage yours may be next (Florida and Arizona are voting on similar issues in November as well).

I first want to make it clear that I am not motivated by hate, nor am I teaching my kids to hate other people because they're different. People can be gay if they want, and I still love them because they are my brothers and sisters. Any person that shows hatred toward homosexuals is disobeying the Commandments themselves and need to change their ways or will regret it in the future. On the other hand, I myself have been persecuted and cursed at by homosexual activists because I have a YES on 8 sign in my yard. Many, many YES on 8 signs have been stolen or vandalized as well as cars vandalized for having a Yes on 8 bumper sticker. Is this not robbing me of my First Amendment rights??? And at least one man, who was simply handing out YES on 8 signs after a church meeting, was brutally assaulted by a homosexual activist, receiving 16 stitches under his eye. Apparently, tolerance, kindness, and respect for differences should go both ways.

Religious organizations should not be punished by the state for refusing to allow gay marriages to desecrate their sacred chapels. Ministers who teach God's laws concerning the sinfulness of same-sex marriage should not have to fear being sued for hate speech. If a gynecologist doesn't want to give his lesbian patient in veto fertilization because it would violate his religious beliefs, even though he refers her to another good doctor who would do it for her, he shouldn't have to be sued for that! Photographers, who feel that sanctioning the activity would violate their religious beliefs, should not be sued for refusing to shoot gay weddings, even though there are other photographers who would do it. And the list of religious freedom infringements go on and on, these lawsuits are happening NOW in states throughout the U. S. These and other people should not be forced to give up their professions or be sued rather than violate sacred religious covenants they have made. There are plenty of other people and places that these homosexuals can go to that would be happy to accommodate them in these particular requests. They don't need to force their lifestyle down the throats of people who believe that servicing gay people with these particular ways would be a serious sin and damaging to their eternal welfare. Yet that is what has already been happening. Suing someone or a religious organization because they don't want to violate their most precious religious beliefs, in order to make them provide a service to you that you could simply receive elsewhere, is a much greater form of intolerance and disrespect.

The unwillingness to accept and embrace homosexuality isn't just some cruel wall of bigotry like the previous segregation and treatment of blacks or not wanting women to vote. Those issues had no religious foundation and it was right that they were torn down. But the command to not participate in or sanction homosexuality is a command from God, much different from past issues. These commandments have been on the earth since the beginning, and for good reasons. No one should be permitted to take another person's freedom to obey God away. That is a much greater violation of human rights. That is a main reason the early settlers came to this continent in the first place, for religious freedom. That is the one freedom that I cherish the most. But the problem is, the more accepted and prevalent homosexuality has become, the more our most basic and human right of religious freedom is being tested and taken away by overbearing and intolerant homosexual activists, intent on having their lifestyle forced upon us all. That is one of the major reasons I cannot support furthering the cause of homosexuality.

In addition, on May 15th of this year 4 activist judges from San Francisco overturned the will of over 4.6 million Californians when they invalidated Proposition 22 (voted on in 2000) calling it "unconstitutional". If we allow this judicial tyranny to happen where will it end?

Those are my thoughts; I look forward to hearing yours.



October 28, 2008


Homosexuality is a sin. As a Christian, I am told by my Bible that it is a sin, just as is lying, cheating, stealing, etc. It is a sin for a man to have sexual relations with another man. It is also a sin for a man to have sexual relations with a woman to whom he is not married. Both are sins, but in our society, one is just more repulsive to most of us than the other. The Bible does not distinguish between the two. Sexual relations out of wedlock, whether between a man and a man or a man and a woman is sin. I also believe that God instituted marriage to be between a man and a woman.

However, the repulsive acts between homosexuals is what disgusts me and most other non-homosexuals, and the best way on Earth to get two people to stop having sexual relations is to let them marry, so that might just be the best way to get men to stop committing Sodomy.


Dear writers of,

Your website is one of the best tools in the world for being able to shop for a gun without having the time or resources for actually trying it out first for myself.  I own a Ruger model 96 lever action .17 HMR.  I would have never known that the barrel band on that rifle has little to no effect on accuracy unless you tried it out for me first.  Most of the time having a floating barrel on a bolt gun might be considered far superior.  The crow that landed in my back yard at a perfect 100 yds didn’t escape that short little Ruger, banded barrel or not.

I have made repeated firearm purchases with total comfort knowing that an intelligent, firearm user has gone over the product with an honest opinion about its use.  Even slight changes like barrel length or sights justify a whole new report on the same product whether anyone thinks it’s repetitive or not.  I read them all whenever I can.  Thank you.


October 13, 2008


I have made many purchasing decisions based on your trials and I am extremely happy with my choices. I purchased the Bushmaster Varminter and put a Leupold Tactical Mk4 4.5X14X40 with the Mil dot recticle on it. It has been a coyote terminator. I recently purchased an Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel and put a Swarovski 6X24X50 scope on top. I am leaving for Wyoming on Tuesday October 14, 2008 to hunt Mule deer. I considered my 30-06 but the Grendel has been amazing taking out coyotes and wild hogs. I dropped a 231 lb hog in his tracks at 328 yards. There is no doubt that this rifle will get the job done. Target Shooting Model 1000 bench rest was a tremendous help in getting me prepared for those long shots out west. For anyone who wants to shoot long range buy the best bench rest on the market. Wally Brownlee is a genius for his engineering of this incredible bench rest. I hope to meet him as well as you, Jeff, someday. I am honored to have the above manufacturers products, and Gunblast you ROCK!



October 11, 2008

Good afternoon, 

I have just found your fine Website while searching for reports on the Taurus 0SS and wanted to leave a comment or two. As someone who has also made quite a name for himself teaching others to take responsibility for their own safety I feel that I share your particular views. I would therefore like to leave for your readers a quote or two from the Catechism of the Catholic Church regarding issues of personal self-defense. As I consider the Church to be the pre-eminent historical authority in the West, I feel that these excerpts speak better than I ever could as a writer: 

(1)"... Nor is it necessary for salvation that a man omit the act of moderate self-defense to avoid killing the other man, since one is bound to take more care of one's own life than of another's." [2264] 

(2) "Legitimate defense can be not only a right but a grave duty for someone responsible for another's life, the common good of the family or of the state." [2265] 

(3) "Preserving the common good of society requires rendering the aggressor unable to inflict harm." [2266] 

There are others, but these suffice for me. 

Thanks for presenting the breadth of your information and knowledge and hope to visit back more often! 

R. J.

October 5, 2008

Wonderful site, Jeff. Your brothers and yourself have an incredible website here, I could sit and read the archives section for hours. You helped turn me on to the Smith 610 (which I picked up promptly after delving into your review), and the site in general helps instill pride and respect for law-abiding gun owners everywhere (even in the gun-hating state of Massachusetts where I reside, haha).

God bless,


October 2, 2008

Brother Jeff,

Just a word to say that your gun comments are to the point, meaningful, and on target for my needs.

Anytime I am considering a new weapon that I have not previously fired, I inquire on your website to read your opinions. I find them well balanced and accurate when I buy a weapon you have evaluated.

Thanks for providing a valuable service to a fellow shooting enthusiast.


September 22, 2008

Dear Jeff, 

I am a purchaser of the Ruger SR9. I fired over a hundred rounds of relatively inexpensive 9mm ammo without so much as a hiccup. Then I was informed by Ruger that mine was one of the pistols requiring the recall retrofit. My experience was extremely satisfactory. They sent me the necessary box to ship my pistol, pre-addressed and UPS shipping to Ruger. The parcel went out on a Monday morning. On the following Monday it was returned, well oiled with a new 17 round clip as expected. In addition Ruger also included a nice 100% cotton baseball cap with "the RUGER SR9" proudly embroidered above the bill. I couldn't have been more pleased with the entire process. These folks are first rate. 

Dave - Springfield, OH

September 12, 2008

Just wanted to give a little feedback on the Gunblast article about the Bersa (380cc). I have been looking on the Internet and searching gun stores for a concealed carry pistol that will have the fire power to stop an aggressor. I have found several weapons that fit the bill but non of them have a good trigger or have some other shot coming. when I was a police officer I carried a Taurus pt22 in my shirt pocket. very small, very concealable, and great trigger double/action only. my purpose then was two guns equal one. but now i am using one gun and my shot must count if ever encountered and I must use my conceal carry pistol. I highly recommend the Bersa 380 carry concealed, along with a good carry concealed holster, my preference is thunder wear.  deep concealment. After reading your article and watching the video of the little bersa I went to the gun store and bought one. Let me tell you sports fans its excellent for what it was designed for. small, concealable, reliable, and accurate. I purchased the gun, one box of personal protection ammo (Hornady hollow point) and two boxes of practice ammo for $353.00 dollars.  Next day I was  at the range breaking her in.  I shot both boxes of practice ammo which is 100 rounds of pmc, and cci throw away ammo. This little gun was flawless. Drill #1, 25 yard shot one in the head (single action) and two in the chest (single action).  Very accurate. Drill #2  (close range 7yrds.) rapid fire, entire mag to the left of the black ring about the 8 ring to be exact. I held the pistol at waist level and looked at the target and fired where I was looking. pretty dam impressed.  Dirll #3  I loaded the pistol and started with hammer down, (double action), first shot at 15 yards was to the right of the center about the 9 ring in the black. the next seven shots went just to the right of the first shot. I am a left hand shooter (southpaw) and this gun is very user friendly.     I was having such a good time shooting the gun that I ended up shooting my 25 rounds of hollow point also. Conclusion,  I could not get enough. my suggestion is buy this pistol, get a good conceal carry holster, and wait for someone to come out with a laser for this little beauty and buy it also. remember the average Joe doesn't get to go to the range much, so if you are in your time of need, it's usually not at your best moment. What I'm saying is you want your shot to count. I don't care if the laser cost more than the pistol, buy it. lasers are idiot proof and the little dot on the chest of your perpetrator may change his mind about meeting Jesus.  My last note for all of you join the NRA protect your rights.  Thank you Gun blast for your review, right on the money, my next purchase is the Bersa 9mm compact. great little guns for the buck.


September 12, 2008

I enjoy your articles but if you actually believe that some senile 71 yr. old man and an ultra conservative religious woman with no experience that even remotely qualifies her to run this country should be our next clowns in the white house, then in my mind, you are completely out of touch with reality.


September 9, 2008


McCain is not senile, or at least he does not appear to be. Do you have any info that he is suffering from senility?

McCain was never my first choice, but he is much better than the other choice at this time. I am a believer in our Constitutional rights, and I heard with my own ears Obama pledge to ban all semi-automatic weapons in a televized debate with Clinton during the primary season. Anyone with the arrogance to presume that he knows what is best for American gun owners, pledging to ban an entire class of weapons, is also willing to ban other classes of weapons as well. Obama is a greater enemy to our nation than Bin Laden ever was.


I just read all the articles on the opinion and politics page.  I was very upset because of the bias.  I love hunting, collecting guns, SASS and have been an advocate of the right to bear arms for a long, long time.  I don't believe all the bias that was printed on this page.  Seems that there are other opinions and just presenting only the extreme conservative side of this issue doesn't do us or your web page any justice.  I am very pleased with all the information you present but all the anti democratic party stuff is way "over the top".  Thanks for allowing me the time to speak out.



September 5, 2008



Thank you for writing, and for reading Gunblast. We are not journalists, nor do we claim to be unbiased. There are plenty of places to get the Liberal side of any issue you can name. This is OUR site, so the opinion pages reflect OUR opinions.


Re: Gun Control

There is an inherent problem with the argumentation; It may be that in single cases firearms actually saves lives but when looking on the situation a bit from above the picture is entirely different.

The United States have a stunning 43 murders / mio. citizens - or a position as no. 24 in the world.

All the countries with more murders than USA are what you would at best describe as "poor countries"; eg. Latvia, Zambia, Jamaica. Many of these countries suffers from extreme poverty, a mass of organized crime and bad education. The ruling class is routinely oppressive, human rights are a laugh and drugs, weapons and violence is a part of daily life.

A country as France - with restriction on firearms - has a somewhat lower body count; 17 murders in a mio. citizens - and France has a lot of social problems just like the USA, with racists, foreigners (amongst those about 3 million relative new-comers from North Africa) , drugs, poverty, unemployment and so on. 

The UK is another example, lots of social problems, but a bodycount of 14 / mio.

Italy is pestered by corruption and organized crime - but manage to keep it to a mere 12 / mio.

One could argue that many of the US murders were criminals being killed - but that does not go well with the fact that USA is the prison capital of the world. (taking out tens of thousands of criminals each year would after all affect the number of criminals - but that's a sidetrack).

Maybe criminals will get firearms if they really want to - but if no one else got firearms they won't really need them for most crimes - resulting in a down-scaling of violence, benefiting the victims and law enforcement alike.

Also the huge amount of firearms owned by gun owners are a temptation to criminals, thanks to the arsenals stored in peoples homes it is very easy to steal a firearm - not to mention the danger from mentally ill / violent / abusive / drinking gun owners or the many accidents - some involving kids. Suicide is also so very easy with a gun - a tragic end where the ill should be treated with medicine and therapy and not with a .45 in the head.

At Virginia Tech the murder weapons were obtained legally - which also shows that a gun owner is like every other citizen; law-abiding until he decides not to be.

The fact remains that societies where guns a rare are just plain safer than the other way round.

It is true that guns don't kill people - they just makes it all to easy.

Thanks - Nic

September 5, 2008

Just for clarification: I myself think shooting is fun, I've been in the army, i like target practice with anything from rifle and crossbow to handgun and knife. However the tools of the sport are dangerous and therefore i never carry them in public or bring them home with me.


Think about this: There is a place where guns are totally banned. Even the police have no guns. Nobody has a gun. This place is called PRISON. However, even though no one has a gun, there is more violence per capita in prison than anywhere. There are also more police officers per capita in prison than anywhere on Earth, everyone is on a strict schedule, and an evening curfew is strictly enforced, yet violent crime thrives. The thugs run in packs, and attack anyone they want, because they are absolutely certain that their chosen victim has no gun. If all of society had no guns, it would be much the same. Gangs would rule, and women and children, along with the elderly and weak, would be defenseless against a stronger attacker, and none of us could defend against a gang of thugs. I don't want to walk around feeling like a victim. Therefore, I will carry a gun everyday, everywhere, and feel pretty confident that I can survive an attack, or at least die fighting. One armed person could have stopped the murders at Virginia Tech. Those kids stood there while the punk reloaded his weapon. They had been taught to never fight. Guns are very good instruments to STOP a crime in progress.  Also, the mere fact that street punks know that many of us are armed prevents crime already. I think that our society in the US, though imperfect, is still the best.


Dear Jeff:

I recently discovered and joined your website. It is my loss that I did not know of your site much earlier. Please allow me to say a few things. I feel my age and experience might be of some benefit to your readers. I understand you can’t possibly publish every comment made to you, so feel free to ignore this, or publish any part of it you desire. My only hope is that you read it. I am not a crack pot radical. I am simply a man who tried all his life to do the best he could with the brain God gave him.

I have heard that most folks seem to think the best time to grow up was whenever they themselves did so. To a large extent, I am sure this is true as far as it relates to any given individual. My own personal experiences as a child of the fifties however, leads me to believe that then was a time better than ever and one which I fear will never happen again. You see, I remember an age of innocence that is long lost. The youth today are being robbed of the pleasures of childhood by the constant bombardment of filth from the media, from TV, magazines, and most of all, the internet. As a child, my mind was not poisoned by external pressures, but instead was shaped by simple God fearin’ country folks as well as living in God’s backwoods and not a city.

I grew up in the river bottoms of Gregory, Arkansas. It was farming area, and what I remember most was the poverty of the sharecroppers, of which I was a part of. My parents had little, and though I never had any material things, we all were raised with a respect of others, a strong belief in God, cleanliness, and manners. There was no welfare and little assistance was received or expected from the government. For the most part, if you did not raise it, grow it, hunt it or make it yourself you did not have it. During the summer, shoes were worn only on Sunday when everybody went to church, and I mean everybody. I can tell you how much of a reality Neil Diamond’s song “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show” was to me back then.

When I was a kid, a single mother household meant the father was either away trying to earn a living or dead. He most certainly was not in prison or on the corner selling drugs. There was none of the current trend of having a baby every nine months and fifteen minutes and then expecting the welfare system to raise them. The whole area took on responsibility of raising a child, and a neighbor would correct an errant kid just as fast as your parents would. This, plus the fact we simply did not have the idle time to get into much trouble. As soon as you were old enough, you had daily chores, and at a more mature age, you worked in the fields. At harvest time, neighbor helped neighbor and the women gathered to can food while the men worked together to cut wood or cure meat. Drugs were something a doctor had and the average person could not afford anyway. The cures for me were kerosene for scrapes and cuts, and either castor oil or sulfur and molasses for everything else.

Our attempt at the so called “Great Society” of the sixties has been a dismal failure. We now have a fifth or even sixth generation of youth that are raised with the notion that the world owes them something. The idea of a work ethic, family values or a belief in God is totally lacking in them, and they have no concept of morality.

The other reason of my writing you, and also the connection to your site, is my father teaching me to use firearms at a very early age. I remember well him helping me hold a single shot .22 when I was barely five. By age nine I was given the use of my grandfather’s Springfield .22 and was then expected to bring home food for the table with it. Bullets were not to be wasted on plinking. No one back then thought anymore of a kid walking around with a rifle than they did if that same kid was carrying a fishing pole. Can you imagine that in today’s “politically correct” climate? If that happened today, the SWAT team would be called out.

My proudest moment as a teen was working pitching watermelons one summer to earn enough to buy my very own Nylon 66 .22. I was all of 14 then, and it cost me $44.00. I still have that rifle and treasure it like no other thing I own. When I was twelve, my aunt gave me my grandfather’s 12ga. double barrel. She told me at the time I would have to grow to be a man before using it. Well, I could not wait that long. Back then the local mercantile store sold shotgun shells by the round, so I took a nickel and bought myself a shell of number six shot. Having been told by my aunt that this gun would knock me down I made preparations to prevent that from happening. At the time I had what I thought was a good idea, and that was to back up against a tree, place the gun to my shoulder, and fire. Well, you can imagine the result. I can assure you it was not until I was 16 that I tried using that shotgun again. Even now it kicks like a mule, but I treasure every shot I have made with it, for I never knew my grandfather. He died a few months before I was born.

I have a feeling that sooner or later what remains of our society will have to get back to basics to survive. There are several generations alive now that have no idea how to hunt, fish, grow, harvest and preserve food or cure meat. This is going to mean that those who do know how to do this will have to be prepared to defend our loved ones from those who would take what we have made for ourselves.

There is little need to preach to the choir. Most, if not all of your readers will understand my way of thinking, and to those who do not, there is no way to explain. Guns are not the problem. The problem is that we as a society have enabled several generations of amoral, uneducated, irresponsible, gang banging morons to be created by our welfare system. They need not work to support themselves.

In closing, just allow me to say it would be a pleasure and honor to meet you some day. Keep up the good work.

J. R. Coleman 

Marion, Arkansas

August 31, 2008


Thanks for the comments. Your raising was very similar to my own. Today, people have a list of "gimmees" that they want from our government, and the politicians try to promise everything to everyone. Most kids grow up never even touching a gun. My four-year-old grandson has been shooting since he was two, and is now pretty good with his .22 single shot Savage rifle. He also helps me in the garden, learning how to frow food, and he also knows the purpose of hunting game. Hopefully, he will grow up in a good society, but it does seem to be on a steep decline.


As a fellow outdoorsman, believer in Christ, conservative Republican citizen of the greatest country on earth, I concur with your message to the free world!

Obama is a joke!

Thanks for being on the web revealing the truth to the world!!!



August 26, 2008


I want to tell you guys that your online magazine is very enjoyable. As a hobbiest I look forward to sitting back and reading your reviews and comments. The pictures are great! Its quite a treat to have the ability "only in this country" to read and see reviews of firearms and enjoy their use. We have to understand that this is also an Industry, that employs hundreds of people and is part of the fabric of our nation for a very long time, a precious right like no other!

I totally agree with you and your views, only citizens who have been in this country for a lifetime can appreciate what we have in this country, your views on what can happen in the next coming 8 years are right on the money. Thank you for your work and I will pass on the magazine to my friends.


August 24, 2008

Hey Gunblast,

Thanks for your website!  I work in a customer service department part-time and I am going to college full-time and I know a little appreciation goes a long way.  Your expertise on guns has answered A LOT of my questions and I just wanted you to know how helpful you’ve been.  Your website is straight forward and easy to navigate.  There is no confusion which is so nice.  I love the pictures in the articles that you post they are very informative, not a lot of gun sites do that.  I also enjoy reading your politics section since I am a Republican and I am also a Christian so this is the perfect site for me.  Keep up the good work guys.  I will be referring people to this site.


Braden from Utah

August 15, 2008

Just a line to say thank you for standing up for us Savage shooters. I have owned a model 10FP since the early 1990's in which I installed a Timney trigger since it was made long before the AccuTrigger. I have been shooting Savage rifles for over 30 years after discovering that they were more accurate and reliable than any of the "big 3" at about half the cost. My standard deer rifle is a model 10 in .243 with the AccuTrigger and it has never failed to bring down any Texas White Tail or Axis Deer I have seen fit to harvest off our family farm.

Having shot the Remington-actioned multi brand part M24 in the Army I must say that I much prefer the Savage 10FP and would not hesitate to take one into harm's way. You have a great site, keep up the good work. God Bless & Keep you & yours.

Mitch from Texas

August 14, 2008


After coming across your website, I decided to look over your "Politics & Opinions" page.  I stopped after reading the first article.

Take my advice: take the chips off your shoulders, shed your lunatic paranoia, and grow up.

Best wishes,


August 14, 2008

In response to the uneducated and self proclaimed "bible scholar" who tried to chastise you for your "Christians Packing Guns" article I have this to say!

This man, Jesus, that he claims lived a life of peace is not even close to the man he seems to think he is. If you’re going to talk about the bible you should know something about it. I'll answer his challenge for you if you don't mind! (And for the record he used the words exegesis and exegete improperly) God is not as one sided as he seems to think. There are many passages that talk about war and violence that God approved of. Who doesn't know the story of David slaying Goliath? Back in that time a sling would have been the closest thing to a modern day gun as you could get and David used it to kill Goliath with the HELP of God (1 Samuel 17). Maybe this writer forgot, or never read, where God commanded the Israelites to completely destroy everyone and everything in the promised land! Not sounding real peaceful here are we? Your writer quoted the verse "Those who live by the sword die by the sword" but obviously doesn't have a clue what Jesus meant! Look at Luke 22:36 “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." Hmmm, God is plain out telling these men to buy a sword, which would be kind of silly if he didn't want people to use them as your writer suggested the passage he quoted meant. Lets look at the passage that he seems to think means you shouldn't use weapons against other people. In that passage we see Jesus being arrested and Peter takes a sword and cuts off someone’s ear. Jesus rebukes him for that act. Why? Peter was trying to stop something that Jesus had been telling His disciples was in fact going to happen. In other words, Peter was acting unwisely in the situation. He was trying to stop something that was not supposed to be stopped. What Jesus meant by the statement "Those who live by the sword die by the sword" was not that you should not use a weapon against someone else, he was basically saying that you should not use a weapon against someone when you have no right to use it. Maybe that’s why we have laws against MURDER and AGGRAVATED ASSAULT and not against self defense. Jesus was telling us not to kill or injure people without just cause. He wasn’t telling us to sit back and watch as others harm us or other innocent people. One last passage I want to mention to prove my point. Exodus 22:2 "If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for him." Obviously here we see that when a thief breaks into someone’s house at night and that person defends his home and slays the thief, God does not hold that death over the defender’s head. I think it's blatantly clear, God not only approves of the use of weapons to defend ourselves and others but expects it! Why else would he tell his followers in the bible to do just that? Maybe the next time your reader wants to accuse you of not knowing what the bible says and wants to tell you what a Christian should and shouldn't do he should figure out what the bible says himself first!

With that said, I originally came to comment on your review of the DPMS-AP4 but after reading the comment made about the bible and self defense I had to respond to that first. I have an AP4 and your review was dead on! It's an incredible weapon and I'll definitely use it in defense of myself or others if the need should ever arise, with Gods approval I might add!

Todd - Ashland, OH

August 8, 2008

Why do you just rapid fire on all of your videos?? That shows nothing but whether it functions or not! You all should be more detailed on your videos. Also be less detailed (redundant) on your optics. Just a thought. Also what do I get for my one year subscription besides a hat?????


August 4, 2008


The membership has changed to where we no longer send out a hat and certificate. In doing so, we dropped the price from $24.95 to just $15. For that, you are entered in all of the drawings, some of which are featured on the site, while other take place behind the scenes. That is all, just a chance to win stuff.

In the videos, many of our readers are still on dialup, and cannot watch a long video, so we try to keep them short. I show the accuracy of a weapon in the text, but in the videos, I try to display the recoil and the functioning of the weapon. That is why I usually try to rapid-fire a weapon. If it is going to malfunction, it will do so under rapid fire, and also shooting quickly better displays the controllability of the weapon under recoil.


Thanks for the great reviews and advice.  Based on Paco’s review of the M93 .454 Puma, I bought one last year.  It was exactly as he described.  Based on your review, I recently bought a Taurus PT-1911 (stainless steel).  Again, it was exactly as you described.

It is good to be able to trust your reviews and know that they are not repackaged PR pieces (like some paper magazines).  Keep up the good work.


August 4, 2008

Re: Christians Packing Guns

You know, I came across this and read it and I really do have to say, did you really exegete your scripture or did you just cut and paste sword and draw a conclusion "hey God says to kill".  Look at the life of Jesus.  Did He DRAW a sword?  Did you read Him when he said to them "Those who live by the sword die by the sword".  I noticed you kindly neglected to mention that because it would contradict your improper exegesis of scripture.

I am so Thankful Jesus was nowhere as Militant as you want to portray Christians to be.  A man who lived a life of Peace. A man who GOT MAD when He saw violence yet you condone it under the blanket cushion probably more than likely that 'everything conservative is Godly".  I challenge you to do a full blown exegesis of your passages next time before you try to deceive people.  Want me to try to justify something using a one liner from the Word?  How about I justify hanging oneself.  Let's pick one line,  "And Judas hanged himself".  Yep that's what it means Jeff. it must mean "its ok to kill yourself by hanging".  Radical example but you are basically doing the same thing. 

I don't see red very often but you changing Christianity in to a militant crud really bothers me.  When we had great Christians in the past like Origen and Turtullian, the Early Church fathers who would openly renounce what you said.  I quote the words of Hyppo a Church leader "It is not a Right For Christians to bear arms".  People died in Rome because they refused violence.  Yet you take this way out instead.  Really sad actually.

Good day to you sir.

Name Withheld

July 29, 2008


That is exactly why you should follow Christ, and not Jeff Quinn. Christ is perfect. I am not. I distorted nothing. Show me where God instructs his people to stand by and watch as their families are raped and murdered. You do as you see fit. Hopefully, someone in your family will have the balls to try and protect them. If my family is attacked, I will lay down as much firepower upon the attacker as possible. God can punish me afterwards, if He so chooses. I am not perfect, just forgiven. If I have misunderstood God's word, that was not my intention. However, I believe that I am right. If you think that I am wrong, and you are a Christian, then it is your duty to pray for me. Thank you, Brother.


Jeff - I need to send a message to some of your readers. I deal with guns, crime, and gun-related crime every day. I also research crime stats now and then. Here is what I see on a regular basis:

People who work through the legal channels to purchase a firearm, get a Concealed Carry Permit (CHL, CCW, or whatever it is called by that state) are not usually the problem. I have contacted MANY people who have a CCW (Colorado, in my case), and they are usually the most friendly, compliant, and respectful people. These are the responsible people who take classes (lots of classes in some cases), observe safety precautions, and in general, are the best of citizens.

The problem people are the gang members, habitual offenders, MDPs (mentally disturbed persons), and the like who do NOT go through channels, but purchase stolen firearms, black-market firearms, and obtain them from other illegal means. These are the people who have no business owning a firearm and who can't legally own firearms at all. These people will use anything as a weapon. People have brandished knives at me, tried to run me down with a motor vehicle (on several occasions), brandished ball bats, tire irons, hammers, pipes, chairs and tables, and about anything you can imagine. I have been stabbed once, shot once (no, not by a legally owned gun), repeatedly hit with a broom, and assaulted with a ball-point pen! These people have no sense of morality, no conscience, no ethics, and no regard for life. These people are the ones we need to watch out for. Yes, we all need to do something with the justice system, but what?

Law enforcement personnel are too few in number- understaffed. There are limited budgets for personnel, equipment, training, etc. "Under-budgeted, under-staffed, and under paid" is NOT a cliché! Also, by the time you call 911, the crime has already taken place or is taking place when the call is made. By the time law enforcement personnel can get to the scene and assess the situation, all they can do is write a report and initiate an investigation. We can't be everywhere all the time. That's simply NEVER going to happen. It is YOUR responsibility to: A) Avoid potentially bad situations B) Not let existing situations get out of hand, and C) Defend yourself as best you can within guidelines set forth by law. YOU are responsible to know and understand the laws, as well.

I want the individual in Australia (Mike H.), and the other individuals who have been mislead by the media to know these things and understand them well. People need to know and understand the budget/staffing/equipment/training concerns. Read up on it. Also, almost every one of the 50 United States has some sort of "No Duty" law to cover these issues. In these States, Law Enforcement owes no duty to any one individual, but to society as a whole (to the best of their ability and resources).

Politically: Study history and know it. Adolph Hitler started with registrations, then bans, then confiscations. People suffered and died because they willingly gave up their rights to self-defense. If self-defense is banned, so can all the other Rights in the Bill of Rights. Look at Colonial America and the Revolutionary war- what caused it? Do you know? If certain people are allowed to ban guns, then other Rights, what do you think will happen? Speech and religion have already been assaulted by special interest groups! The writing is on the wall- read it! The Clinton Gun Ban achieved nothing but hassles. Cities and States like New York, California, District of Columbia (Washington DC), Chicago, Detroit, etc have the highest crime rates, partly because those illegally armed persons we discussed earlier KNOW they have the upper hand. Read FBI and CDC statistics. Car accidents and diseases?

Jeff - thank you for letting me get this off my chest. I appreciate the opportunity!

RC, Littleton, CO

Mr. Quinn,

I wish I could organize my thoughts and express them as well you do. It is a pleasure to read your articles. Compliments on your use of grammar and  punctuation, content, organization, execution, and delivery. I work as a Tour Director in the Canadian Rockies and rely on speech and  content. Your delivery inspires me. I will continue reading for the pleasure.


July 25, 2008

I read your article: "Christians Packing Guns", and I had several questions for you (since you seem to quote the Bible in defense of your 
views)... and I challenge you to follow-up on the citations and post the responses you offer as addendum to your article...

FIRST QUESTION: Who came here, as an example of obedience and submission to the will of God? If you answered, "Jesus", you'd be right. And, if you accept the original teachings (which He provided) as Truth, then you must conclude that what He did and said were without error.

SECOND QUESTION: Did Jesus take the life of any human being, during His sojourn on earth? If you answered, "NO", you'd be correct again.

His life was the epitome of servitude and obedience to God. Every time the Hebrew leadership tested Him, ostensibly to ascertain whether or not He was a true prophet or messiah, He would use a non-violent approach to resolution. The answers He gave pointed to respect of the other human as fallible - AS ARE WE. He mentioned to those who wanted to stone the woman caught in the act of adultery to cast the first stone IF THEY WERE WITHOUT SIN. As they were unable to meet that requirement, they left Him alone with her. We are not given to judgment, only God may do that. He said as much (Matt 7:1-2).

If one must protect family when threatened, I suggest it would be better for someone (so faced) to place themselves bodily between the danger and the family. If the threat is intent on killing, then by shooting you (being in defense of your family) you have demonstrated that to which Jesus alluded (John 15:13). And, the perpetrator has sealed his fate.

THIRD QUESTION: Did you know that the original Hebrew 6th Commandment is (writer's emphasis added): "You shall not MURDER"? Merriam-Webster defines it this way - "the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought", and this was the manner in which the Hebrews understood it. If one has prepared or plans (aforethought) a method and means designed for the purpose to end a human life, then they've transgressed. It isn't just the ACT, it's the THOUGHT as well. Now, you might argue that it's very difficult to think and act contrary to this, and you'd be right. He didn't say it would be easy, He didn't promise that (Matt 7:13-14).

The ten Commandments were given to mankind to reflect a pattern of behavior He expects from us. In fact, God gave it to Abraham and his 
descendents BECAUSE OF HIS STRENGTH OF FAITH. God wanted the Hebrew people to be teachers to the rest of mankind (Exod 9:13), but they've ignored that term in their Covenant. Despite this failure as a nation, God still provided a cadre of Hebrews (who He hand-picked) to accomplish that mission - yeah, 12 disciples.

The other human being is the same as us... mis-guided by a power acting on him, the existence of which he may have no clue. He is in need of help, guidance, not retribution for sin (Matt 7:3-5). Retribution will come soon enough for ALL of us at Christ's second coming!

Forgiveness, which Jesus announced as Grace, is available through His death and resurrection - to give us hope and reassurance that the original sin (of which our physical deaths are evidence) will not exclude us from heaven. HOWEVER, if you read the Bible further, there are passages which cite requirements other than faith to complete the whole, such as REPENTANCE - contrition over the sin, coupled with the actions to mend behavior SO THAT IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN (Matt 6:14-15; Jer 7:3-7). The Old Testament citation is just as important as the New Testament. Since God is Truth, He must be consistent. His desire and attitude is constant.

[Note: The Boolean AND table in mathematics - if the conclusion is to be true, all constituent parts must be true. Without consistency, falsehood is introduced - and the truth string unravels. This is the very quality that God attributed to Satan - he mixes truth with falsehood in order to deceive. That disagrees with God, and contradicts truth. Therefore, the Boolean AND table is consistent, and a legitimate measuring tool.]

All motivations (manifested in emotions), which cause us to be concerned with the affairs of this world, are selfish and not in accordance with 
God's wish for us. The only motive (emotion) which thinks outside oneself is LOVE (too bad it's a four-letter word, maybe that's why people so seldom use it properly). Since it's the reason God sent Jesus here, and the basis for His teaching, I think it's a pretty good quality to emulate.

I'm a Life member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). My purchase of hand guns was based upon the same thought process as yours. Now that I've had an opportunity to think it out thoroughly, I believe that I'm mistaken in motive. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to correct my behavior, to match my contrition.


July 10, 2008



Those are some good thoughts, and hopefully you will never be put in a position to have to choose to defend your family. You can place yourself between your family and the punk who is trying to do them harm if you like. However, what makes you think that after they kill you they will just pack up and leave? I have yet to reach perfection. God is still working on me. I am just a sinner, saved by grace, and will choose to shoot the Hell out of anyone who tries to harm my family.


In regards to the John Wayne article by President Ronald Reagan. All I have to say, is "AMEN". I wish there was more John Waynes or President Ronald Reagans out there. This country wouldn't be in such a mess!

I found your web site when I was searching for more information on a replica Winchester 1976 rifle that my husband and I found in the April 
issue of NRA Hunting Magazine.


May 29, 2008

Re: Legacy .480 Ruger Model 92 Puma

That's just great!

Thanks to your positive reviews of this rifle, I just may have to buy one now, along with another chambered in .454 Casull. Hope you're happy!

Seriously, I'd been considering the .454 Puma for some time, but another reviewer had talked me out of the purchase because of the problems he'd had with the stock splitting. It was only later that he'd admitted to using some fairly radical handloads which may have contributed to this. But even with those radical handloads, the reviewer stated there appeared to be *no* damage to the action at all, just to the stock. So I conclude these Pumas must be really good guns! Now the problem is for me to decide on which model or models to go for--if not several of them!

Thanks for the great review. You go to a lot of trouble and expense to do these reviews just for our benefit. Your contribution to the shooting 
sports is greatly appreciated.


April 19, 2008


Thank you for your articles. I greatly appreciate the thought and effort you put into writing something both extremely enjoyable and useful to someone lacking your experience. You seem like a very good guy. I have to say I agree with your political opinions as well - thank you again for expressing yourself.

I shoot an Olympic Arms AR-15 carbine, a Browning Buckmark, a Walther PPK/S, a Walther P-38, and a Smith & Wesson Model 27.

The AR is from my Army days as a helicopter pilot. Love the little black gun. I was a Highway Patrol trooper and packed a M. 27 on my hip and a PPK/S in my boot. Can't say enough good about either weapon.

Your articles are helpful and appreciated. We've just started a shooting range at our guest ranch in southern Utah. Thanks again brother,


March 6, 2008

Hi Jeff, I thoroughly enjoyed your article on the Winchester 94. It all started with a web search for the same rifle and ended with a chuckle for the reference to Win94 and single action revolvers. I also own a Ruger Vaquero 45LC. I'm not a cowboy action shooter in practice, but perhaps in heart. Just can't imagine the Duke with a Glock, despite being part of a military family for generations.

Thanks for the article.


March 5, 2008

Massachusetts has found a unique and insidious method of "Gun Control" The attorney general's consumer safety. Mass makes gun makers jump through hoops to make guns that will satisfy the AGs rules and if the gun makers won't make special guns for Massachusetts they can't sell in the state. This could happen in other states. I expect that someday ammo will be outlawed because they are an explosive. Do a search on guns that you cannot buy in Massachusetts. They forbid Kimber, H&K, Springfield Armory, KAHR, you name it. The spirit of Lexington Green has long since died in slave Massachusetts. Sound the alarm that others don't accept such gun prohibitions in their states. 

Jim from Tennessee

March 5, 2008

Hello. I just have a comment. I noticed that you said some people wrote you concerning comments you made about using "The Judge" for shooting someone "in the face" for self defense. As far as I am concerned, keep on with your comments. I am far more worried about the "two legged snakes" than the kind that crawl on their bellies. That is the only reason I carry a weapon. All liberals would love to see us unarmed......


March 4, 2008

In my never ending search to absorb as much information as I can on a firearm that I am interested in before I purchase it, I stumbled across your site. Since then I have purchased a Taurus .44 and a Savage MKII after reading Jeff's reviews, and have been nothing but happy. This site is invaluable when it comes to getting a real shooters opinion on firearms and accessories, and I will continue to be a member of this wonder source of information. Don't change a thing boys, you're doing every outdoorsman who reads even a single review a wonderful service!


February 29, 2008


Your article sold two of these to a friend in Atlanta last week.

Good job on the review. He really likes the Bersa's.


February 28, 2008

Jeff, I only recently discovered your website... and I love it!! Very informative on numerous types of weapons and accessories so that I don't have to spend a small fortune of my hard-earned money in order to "learn the hard way". I just finished reading your review of the Crimson Trace Laser Grips, and I couldn't agree with you more. I got lucky with this one and had already purchased a set of these for my CZ 75D Compact 9mm before I read your article. Your article reinforced everything that impacted my decision to purchase a CTC laser for my defensive weapon in the first place. I have used them at the range several times and have been impressed with both their quality and design. They are easy to adjust with the allen wrenches and are ergonomically designed so that you do not have to think about activating it. I would also recommend these to anyone that is serious about personal defense. I would add one thing however. These things aren't cheap and it pays to shop around on the web for the best pricing for your individual type of weapon. They do make them for a lot of different makes and models including revolvers. Anyway, Thanks Jeff for your great website and extremely helpful information. You have just added another loyal reader. 

Darrell from Indiana

February 24, 2008

Great web site Jeff, I am a Esmeralda "fan" and have purchased a couple of sets of grips from her. Workman ship is second to none, I was very happy to see the article about her and you meeting at the Shot Show. My 92FS and 1911 both have her grips, very happy with them and I am always asked where I got them. Your site is one I really enjoy keep up the good work.


February 24, 2008

I purchased the Smith &Wesson 1911SC & I agree re: the near perfect carry 1911.  I too am left handed.  I sent the SC back to Smith & Wesson because the finish came off from holster wear in just a few months.  I requested an ambi safety be installed if possible & bill me.  They refinished and installed the ambi safety for "no charge".  That's customer service. 


February 19, 2008

Hello Jeff,

I just read your review of The new Ruger Redhawk with 4" barrel. This is the first time I've seen your site on the web. There is no doubt in my mind that you have the best reviews on the Internet. The writing is crisp (I'm a novelist) the facts accurate and the comments and opinions are soundly based on personal experience and scientific knowledge. I'm going out and buy one of these 44 Redhawks. As someone once said, "Why buy a gun that goes boom when you can buy one that goes kaboom."

Very well done.


Joe Randazzo

South Burlington, Vermont

January 28, 2008

I read the review on Ruger's SR9, a pistol I have a great interest in. I found the review to be the most in-depth, informative I have read so far on this pistol. Thanks for this web site. Best site I have found so far to date. Thank you.


January 28, 2008

Bought a TA-45 Compact ACOG (1.5 X 24) for an A1 style M4gery about 18 months ago. I am retired and way too long in the tooth but did 4 yrs in the military and 22 as an LEO.

Cannot say too much about this ACOG--it is light, handy, very fast, and sufficient out to 300 yards if need be. Could complain about the $700 cost, but have never spent better money.

Best thing since body armor.


January 27, 2008


You never regret buying the best.


The article on the Ruger Redhawk in 45 Colt was great!!! I have owned several 45 Colt pistols. I have kept, and always will, my contender with the 12" 45/410 barrel. This is a very handy gun, and a lot of fun on grouse.

I have been through several Blackhawks in varying configurations in 45 Colt. They were good solid guns and shot well. I do not share your affection for single action revolvers as loading and unloading is a pain in the rear. My last 45 was a Smith 25-5 with a 6" barrel as I could not locate a 4" at the time the fever hit to have one. It was a very good gun and was blessed with the best trigger pull I have ever had on a revolver. Problem was it would not digest the heavier 45 loads that I like for certain applications.

I read your article on the Redhawk and it appeared that Ruger had read my mind. I owned one of these within 24 hours.

I shot the gun for the first time today and your opinions of the gun were reflected very accurately. It shot well, was smooth on the double action, and carries with reasonable comfort given the weight.

Thank you for a great website and a very informative article. I am looking forward to a long partnership with this Redhawk as it provides everything I have been looking for in a 45 Colt revolver. And yes I agree with you. No offense to Elmer Keith, but the 45 Colt is a better cartridge than the 44 mag.

Kenny Brown
Star, Idaho

January 10, 2008

I'm disappointed in your decision not to post my recent comments regarding an online video in which L.A. County Sheriff Baca brags about subverting the 2nd amendment.  I thought my comments were not only relevant to the subject at hand, but I went to some effort to ensure that they were neither inflammatory nor libelous.


January 5, 2008


Nothing personal at all, but we post less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the feedback that we get. We get hundreds every day, and just pick a few occasionally to post.


Jeff and Fellow Readers, thanks to all for the common sense viewpoint of the articles and the generally excellent comments and questions in response. I enjoy the opportunity to continue to avail myself of such terrific resources. Let's all remember that the Supreme Court is going to decide what will be the defining Second Amendment case this year. There are very real differences in the right to own firearms positions of the candidates for  President as well as in our local elections. I urge everyone to consider these stances in the upcoming elections.


December 31, 2007


You are correct. This will most likely be the most important election in our lifetime. A lot hangs in the balance. Can you imagine Hillary Clinton appointing 2 more Supreme Court judges?



First of all I must accord praise to your work which manage to make one of the best gun related sites, and my favorite one. I credit your site mainly for great reviews, which clearly contains exactly the content which reader wants. Though I am from Czech republic, I find your site highly useful and helpful, as well as amusing.

Only one suggestion and request. A quality of your pictures is unfortunately miserable. Please make use of better camera for taking pictures. I mean MUCH better camera. Also make much more pictures in much greater resolution.

And if you must include video, please not so  woeful quality. Take the pictures at the same level with the rest of reviews please.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Pavel Hajko

Czech Republic, Europe

December 31, 2007


I have a camera that will take much better, high resolution pictures. However, most people still have a slow dial-up internet service, and with the quantity of pictures that we use, high resolution pictures would be too slow to download. Therefore, increasing the resolution would prevent many readers from using the information.


Hi fellas,

I love your site, but recently I have been unable to use the Search portion.  No matter what I type in it comes up with no results.



December 27, 2007



I have now added a Google search button to the SEARCH page. It uses Google's search technology to find keywords on Gunblast, and does not search the entire Web as Google's regular search engine does. I think it works far better than Microsoft's internal search function, which is what we used before it died. Let me know how it works for you, and thanks for reading Gunblast!

Happy New Year,


I am proud to see an article like the one giving Bill Ruger the credit he deserves. Gun making is a fine art. I'm proud to own several of Bill's fine revolvers in the Blackhawk line. Keep up the good work.


December 23, 2007

I'm sure that Kahr makes a good pistol.  Still, I cannot get past the cult connection with the owner of this company and his father who started the Unification Church cult.  Just Google the term "Moonies,"  sit back in horror and then decide if you want to financially support these maniacs.  The founder of the cult, Sun Myung Moon, actually believes that he is God.  This is scary stuff.

There are so many great pocket pistols nowadays, that there is no reason to buy a Kahr.  Spend your money with a clear conscience and keep it outta their pockets. 

Jeff, although I'm disappointed about your glowing article, you can't be blamed for not knowing.  I hope that this newfound knowledge strikes a chord with you as it did for me.  Happy Holidays.


December 22, 2007


I know about the Moonies, and the connection to Kahr. Still, the Kahr is a good gun. I report on the gun. I also report on guns made by Communists, Muslims, Mormons, Environmentalists, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, and every other religion on Earth. If I only reviewed guns made by good upstanding Southern Baptists, I would probably have none to review. Every product that we buy cannot be made by a sinless person, as there are none. Also, if they only sold guns to sinless people, I could own none. I try to judge only the product, and leave the soul of the gun maker to God.


Absolutely Dynamite Site! Not sure where to put a political comment, so here goes. Firstly, I am 61 and live in the Liberal Bastion of Atlanta. Fortunately, it's in the State of Georgia. Grew up in upstate New York where one needed a permit just to possess a sidearm. Moved to Calif upon turning 21 (Ronald Reagan was Governor) and was impressed that a person could own and carry exposed a firearm without any government intervention. Moved to Oregon in the early 70s to escape much of the craziness and crowding in the Land of Fruits and Nuts. Lived in a mill/logging town in the mountains with a generous sprinkling of survivalists. Heavily conservative Democrat and almost everyone had at least one gun. Eventually moved to Georgia and along the way spent a month in Brazil. In my younger, immature days, I didn't even think about voting. I registered as an Independent and voted for Reagan twice while in Oregon. I haven't voted since - don't want to be stuck with jury duty - might wind up with no income for 6mos to a year or more for some farce like the OJ Simpson circus. If I felt my vote would make a difference (in Atlanta it never will) I would register and vote. I have seen all manner of attacks on self reliant people by those elitists hoping to be the dictatorship of the proletariat and their idiot followers. They know so much better than we do what we need (whatever is left after they get what they lust after) and they are so compassionate to have the patience to lead us. I watched as a handful of college activists and some well heeled environmental groups snookered  "conservative" democrats into backing wilderness over mill and logging jobs. Their PR with Americans in general was superb - most easterners thought it was just more parks. The timber industry was incredibly arrogant and refused to market their case to the people and they were more or less swept aside. I saw much the same as the right to bear arms was assaulted. The NRA took a position of  in your face confrontation and looked like a bunch of crazed Rednecks until Carlton Heston took over. His position was little if any different than his predecessor, but he was a MUCH better salesman. The "Silent Majority" does seek knowledge and understanding, and arrogance only throws them into the other camp. For those who would seek to retain their rights, it is tantamount to understand that this is an epic battle and inflammatory comments only become appropriated out of context by the enemy. You don't insult a rabid wildcat, you coolly and effectively dispatch it with a mortal wound. I remember a bumper sticker in Oregon "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns". Unfortunately, the Oregon I remember has turned into the "Peoples Republic of Oregon" In Brazil, two steps were taken to disarm the populace. Firstly, outlaw the sale of firearms except to a few professions - interestingly accountants and lawyers among a few others. Then the sale of ammunition was banned. Those with gun rights grandfathered in had empty chambers. I remember reporting an accident in a Police Station in Rio and the Department issued sidearm was a worn out Five Shooter of .22 caliber. And the cop had to turn this in before he left for home! You can guess how much interest he had in cracking down on violent crime knowing he had to leave from work unarmed. And the black market prolifically provided for his adversaries. I had opportunities to purchase an Uzi and three AK47s. All the criminals had or had access to them. Many of the close in suburbs sounded like war zones at night. And if a cop should kill somebody, he is immediately suspended and most likely prosecuted. The latter may only be in Rio de Janeiro State, however. I really believe the "Gun Lobby" (whatever that is) should start using slick Madison Avenue type propaganda to deliver a series of knockout punches to the gun control nuts without defaulting to insults and inflammatory comments. How about holding their feet to the fire in a very public way over the cavalier way the procurement of arms by career criminals is not much worse than shoplifting? I also think any compromise is foolhardy until the Second Amendment is replaced with a new Amendment guaranteeing all non-felon CITIZENS the right to own and carry arms for whatever reason or motivation and it shall not be abridged by any emergency or other decree. And for cryin' out loud, stop this Republican-Democrat infighting. Since Zell Miller, I think there are precious few democrats in Georgia that I would bother to vote for. And since Newt Gingrich, the national Republican Leadership isn't much different than the spend and go into debt great society fiasco. If you want to see change force your officials to take your position or vote 'em out no matter the party. Sorry for so long an epistle, guess I just had to vent.


December 10, 2007


You make some good points, but that means that YOU also have to vote. Jury duty is called "duty" for a reason. Everyone should be willing to serve. Otherwise, we end up being tried by 12 people who weren't smart enough to get out of Jury Duty. The Second Amendment is already pretty plain in its intention. The government only takes away our freedoms if we allow it.


Just a comment Jeff.  First off, thanks for all the good info and reads over 2007.  Merry Christmas to you and your family and hoping you have a Great New Year. I couldn't agree more with your assessment on both of the books you mention on the 1911 and Assault Rifles.......I do have them both and am into my second reading of each.  Thanks for your dedication and very unbiased observations!  Age here is your website !!!!


December 5, 2007

I disagree with your comments concerning the negative feed-back on internet gun boards---and especially with your negative terms towards the people that may have a different perspective than yours on the 327 Federal cartridge. I generally will respect another person's opinion without having to resort to ridicule.

Also, be it right or wrong, Heaven or sin, the internet has become one of the main sources of gun information available to the masses far exceeding print media or television. With internet information, everyone with some type of expertise or experience can contribute to the information presented. Be it positive--or negative. If "X" percentage of respondents contribute information that the 327 is not a viable cartridge, then by your perspective, they should keep their mouths shut and not respond unless they purchase the gun/ammo and see for themselves. That is a-kin to a person can not comment on the effectiveness of the 44 spl as a man stopper because he has never been shot with one. Or a person must stick his hand in a fire to confirm it is hot instead on relying on his senses.

My belief is that this 327 cartridge will enjoy a brief flurry of activity---like the 32 H&R---and then go down the tubes in the same manor as the 32 H&R magnum. I do not own one and probably never will. But history of the American gun buying public is on my side as the .32 rounds currently offered in revolver ammo/guns have resulted in dismal sales figures. The proof is in current sales figures for the 32 S&W, S&W long, and the H&R mag.


December 5, 2007


Thank you for your comments, but you missed my point; that being that those casting negative comments towards the new cartridge had never seen nor fired one. Why do they rush to try to kill the cartridge without giving it a chance? I do not mind a good debate at all, but an informed debate is much better than someone's mere speculation. The .327 is not meant to replace larger bore cartridges, but to give more performance to the smaller bores, for those who cannot handle the recoil of the heavier cartridges. It is a definite improvement upon the performance of the weaker .32 cartridges. I took exception to those who were claiming that the cartridge was as loud as and kicked as much as the .357, without knowledge of the subject, and I proved that it does not. It may or may not sell in large numbers. My job is to evaluate the cartridge and gun, and to report my findings. Whether or not it sells is not my area of expertise.


I very much enjoy this site. "The Grand Old .30 WCF" was particularly enjoyable, agreeing with me as it did. I am smitten by the 30-30 Marlin, after having had other (louder, harder-kicking, supposedly better) rifles. As Jeff wrote... there IS something about hunting & taking deer with a 30-30, that makes it better.


December 4, 2007

Your .327 magnum article was probably the best gun review that I've ever read.  Great job!!

It really ticked me off when I read all of the negativity on the different gun forums when the .327 magnum was announced.  It really made my day when I read your response to all of that gun forum drivel.  I hope that people give the .327 magnum a chance, because it sounds like an excellent cartridge.


December 4, 2007

I am trying to find more about this very attractive caliber and see very little practical data other than from and the manufacturer. Is this so new that it hasn't made it into the public market yet? How available is the ammunition? I see you mentioned several varieties in this caliber but have not been able to locate it locally. Thanks for showing us this gun. I cannot wait until you get some more time with the reloading on it. I often wonder how you manage to review so many guns and actually get time to do the fun stuff like gun shows or hunting? Truly remarkable what you folks at are doing.


December 3, 2007


Thank you, sir.  The .327 Federal is a brand new cartridge, but both ammo and guns are in production, and should be readily available within a month. Shooting the guns is a lot of fun for me, as is the load development. What I do not like is the sitting down and typing part, but it too must be done. Thanks for reading Gunblast, and for your comments.


I wanna see pictures of that big bearded SOB shooting that little pink revolver. Y'all should be ashamed.


November 30, 2007


I would have, but I didn't have matching purse and shoes.


This is one of my favorite firearms sites on the internet, job well done! I'm particularly glad of the attention given on this website to outdoorsman's rifles & pistols... There's way too much focus on "tactical" rifles & pistols these days, which are handy and all but have no place in the wood line.

  Since Leverguns are right up this site's alley, I was wondering if you'd ever done a "shoot - off" type article on lightweight .44 mag lever action carbines for deer... say, Ruger vs. Henry vs. Marlin vs. (RIP) Winchester, or something along those lines... It's an article I'd love to read!!


November 12, 2007


I don't really like doing comparison type articles, as just about every gun has its own unique qualities, and shooters have differing preferences. What suits me best might not be best for someone else, so I prefer to just review guns one at a time, and let the reader do his own comparisons.


I made my decision to buy a Ruger Mini 14 all weather rifle based on this web site. I found it to be the most helpful and it answered questions about the rifle my local gun dealer could not. The 223 vs 5.56 NAto ammo questions were also answered. Thanks for great information.

Ronald Mink, West Virginia

November 10, 2007

Your 30/30 article was very enjoyable. In my 63 years hunting with a large variety of rifles from 22 Hornet to .375 H&H and 45-70, I'm back by choice with the 30/30. I remember during WW2 passing up a Model 94, NIB for $23.50. Knowing nothing, and having no one to advise me, except magazine articles, I wanted a real deer killer, ie .270 or 30/06. With age comes wisdom. After a tour in the army, where I was taught to shoot by an old vet of the 1919 AEF in Russia, I went the whole nine yards in calibers and rifle actions. I really like the .303 Savage with its 190 Gr. RN bullet, but that cartridge isn't loaded commercially, so I'm very satisfied with the 30/30 which does the job very well in the woods of Pennsylvania. As you suggest, learn to shoot, and the 30/30 will serve you very well. 


November 9, 2007


You, Sir, have learned what many never do: It is the rifleman more than the cartridge that puts meat on the table.


Your article "Christians Packing Arms" is well written and I'm glad to see it.  We need more of this 'ministry' not only to explain our rationales in carrying firearms, but more importantly, to reach non-believers with portions of the Gospel (as you have done) enough so to whet their appetites or curiosity about the subject so that they seek out more from the Bible itself.  Well done!


November 9, 2007

I had been thinking about purchasing a Taurus Judge, and in searching for reviews stumbled upon yours.

While reading your article, not only did you make me feel more confident in wanting to purchase one, but you also kept me highly entertained.

I am beginning to get into arms, so as of yet my knowledge is limited...very limited.

Your ability to put all the technical information into laymen's terms was very helpful.  Not to mention the fact that your wording is Pulitzer quality.  No its not groundbreaking journalism, but the way you get the point across is first class.

I was looking for a review, and found an article that I will now read for leisure.

Good job.


October 8, 2007

Just read your "home land security" article. Your stated #1 rule in gun fighting is to have a gun on hand is true. For most people if they have one it (and them) are unprepared. Unloaded gun locked away in one room, ammo in another is PC insanity. I'm a pastor who believes God will provide my every need. Yet I don't sit at home waiting for a divine check to pay my bills. I'm a pastor who believes and rely on God to protect me and my family yet I carry concealed always with prepared AR at home.


October 4, 2007

I read the article about "the Judge" that Jeff wrote last Monday. I called Ruger about information on a rifle and they gave me the Web address for Gunblast. I called around on Tuesday and located a 45/10 Taurus and went today and purchased it. I bought the 3 inch barrel in "ultra light". I am very pleased with the gun. I agree with Jeff that it would be real good for "social work". I am a life member of N.R.A. and I am glad to have found Gunblast.


October 4, 2007

Your site is great. Based upon your reviews, my last two purchases of handguns has been a very good experience for me. As you reported on the quality and accuracy of the guns, I've found that the guns measured up to your reporting. I am a very happy reader of


September 23, 2007

Dear Gunblasters:

I just wanted to thank you for your insightful, well-written, entertaining, real-life reviews. In my 58 yrs, I have read innumerable magazines & reviews, many by the greats, and yours are among my all-time favorites.

  My parents sacrificed a lot to legally immigrate here. As a child, I witnessed the secret police come to our home, read from the gun registration list and confiscate our guns. I have a deep appreciation of the degrees of freedom US citizens have, and becoming one was one of the proudest moments of my life. 

  A little confession: Our politics couldn't be further apart, but our firearms interests, ways of thinking, love of God, Nature, family, Freedom and this great Country are closely aligned.

  Thanks again for your reviews and commentaries. My future gun purchases will certainly be aided and abetted, not to mention expanded, by your observations. I think I need a bigger gun safe.

Keep up the good work!

  A straight-shooting Liberal,


September 19, 2007

Love the site, love the gun reviews.

Hate the political rhetoric. Most of it is lazy and crude, and has no thoughtful analysis of any kind.

I understand that most of your readers are conservative Republicans. That's fine. But kindly remember that many of your readers are are neither conservative nor Republican, even if we are pro-RKBA, pro-family, Christians. We can appreciate thoughtful critisism and analysis of politics, even if it disagrees with us. But the comments you routinely make about Democrats, liberals, or anyone who doesn't think Reagan is a saint are insulting to your readers who do not agree with you.

RKBA supporters are not all in one party. We need to be united or all of us, right and left, could lose this precious right. The political articles here are divisive, and serve none of us. Please consider this.

Thank you,


September 19, 2007


I appreciate your thoughts, and somewhat agree. I am not aligned with any party, and folks like McCain and Romney are no friend to gun owners, but neither is Clinton nor Obama. However, most of the gun-grabbers in our country are Democrats. I have a representative from my district, John Tanner, who is a Democrat, and supports gun rights, and he always gets my vote. Neither of the two major parties can claim to be always on the side of gun owners. New full-auto weapons went away on Reagan's watch, and Bush 1 halted importation of semi-automatic rifles. ALL candidates must be thoroughly scrutinized on the issues, regardless of party. I will support the man whom I believe will help protect gun owner's rights, and will probably state as much on Gunblast. Hopefully, you can agree with me. If not, your opinion is still important to me, and I welcome your thoughts on the subject as the election progresses.


I really enjoy Gunblast and visit this site often. I see that you have tested many Taurus guns and have many good things to say about them. Recently I introduced my wife to shooting and she purchased a Taurus Tracker in 17HMR. After running around 40 to 50 rounds down range the action locked up and we were not able to continue shooting. We took the gun to the dealer and they sent it to Taurus to be repaired. After 6 weeks we got the gun back with a note letting us know the the gun was to dirty and after they cleaned it up it worked fine. We took the gun to the range and after 40 rounds it locked up again. We took it back to the dealer and they had a Taurus rep look at the gun and he said it had a defective part and sent it back to Taurus to be repaired. That was almost two months ago. To say the least we are very discouraged by the poor service and defective gun. The dealer where we bought this gun tells me that he has been having many problems with Taurus guns and is considering dropping them. I do have another Taurus 218 Raging Bee which I have had no problems with and have fired many loads though this gun. I just wanted to let it be know that Taurus quality and service seems to be lacking. Because of this poor service I will never own another Taurus and when ever the Tracker returns it will be sold to somebody who I will tell its history so I suppose I will have to let it go cheap.. I also have a Kel Tec PLR -16 which had a problem and after I called Kel Tec and was able to talk to a PERSON after a short waiting time who immediately took care of my problem without a waiting period. I impressed with that kind of service.  Anyway I think Taurus service sucks. I will be surprised if this message posts.


October 5, 2007


I am sorry to hear of your experience. I have personally never had a problem with a Taurus, and I own several, but hopefully they will get a little more speed behind them repairing your gun. Kel-Tec has a reputation as one of the best in Customer Service. Keep me informed of the progress on your Taurus.


Just wanted to say THANKS. Out of all the websites out there, yours always has the best info.

Clint Smith

September 12, 2007

I am someone who would be described as liberal.  I too believe in freedom of religion, Honor (served 4 years active USN 16 drilling reservist), Family values (married 20+ years same and only woman), and the values that were used to found this country.  Being a liberal to me means that I stand up for all people's rights even when I disagree with them.

  I also enjoy this site, own weapons, run a small business and so on.  I believe that we have much in common.  If my belief that a woman has a right to decide on aborting a child under three months puts me 100% at odds with you in all other aspects I am sorry that is so.

  Well disagree we will, I do have one question on your endorsement of Fred Thompson.  Why no mention of his divorce from his first wife?  I really do not know any of the circumstances of his divorce but what makes it OK when Rudy's is not.

  Thanks for the forum that allows me to respond. 


August 25, 2007

I would like to thank you for pointing me toward Rob Leahy and Simply Rugged Holsters. The belt and holster he made for me is very nice and at a very reasonable price too! I serve active duty and I'm issued the Beretta M9. Rob made my an M9 holster for free which was completely unexpected and much appreciated. Top notch individual.


August 24, 2007

Just stumbled across your web site.  So far I have been impressed.  The article on the new Judge from Taurus was informative.  Now I want one.  Some would certainly term the author's comments about snakes and carjackers heartless (or non-pc).  I agreed in full with the author and found his comments to represent nothing but good common sense.  Thanks for the interesting read; this site is being added to my favorites. 


August 24, 2007

I found your brief analysis of the current presidential candidates disappointing, since it seems to focus largely on issues other than the candidates’ positions regarding the 2nd Amendment.  While I can see your desire to spread your personal views on your website, it would seem that a site dedicated to firearms should put primary emphasis on those issues that directly affect firearms ownership.  For example, you might point out that Senators Clinton and Dodd seem to have distinguished themselves beyond the other Democratic candidates by voting in favor of letting the government take away guns during a crisis ( and in co-sponsoring S. 1237, which would give the Attorney General unchecked power to take away anyone’s right to own a firearm based on a vaguely-defined suspicion (  Similarly, picking on Senator Obama about his name seems like a cheap shot which is well beneath the usual quality of analysis on your website.  I would be particularly interested in any specific information on Governor Richardson, as I have heard that he is in favor of gun rights, but have yet to see any evidence to support this claim.  Surely you guys would welcome the opportunity to take a break from all that tedious shooting and playing with guns to do a bunch of boring political research....

I might also note that denigrating the Democrats as tax-raisers seems anachronistic after watching a completely Republican-controlled government spend our future tax dollars lavishly in the last several years.  As for ignoring the Constitution, I can’t see any of the current Democratic candidates being as bad as the current nominally-Republican President in that regard.


August 24, 2007

A very likable site.  The article re John Wayne Commemorative was great. Reading about a great man by a great man was inspirational. Thanks.

Pepe Ray

August 19, 2007

Hey Jeff,

I have to admit in just finding your site about 7 months ago. But I have to admit you'all have sure got my attention and also given me some insight to make my last purchase. I just got an S&W M&P 45acp after reading your article. I was influenced by you not bulls**t style of writing. I especially feel the same as you that the US Military needs to put an American made pistol just like the M&P in the hands of every military member who needs to carry a pistol. Thanks for your great writing and the awesome photos. Keep it up and tell everyone else that there all doing a great job. I'll be checking back often to see what else you'all get into with glee.

Robert E Rojas

Corpus Christi Texas

August 10, 2007

Sirs:   Just read your article on the Ruger P345 series pistols & really enjoyed it.   I just recently purchased a P345PR model & have fired 100 rounds in it.  I am very happy w/ it. The grip fit my hand better than any other 45 auto that I look @.  It seems to be very accurate & I have had no malfunctions w/ in so far.  It just seems to point like pointing your finger, very natural.  Really enjoying shooting it. Thanks for the opportunity to share the feedback.



August 4, 2007

Hello Jeff, Boge and,

I am have been a religious reader of your website since I stumbled upon it about a year ago and I love what you guys do!!

I work for a Cable company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and your site entertains, informs and educates me through many boring stretches at work.  I am also extremely confident in the reviews you provide and am going to be adjusting my future acquisitions accordingly.

I have been shooting firearms since I was a small boy, and would be a "gun nut" according to my friends, family and coworkers but consider myself an aficionado and enthusiast.  I am sure that you are aware of the differences between Canadian and American gun laws, so it is nice to have access to a site with people who have similar interests to my own.

I just wanted to pass along a pat on the back and congratulations on an amazing site!!  The only complaint I have is that I cannot become a member because I am Canadian.  I understand the reasoning behind it, I just don't like it.  Keep up the fantastic work gentlemen!!


June 30, 3007


Thanks for the kind words. If you were a member and won a gun, there is just no way that we could send it to you legally.


I would like to agree with Jeff's article on the 30wcf cartridge. I myself own two marlin lever actions. This is the only gun I have ever deer hunted with and i love the gun. Thank you for your awesome article!


June 27, 2007

Going through the archives, I came across Jeff's article "Christians packing guns" and as a believer read it with interest. I wasn't too astonished at your reference to Jesus' admonition to sell your garment and buy a sword just before He departed as a sacrifice for our sins on the cross. When I was considering buying a pistol for self defense I prayed about it and the very same verse popped
into my mind and I made my decision to proceed with the purchase.

Since then the Lord has made a strong impression on me about the responsibility to safely maintain and use my weapon (lots of practice at the shooting range) as well as my responsibility to use it for the protection of the innocent.

He has also made me meditate on the connection between the earthly dangers we face here, and the spiritual battle that goes on around us.

I have long thought of the Word of God as the spiritual ammo that the Holy Spirit uses to guide and convict us.

So, my XD 40 loaded with 180 grain Winchester Ranger hollow points is what I carry for earthly protection, I make sure I load up with the Word of God to keep my spiritual ammo topped off every day.

God bless you guys, keep up the good work.


June 19, 2007

Thank you Jeff for your article regarding homeland security.  It almost appears that you and I are sitting in a restaurant, discussing these topics.  We truly have to be ready to defend our country ourselves, our friends and our families.  It's our second amendment right to do so.

As a parent my-self I am deeply saddened as to what transpired  at Virginia Tech.  I could not imagine the pain and agony that the parents must be going through, along with the despair that the perpetrators parents are also going through, let not forget about there guilt.

If you go through history not that long ago we had Jews being led like cattle into trains and shipped to the concentration camps.

I myself, although not Jewish, come from Russian descent.  I can remember my father telling me how the Communists came into his home when he was 12 years old, put them up against the wall, held a gun to his head, pistol whipped my grandfather, and raped my grandmother in front of him.

On September 11 when the Trade Towers collapsed, I knew that it would be a period of time when amnesia would set in and the Liberals would forget about 3000 people that died in the towers.

It just seems that this country jumps on the bandwagon when things are fresh in their minds, and then as time goes on we forget about it.

I believe that there's a reason behind crime and violence in this country. A recent radio news program cited a study showing that England's violent crime rate was more than four times that of the United States. It was only a few years ago that anti-gun advocates were used in England as an example of the civilized society without firearms.

A few years ago I read that an individual was visiting missionaries in Zambia, as part of what they call  “Operation footsteps”.  They were taken to see missionaries who had spoken at a church many years ago, they asked the question about gun violence in America. 

Before someone could answer a host jumped to his feet with his finger shaking and said guns are not the problem in America or anywhere else.  The problem is the lack of moral values. He went on: you can raise your child with a gun in his hand if you instill moral values, and he will never be a problem to himself or others. If you raise a child without moral values in a world, he or she will be a danger to themselves and others with any implement they pickup, I believe this is true. 

During hurricane Katrina there were many towns along the Gulf Coast hit by the storm, but New Orleans made news because of the looting and other violent behavior.

Today, moral values are simply not taught enough.  Television  programs  glorify sex and violence treat them as jokes.  The Internet is a great resource for information and education, but look at the trash our children are exposed to if not supervised. 

Music degrading women in promoting violence has become mainstream environment, embraced by many.  The media has glamorized Hollywood's bad boys and bad girls and has made them into role models for our teenagers.  Look at some of the clothes are children wearing, some of it is very degrading.

Whatever happened to John Wayne and Roy Rogers?  They sure look better to me. Even some sports heroes are contributing to the problem.  Look at them multimillion dollar athletes using drugs and steroids because winning is all that matters to them.

The moral fiber of our society is unraveling, and the result is more crime and violence.  Look at what is happening today. Kids grow up not knowing their fathers, and in some cases, the mothers.  What are children to think when they watch TV and see a United States president impeached for his immoral behavior, and congressmen being charged with bribery?  The lessons they learned is that if you can get away with it’ it's okay.

Our country was founded with moral values.  Look at small towns in the United States, people go to worship on the weekends and care for the children , there is less violent crime in these places.  Prayer has been removed from our schools, and violence and criminal behavior has increased.  There is a trend here we can no longer afford to ignore.

It's about time to stand up and speak out for the moral values that have made America great.  If you're confused about what moral values are, I suggest you may get a copy of the NRA past president Charlton Heston's movie The Ten Commandments.  Watch it, and you'll see where moral values really started.

I believe it's not fair to imply that all gun dealers are bad.  Unfortunately it's our society today that dictates human Behavior.  We are so afraid of standing up for our beliefs but yet we rather condone this so-called political correctness.  I believe that this is the single most reason that this mayhem occurred.  What we had here was a young adult that had serious problems within the school system along with many problems that he had when he was a child.

Everybody knew this but yet they did nothing, because of the policies that are still within their society today.  Why not speak up when there's an issue with someone's behavior?  I believe in this case something very serious was overlooked by the counselors, the courts along with the judicial system whereas not wanting to make any so-called waves regarding so-called profiling and discrimination.

I cherish my second amendment right as an American born citizen.  One thing that I would suggest  is that it would be better that the only people in this country that would be eligible to obtain permits to purchase handguns and/or any gun for that matter regardless whether it's a rifle or a handgun, would have to be born in the United States of America.  Just because somebody comes to his country as an exchange student and has applied for permanent residency, with a green card, does not give them the right to have this cherished second amendment privilege.  I truly believe in my heart that if there was somebody in that building at that time, that was armed, that's not saying that we would not have lost any children, but we would not have lost as many.  It be wonderful to live in a utopia, but unfortunately that's not the society we live in.  We have to be realistic about what is really happening, not be so quick to point the blame at any one group and take a real good look at how we are raising our children and running our country, then we may stand a chance.


June 13, 2007

Re: The Medal of Honor

I stand up and salute you a disabled Gulf War Vet 90-91 it truly did my heart good to read your was one of the most prolific and respectful things that have been written in quite some time...for those who have served ... and fallen...I can never repay any but the will forever has my ultimate respect for deeds and service done...I respect them by respecting those today who serve and honor our great country...THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Thank you, Boge.


May 17, 2007


Thank you, Sir, for your service. I have done nothing.

Boge Quinn

Bill Hamm, your article on the Super Blackhawk is your best one yet!  Outstanding article, and just awesome pictures!  Thanks for the work you put into this.


May 14, 2007

I hate hand guns!!!! They are just made to kill people, that's it. Rifles are fine or shot guns but not pistols. Nothing good can come from them. Well get what I just bought, a Ruger 9mm. You never know when you may see something from a different perspective. When someone threatens your life it tends to change things. Funny how life is.


May 10, 2007

I think "Let them learn Braille in prison" should be the new phrase for the lawful majority.


April 23, 2007

I want to publicly thank Bill Hamm for all the positive input he gives to the Ruger collectors.  He gives a fair, unbiased report that always tries to enhance what we display and sends a strong message that collecting Rugers has many desirable results.  We all know that the "fun is in the chase" and Bill has provided me with many great Ruger chases!  This compliment is a strong support of Bill and his stories.


April 23, 2007


Thanks, Lee. Bill is a great asset to Gunblast and to Ruger collectors worldwide. He is also a good friend.

Jeff Quinn

about the do-all aerial assault automatic trap. i bought one in january 2007 and was i excited until i threw the first target - what a disaster . the target was sideways and in about a million pieces and after a few calls to customer service i got the machine to throw a decent target but then some electrical problems raised their ugly head and oh boy about at the same time my warranty registration came back with address not known-- so another call to do-all-outdoors and wow a new machine was on it's way virtually no questions asked and they sent a return ups tag with the replacement machine --well here is how things have went so far but mind you the new trap has only thrown three hundred targets and that is without fault-- the improvements to the newer version are impressive and well done and the customer service from do-all is the kind of service  that you see on the television but one that is rarely experienced by the consumer--so if you are thinking about buying a trap --well i am happy with mine and i am happy with the boys at do-all-outdoors--they have a worthy machine and even better the company believes in their product as is shown by their response from customer service..


April 22, 2007

This is the best, most straight-forward gun help, gun review and nationalist opinion website I have ever been on! I myself only own one gun, but since I read the Ruger Mini-14 ranch gun article, I've been looking to get one. Thanks a lot, Jeff!


April 10, 2007

Gunblast team,

Nice write up on the Puma mod92 in .480 Ruger. Since reading your review I checked one out at the local gun club for some range time. All I can say is WOW!. I've shot several different rifles chambered for the 45/70 and loved them all. But I must confess I'm a bona fide convert to the Puma mod 92 in .480 Ruger. It just flat works.
Keep up the good work.

Smokepole from TX

April 1, 2007

Hi Jeff:  Finally....a gun writer who said a particular product was junk. i.e. the Burris spotting scope that was a "freebie" mentioned in this article.  Not to pick on Burris, mind you.  As we all know, they do make a lot of  quality products. Leupold, on the other hand, will not sell ANY junk.  I'm so tired of gun writers trying to play up to everything that comes along in our sport.  They're so scared to say what we all know about a lot of the guns that are coming out now. JUNK!  Take pistols for example.  When's the last time you saw one that had a good high polish bluing job?  It's all black now, not "blue".  I could go on and on, but you know what I'm talking about.  Thanks for stepping out there and calling a spade a spade.  (p.s. Yes...I'm willing to pay more for high quality work!)


Dave Eannetta, Waterloo, NY

March 24, 2007

Outstanding website! Of all the hours and hours I go window shopping on line, by far your site is the most user friendly. The quick links you embed on every article is one of the most impressive I have ever seen. Should you ever happen to come up above the Arctic Circle to hunt, give me a ring. Hell, if you want me to try something for your cold weather drill, do that too.


March 17, 2007


Thanks for the kind words, and the invite. Keep an eye out the window. I just might show up. Call me when the temperature reaches about seventy degrees!

Jeff Quinn

u r a stupid [expletive deleted]. tell the 13 kids from columbine that guns help deter crime.


March 17, 2007


If one of those teachers had been armed and trained to use a gun, lives could have been saved. You are never going to be able to always stop every crazy suicidal maniac from killing people, whether they use an ax, a car, or a gun. If more law-abiding folks were armed, they would have a much better chance of survival than by dialing "911" and waiting for the cops to come fill out a report on what happened and how many were murdered.

Jeff Quinn

I really enjoy your website. When I was thinking of getting a Taurus Thunderbolt in 45 Colt your review was one that influenced my decision. I picked up the new rifle 3 weeks ago and have put 250 rounds through it since then. This rifle was much more accurate than I expected. I was using Ultramax 250 grain flat nosed lead bullets. I got groups from a rest at 35 yards that could be covered with a quarter. I also sat up gallon jugs of water from 20 yards out to 50 yards. I went through them at a good controlled speed while trying to hurry. I had zero misses and was very impressed with how well it pointed and it's accuracy. I also have had zero malfunctions in loading and am really impressed with it. It was a good buy and I would definitely recommend this rifle. It also matches up nicely with my Taurus Gaucho in 45 Colt.


March 15, 2007


If you could have only one rifle to cover everything life could throw at you... from hunting to defense, what would it be? What cal?



March 15, 2007


That ain't fair!! That's like asking a guy to choose his favorite child.

Not knowing what is ahead in life, I suppose that I would keep my .22 Long Rifle Marlin Model 39 levergun. I could take game up to deer size with it, within limits, and it could serve if needed as a defensive weapon.

How 'bout if I cheat a bit. I would keep an AR-15 with interchangeable uppers in .22 LR, .223, 6.5 Grendel, and .50 Beowulf!

Jeff Quinn

I enjoy reading your reviews. I wish you would include a manufacturers retail price in the review. Prices are hard to find on the internet.


March 8, 2007


We could, but there is a problem with that. Retail prices change, and our articles are posted for many years. Some of the articles in the ARCHIVE section has been posted for about 7 years. New readers are finding Gunblast every day, and reading the old articles as well. I always post a link to the manufacturers for more info. If I posted prices, they would soon be outdated.

Jeff Quinn

Hello fellow gunsmen. My husband found your web site just a few days ago. He told me I had to check it out. He bought me this little beauty 6mths ago. (Kel-Tek 32) I love it although I admit I'm a good shot, but.. I'm not that experienced. I'll get there. I loved shooting this gem, just right for a woman's hand. Much better than 9mm. just to much gun to conceal, and for my little hands. sure did like the tips on ammo. I'll try Gold Dot 60. I had the same problem just once in awhile it wouldn't fire the 1st shot. I think I'll be sure to have the Gold Dot when I carry my gun. thanks a lot, love any tips. Just gotta try different things and listen to people that have tested themselves. Be safe, happy shooting, do not let them take are rights to bear arms. We have our rights. I think they have forgotten "For the People".


March 5, 2007


You have an excellent weapon. Most people who choose a bigger one end up leaving it at home too much. The Kel Tec can always be with you.

Jeff Quinn

I've owned the Bersa 380 Thunder for over 2 years now. This handy, throw in your pocket gun has by far out-performed more expensive models. The feel and weight of this gun with the proper ammo, is a great combination for anyone needing quick backup.
The price is very affordable. I truly like the near straight in line feed found on this model. Excellent for hollow points. Your review was very straight forward and honest. It revealed the many hidden features which a novice would not pick up on. Please continue your reviews because they are helpful to us all. Thanks.


March 3, 2007

Howdy folks,

You're doing a great job with the online magazine. I find it well written, well organized and very informative. I appreciate Jeff's humor and spin on things. Thank God (and Al Gore :)...) for the internet. Without it most likely would not exist. Keep up the good work.

From North Central Texas

March 3, 2007

My Sick, Twisted, Demented, Sadistic sense of humor causes me to really appreciate Jeff's comments found in the "JUDGE" article.


February 21, 2007

The site is just plain awesome, in the past when I would look for info on a particular gun/rifle, damn near every time I would run across an article you guys had done on it and the articles answered exactly the kind of questions I wanted to know, after about the 15th or so review I started thinking, why do I Google these things? just go to Gunblast direct and sure enough, I think Ya'll have reviewed just about every gun I ever had a curiosity about. Keep up the good work and please don't ever Zumbo.


February 21, 2007

I just wanted to comment on your piece about Taurus' the Judge and how much I have been laughing from your witty insight. I am still laughing at this line in particular "...but if he tries to forcibly take an occupied vehicle at a traffic light, he can learn to read Braille in prison as far as I'm concerned" I have been hoping you would get your hands on this weapon because I have been looking at it extensively for a while. Now unfortunately I am unable to purchase it (lack of funds and I am not 21 yet) but thanks to your article I am more enthusiastic about acquiring it for self defense. Though I am a proponent of hand to hand and non lethal self defense sometimes you just need a gun to drive the point home that no means no. Now unfortunately in Florida we have to "retreat" from the vehicle if some tries to carjack it, but I believe that with your take and the all business look of the weapon I believe the attempted thief will be the one retreating. Many thanks and keep up the great work.


February 21, 2007


If you blast him in the face, he at least won't be reading your license plate.

Jeff Quinn

Was reading article by Butch Kent on size and carry guns. He focus is on S&W revolvers. I carry a Taurus model 85 Ultra Lite loaded with hollowpoint +P ammo. Which is just as good a carry gun as its S&W counterparts. Butch is right in his evaluations. But he has overlooked some fine guns made by Taurus and other firms. I like your on line magazine. Keep up good work!


February 18, 2007


Butch is limited on his experiences with Taurus revolvers. He likes the S&W, and to his credit, only writes about that with which he is familiar. He is not a gun writer per se, but is a cousin and good friend of mine. He was asking me one day to do a review on the Model 19 Smith, and I said "You do it. You have shot them a lot more than I have." While not a writer, Butch has multiple degrees in nuclear physics and engineering. He is a nuclear engineer, highly educated and highly paid. He has little time to write, and just does so as a favor to me and to help our readers.

Jeff Quinn

Love the Cimarron 1892. Hate the AC crap on the barrel. You know the originals were all tastefully marked in small font by Winchester. They set the standard all others should follow.


February 14, 2007

Dear Sir,

You and I must be related somewhere, if not by blood then by the comic order of things.  It is as if you are a long lost cousin!  I just finished reading your article: The End of an Era: The Last of the Winchester Model 94, and you put into words what my heart feels.  It’s as if the words were my own, and no truer words have never been spoken!

I am, and have always been a lever gun lover.  I have Winchesters and Marlins in varied calibers.  I have always been under the thinking (maybe erroneously) that the Marlins chambered the traditional pistol calibers better than a Winchester, and have bought lever guns accordingly.  I have a Colt single action revolver in .45 Colt that is wearing a beautiful pair of dark walnut grips and I wanted a lever gun chambered the same.  When I saw the Winchester Model 94 “Legacy” I fell in love with it immediately and bought one chambered for .45 Colt.  The jewel of my lever guns is far and away my Model 94 "Legacy".  Every time I take it out or use it, I just marvel what a beautiful gun it is and proclaim it as such to anyone who will listen.  It is my favorite hands down!  I use it for both target shooting and hunting, and it has yet to let me down.  I take the Colt single action revolver and the Legacy with me to the deer woods every time I go and this past deer season I harvested a nice 8 point whitetail with the Legacy (at 60 yards, open sights) and I have previously harvested a young doe with the revolver (30 yards, open sights).  So they are now both tried and true deer guns chambered in .45 Colt, and I am ecstatic because of it!

It breaks my heart to think that the last Winchester Model 94 is about to be rolled off the production line.  Let’s hope that it hasn’t seen its last days.  What a huge piece of American culture will be lost for the ages.  The mounted rider carrying his trusty Winchester is an American icon, and I am saddened to see him ride off in the sunset forever!

Keep up the great work with the website and your writings. 

Your fellow lever lover,


February 9, 2007

Jeff, I just read the story about your dad's Henry .22 Magnum. It sure put a tear in my eye, as I lost my dad going on 3 years ago. I miss him a lot.

Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.


February 8, 2007

varmint guns & calibers require absolute minimum of 200yd groups along w. temperature & wind data. if you r going to prove that a certain load works it needs actual long range data as well as environmental conditions or it is a fluff piece. This type of stuff is why i no longer subscribe 2 any of the popular gunmaker ads posing as gun journalists. If u r certain of your product u won't have a problem w/ relating it's
results in realistic conditions.


January 21, 2007


That might be so. However, I live in the hills, and have nowhere to shoot 200 yards, and I also have no control over wind conditions. If a gun does not shoot well at 100 yards, it will not do well at longer ranges. I spend a lot of time working up reviews of weapons, and I provide the information free to the whole world, including you. Most people find the information very useful. Once per year, for one week, I go to Raton to the NRA's range, and there I can shoot out to 1125 yards, and while there I do test guns at longer range. However, while here, 100 yards is all that I have available to me, and for that I had to bring in a dozer and push out a trail through the woods. If my information is useless to you, you do not have to read it, and it costs you absolutely nothing. Thousands of shooters like reading my reports, and do not whine that it does not suit them. I provide a basic review of a weapon. When you start an online magazine with your superior knowledge, please let me know about it, and maybe I can learn something from you. I am sorry that you find Gunblast useless, and had to take the time out of your busy schedule of long-range highly technical shooting and meteorological studies to inform me of that. You might want to take some time to learn proper writing and punctuation before working on that magazine.

Jeff Quinn

Your Gunblast Magazine is one of my favorites. As a result of your informative articles, I have purchased  guns, holsters, and other very satisfactory products.  Should you decide to change your format by charging a subscription fee like my other magazines do, just let me know, and I'll gladly pony up the funds for your online publication! Keep up the good work, 

Steve Barnes, Oregon

January 15, 2007


Thanks Steve, but when we started Gunblast many years ago, it was to help as many shooters as possible to be able to make informed decisions without the influence of biased information. We will continue to offer all of our information free to everyone.

Jeff Quinn

Your site has been a wealth of gun and shooting knowledge for me. Most recently your reviews of Savage rifles have been of great help. I had interest in the FP10 .308 and a new .22 open sighted rifle. No one I shoot with has a newer Savage with the AccuTrigger™ system, so as part of my research I read everything on the site about Savage. Ok, so of course now I own a Savage FP10 .308 and MKII FVT .22 (heavy barrel target sights), they are both flawless and what to do with all the time I'd be trigger tweaking? MORE SHOOTING! Thanks much.


January 14, 2007

I'm responding to the article "Christians Packing Guns" by Jeff Quinn. I don't have a problem with gun ownership, but I do disagree with many things in that article.

Most importantly, Mr. Quinn tries to dehumanize the enemy in order to justify attempting to kill them. He uses Jesus' words about a "synagogue of Satan" to justify attacking people in ways that Jesus didn't. He continues: "No sane individual would hesitate to defend himself from a rabid dog or a poisonous snake, but are the two-legged vipers of this world any better than an animal? An animal does that which comes naturally to him. Children of Satan do that which comes naturally to them: that being evil."

It is very dangerous to see one's enemies as nothing more than animals. I would argue that this mindset has led to most of the greatest atrocities in human history. Humans -- all humans -- are created by God and share his image, however imperfectly. How we treat a stranger is counted by God as how we treated him (Matthew 25:40). And, our enemies are not to be exempt from our love and tangible goodwill.

Next, Mr. Quinn shifts his focus to something we mainly all agree on instead of dealing with the issue that is contentious: "As Christian men, God not only allows us to protect our families, but he expects us to protect those whom he has placed in our care. This may seem contrary to the mandate for us to 'turn the other cheek', and I too have pondered over this. It takes great strength to turn the other cheek as Jesus intended. That is not a commandment to be weak."

I agree that we should protect our families, and also do what we can to seek the protection and well-being of others. However, I expect Mr. Quinn would also agree that there are some means that are not justified even when it comes to a good cause, such as protecting a loved one. We may disagree with which means are contrary to Jesus' teaching, but the point is that the debate is there, and not about whether protecting people is generally good.

For biblical support, he points to Luke 22:35-38: "In the time that Jesus walked the Earth in the form of man, the short sword was the state-of-the-art weapon. He told his followers that the time of living carefree was over, and that the time had come for those without a sword to 'sell his garment and buy one'."

A few verses later, Jesus makes it clear that whatever his purpose was in saying this, it wasn't to encourage his followers to harm the people who were their enemies. "While he was still speaking, there came a crowd, and the man called Judas, one of the twelve, was leading them. He drew near to Jesus to kiss him, but Jesus said to him, 'Judas, would you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?' And when those who were around him saw what would follow, they said, 'Lord, shall we strike with the sword?' And one of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear. But Jesus said, 'No more of this!' And he touched his ear and healed him" (Luke 22:47-51, ESV).

I'm trying to live that out in my life too. When I'm tempted to respond violently to those I consider enemies, I remember Jesus' words: "No more of this!"

As followers of Jesus, we aren't called to be weak, but we are called to be meek. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" (Matthew 5:5). The same passage goes on to advocate peacemaking (a mark of the children of God) and provides a much different response to persecution and mistreatment than Mr. Quinn. Instead of using whatever weapons are available in our age, Jesus says to "rejoice and be glad", knowing that our obedience is bringing about the kingdom of God on earth and our reward in heaven.


January 7, 2007


You might be right, and I might be wrong. However, in your example where Jesus told his followers to basically not fight back to protect him, He was not having His life taken from him, but was following the will of God in giving His life so that we all might have eternal life. Jesus was not murdered; He gave His life for us. It was a necessary part of a greater plan. He did not command that we should allow ourselves to be crucified as He was. He was crucified so that we would not have to be. Our Lord giving his life does not mean that we should not fight to protect our own. Thanks for the comments, however, and for reading Gunblast.

Jeff Quinn


Interesting web site.  In reading "Enemy at the Gate," I couldn't help but take offense at at least two usages which seemed careless at best.  The Clinton Presidency was described as a "regime."  It seems odd to call it that with all of the connotations of that word and not use the same word to describe a more current presidency which has curtailed many of our civil rights.  I also noted reference to our God-fearing Founding Fathers. (Sorry, I can't remember the exact quote.)  I believe that at least some of our most important founding fathers were at best agnostic.  Now, as a believer in Christianity myself, I'm not objecting to the God-fearing part, just to the distortion of historical fact.

As a general comment regarding the entire site, Classic Liberalism has always said that an individual is free to believe anything that individual wishes even when that belief is unpopular.  Classic Conservatism has always said that if one does not agree with "Us," one is wrong.  I suppose people like Rush Limbaugh (sp?) would personify that position.  And yet Conservatives often fear that their freedoms are under attack from Liberals.

My point is that pointing fingers at labels seems lacking in Common Sense.


J. Paz 

January 5, 2007


That makes sense to me. I also do not care for general labels, unless they are earned. It depends upon how sincere a person is in their beliefs, I guess. For example, Senator Ted Kennedy has always been a liberal. He stands against gun ownership and supports abortion. I disagree with him on both of these topics. However, he is sincere in his beliefs, as I am in mine, therefore I have no ill will towards the man for those beliefs. I think that he is wrong, but he has a right to be.

Then there is Albert Gore. He is also labeled a liberal, but he is not sincere. He is a two-faced liar, changing positions as the political wind blows. For him, I have no respect, even though his political positions are much the same as Kennedy's.

I like for a person to be sincere. If we disagree, we disagree. I can let that slide. However, I have little tolerance for the new breed of politician who spouts one thing, and does another, so-called conservatives included. For the past several years, we have had Republicans in charge in DC, but they behaved more like liberals, yet wore a conservative badge, as if that were enough.

Most of our founding fathers looked to God for guidance, and I believe that God did indeed inspire them. Some were just political schmucks, I suppose, but others were true statesmen.

Jeff Quinn

Re Jeff Quinn's article on hunting with the .30-30: Amen, Jeff. You have joined the ranks of Saint Frances Sell and Saint Sam Fadala.

I have used both the Winchester 94 and the Marlin 336 and have a slight preference for the latter. But either will take a deer with a single shot if I do my part.


January 2, 2007

Enjoyed the heck out of your article on the Colt MK III.  I still have my first revolver, a Colt Lawman II.  Any idea how I can find out the history of this weapon?  Based on what I read in your article it sounds like it may have been produced in the 50s or 60s.


January 1, 2007


The Colt Lawman Mk III began production in 1969, with serial # J1001.  R.L. Wilson's "The Colt Heritage" has a listing of serial numbers of various Colt firearms and the years they fall under, so as to give a "ball park" idea.  You used to could go thru Colt and get a factory letter about your gun, but this was expensive and took time.  The Colt Web site still shows Archive Services, but the price list is dated 2005.

Bill Bell

In your 1911 comparison there was really no good info. My main concern in a 1911 is function, not minor differences in accuracy. How many jams or misloads? What gun ran the best with all types of ammo? I want reliability data not accuracy to under 1 inch of difference in all the 1911s. What gun runs the best?!!! Obviously you are afraid to burn any of these gun makers and decide a winner, which is what a comparison is supposed to tell you.


December 25, 2006


Since you know much more about this than I do, perhaps you can tell me. If all of the guns function perfectly, which one is the most reliable? One gun failed to lock the slide open, and that was noted in the article.

What makes you think that I am afraid to burn a gun maker? I am not going to lie and state that a gun is no good when they were all very good guns. We were testing four high-grade weapons. They were not junk, and they functioned reliably, as was expected, and noted in the article.

I cannot decide which gun is better for you anymore than I can decide which girl would make you the best wife. What is best to someone may not be the best to another. Therefore, I report the facts, and let the reader decide what features are most important to suit his needs. We give the specifications, accuracy, reliability, and features of the guns we test, and let our readers decide for themselves. If you need someone to make all of your decisions for you, ask your mother.

Jeff Quinn

Brothers Quinn,

You are doing fantastic job and bring total value to me and I am sure many other readers that frequent your site.

You guys are a tremendous asset to the shooting community.  And for that, I am grateful.

As a result of your informative articles and excellent photography, I have purchased some of the products and services that you have brought to life on your site.  As a matter of fact, yesterday I sent David Clements a Ruger for the Jeff Quinn Special. (Except mine will be in 10mm)
Naturally I told him who sent me...

Regards and Happy Holidays!


December 22, 2006


Thank you Sir. Merry Christmas to you.

Jeff Quinn

It is an evidence that rich countries that don't sell weapons have less dead children in their streets. It is quite a lie to say the contrary , especially when you never visited one of these countries. I am not against weapons sale but only for hunting and under very strict laws. American people don't realize that they are , for all other rich countries , in a civilian war (gangsters Vs violence addict, as a result: as many casualties than many "small" wars in Africa) and it is a sad thought...weapons are made for policemen and soldiers who have the real training and the self control necessary for the use of these, not for civilians who wants to play cowboys or to compensate a lack of sexual performance. For all men and women who serve under their nation's flag, I have the greatest respect and admiration, I don't understand the pleasure of hunting but I admit it, but for those who think they are safe because they have a weapon at home, I think they don't love your children or they didn't think seriously about this: they try to keep us in a climate of violence and paranoia ,without thinking about the consequences.

Weapons equal violence equal casualties, simple enough for even the simplest mind...

The Republican party is the public face of the weaponry industry: their interest is warfare and money nothing else, so, don't trust their "investigations", they are as believable as G.W.Bush, world's greatest liar, a man who is an ex alcoholic, a religious fanatic and that is so ineducated that all others president and monarchs see him as a stupid child....ridiculazing America.

My grand parents ,who are French, were saved by American soldiers in 1945 and they are very sad of what united states are becoming, because they used to love their saviors...the champion of liberty had thrown away his ethics and make war to make money...what a sad thought...


December 21, 2006


You are wrong of course. Our country was founded by men who had been oppressed, and wanted to be sure that Americans could always own guns to protect the people from becoming subjects of the government. It has worked very well here. Also, we have never been successfully invaded. If the French citizens had been properly armed, Hitler's army would not have taken the country like a walk in the park. It is interesting that you mentioned Africa. Is the government in Sudan protecting its citizens from murder, by the thousands? Please don't tell those people that they do not need guns. If they had firearms, there would be no mass slaughter of innocent lives by machete-wielding hoodlums.

It seems ironic that you would call Mr. Bush "ineducated", as an educated man would know that the proper term is "uneducated". "Ineducated" is not a word.

Jeff Quinn

Caught your article while web browsing for other information about the .17 HMR...I picked mine up yesterday, by coincidence a Savage 93 FVSS.  I mounted a 2.5x8 Leupold scope on it immediately and proceeded to "sight it in" at 25 yards. Some kind of cold wind blowing in the face that day.  Rough bore sighted at first then put one downrange and impacted the target about 3.5 inches low and 2 inches left, adjusted scope, and second round impacted one inch low and left.  I made a final adjustment and fired the remaining three rounds from the five round magazine into the same hole exactly at point of aim.  Heck of a cartridge, and a really swell rifle.


December 5, 2006

Please, sir, accept my appreciation for sharing your insights. Your opinions have guided me in building a collection I feel has given my family a margin of safety we were lacking, (which "Katrina" drove home). My dad was a quick draw champ in Big Sur in the 50's. Since he died it's good to have someone to trust with such matters. Thank you sincerely,


November 6, 2006

Boge, I am responding to your editorial on why a vote for any Democrat this year is a vote for the gun-banning left wing such as Kennedy and Feinstein.  While I certainly agree that the Republicans have been far better for Second Amendment rights than the Democrats, the last few years have seen the Republicans damage, subvert and destroy so many other fundamental rights that we're reaching a point where, under Republicans, the Second Amendment is the only right we have remaining.  That's an extraordinarily bad thing.  I am not suggesting that the Democrats are a better alternative, only that the dominant Republicans are not supportable.  I for one am voting Libertarian this year, not because I expect them to win but because I can at least have a clean conscience.  I have heard all the claims of "throwing your vote away" but I do not believe voting for a bad choice that has a small chance of winning is better than voting for an excellent choice that has an extremely small chance of winning.  If I followed that logic then I would only ever try to vote for the winner, regardless of what they stood for.


November 5, 2006


It has reached the point that I go to the polls mostly to vote against the other guy. Boge has a good point, and he is right. I have always voted for John Tanner as my House Rep. He has a good record on supporting gun owners. However, he is a Democrat, and this year, if I had voted for him, I would be placing Nancy Pelosi second in line for the Presidency. Also, as Speaker of the House, she would control the bills that go to a vote, and she is for banning guns and raising taxes. I can't do anything that might help her to gain power. I voted Republican instead. By doing so, I voted against Nancy Pelosi. I could have voted Libertarian, but it would serve no purpose, and would be pissing away my vote. In our choice for Senate, I voted Republican, for Bob Corker. He was not my first choice. I voted for former Congressman Ed Bryant in the primary, as he is more conservative. However, our Democrat choice for Senate is a liar, who says that he is a friend of gun owners and a Christian. However, Harold Ford's voting record got him an "F" rating from the NRA, and he voted for partial birth abortion and federal funding of abortions. Killing babies is not Christ-like. I did vote for re-election of our Governor, who is a Democrat, but promotes gun ownership, and is fiscally conservative. Going back farther, I voted for George W. Bush for President in 2000, but he wasn't my first choice. In the primary, I voted for Allan Keyes, as he is much more conservative. However, given the choice between Bush and Al Gore, or Bush and John Kerry, it was an easy choice. Bush is a good man, and a good President. He is too liberal for me, but he is my President. It is all about choices. You have the privilege and duty to vote. Voting for someone who cannot win makes no sense, just so that you can feel good about voting. Sometimes we have to make choices when neither option is perfect. However, it is a choice. If you don't make it, someone else will make it for you.

Jeff Quinn

Zach, I understand your reticence to vote for Republicans, even as I disagree with your contention that the Republicans have eroded the rest of the Bill of Rights. I have wrestled with the same feelings many times in the past. However, it is important to recognize that this election is not about happily supporting the candidates of our choice, or even about choosing the lesser of two evils - this election is about whether or not to return control of Congress to the Liberals; and as important as the Second Amendment is, there are more issues at stake. Electing a Liberal legislature, whether it be by voting FOR Democrats or AGAINST Republicans (and I can assure you that the Liberals won't care which), will mean huge tax increases (which can be accomplished by simply refusing to re-authorize the Bush tax cuts when they sunset, as both Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi have pledged to do); an absolute abandonment of the push to secure our borders, along with huge new Welfare entitlements for illegal immigrants (which the Liberals of both parties actively support); encouraging abortion, including late-tem or "partial-birth" abortions, and exponentially increasing taxpayer support of same; weakening our national security by awarding Terrorists, both foreign and domestic, the same Constitutional protections as our Citizens (as would-be House Government Reform Committee chairman Henry Waxman and other Liberals espouse); abandoning the gains in Afghanistan and Iraq that were won by the expenditure of our finest blood, which would give Terrorist regimes even greater power and embolden our enemies around the world; and making it impossible for the President to appoint non-activist judges to the Federal courts and the Supreme Court, which would reverberate through decades of encroaching Liberalism. The list goes on and on, and the only thing standing in the way of this onrushing tide of Liberalism, whether we like them or not, is a Republican Congress.

So go ahead and help the Democrats by voting Libertarian - the Liberals will appreciate it, and they will thank you by stripping you of your rights, giving those rights to Terrorists, and abandoning our national security.

Boge Quinn

There's a lot to like about Gunblast.  What I like best is the sense that you guys know you aren't writing for mere consumers looking to discover the features of gadgets and appliances.

     You are writing for Americans who share your values, take their citizenship seriously, and appreciate the joy and satisfaction attendant to exercising the most fundamental of American rights.  I thank you for what you do and how you do it.


November 2, 2006

I have been fortunate enough to have extensive experience with the Ruger No.1 and also the 35 Whelan round. The round is outstanding, I have made one shot kills on white tail deer and black bear [250 gr. Hor.]. I am pleased to find that Ruger offers this cal. in their No.1, I have one in 45/70 and it is outstanding!!!. Thanks , as always for your straight from the shoulder comments.

Capt. Joe Lisa, Former Police Firearms Instructor

November 1, 2006

Jeff Quinn's review of the Taurus PT1911 is right on the money. I have put 2,000 rounds through possibly the first gun shipped into Arizona about 6 weeks ago. I have yet to stove pipe, fail to feed, or fail to go into battery. This is with reloads of 200 gr. LSWCs and Bullseye with charges from 3.3 gr. to 5.0 gr! I am going to put an adj. rear sight and or a higher front tight. I like the Heinie rear but it puts my lighter reloads too high on target.

Your review is excellent.


October 28, 2006

To: Gregory,

Your "logic" is illogical, impossible, and just plain stupid. If someone pulled a knife or gun on me, and said "I am going to kill you" that is in fact actually and legally "assault" and can be charged as such. In any case by your logic I would have to actually be stabbed or shot, in which case the crime would not be prevented, but merely stopped, because the crime was already in progress. The only way to judge prevention is on the probability or likelihood that the crime would have been attempted or committed, but was prevented or deterred because the would be criminal assessed the risks as being too great to allow him to get away with it.  I have done research into self defense in relation to carrying firearms. All of the studies I have found indicate that citizens carrying guns can only reduce crime. If you would like some sources of information I will be happy to provide them to you.


October 14, 2006

Really enjoyed Jeff's article on the Taurus PT1911.  Based on his testing, I bought one as soon as one was available in my area.  I have taken it to the range and it performed just like he reported.  Never had a trigger pull this light on a .45 before. Keep up the good work.


October 12, 2006

You really need to reread your own material - often your "facts" are questionable or do not support your conclusions at all, e.g- you can NOT say a weapon prevented a crime if it never occurred, because logically there is no way to know something would have occurred if it didn't.  Using your logic I could defend almost anything as a "fact"- e.g.- I prayed to Satan for 5 straight days that the world wouldn't end the following day, and every day since then is another day I can add on because the world did not end!  Ridiculous? so is most of your logic.


October 6, 2006


You are incorrect Sir. I once "prevented" a man from cutting me badly. It takes no genius to tell that a crime is about to take place when an enraged man wields a large knife and states loudly; "I am going to kill you, Mother Fu____!" I pulled a Glock, and pointed it at his face. He turned and ran. I do say that I prevented a crime. I was there.

Jeff Quinn


So how do you separate these rare instances from instances where people assume they will have a crime perpetrated upon them?  Again, faulty logic - your studies or the gentleman that did them is not using a scientific study.  Have you researched him? From the little I have done in one evening his methods seem extremely questionable.  Also - you yourself STILL do not know if it was the gun you pulled out that prevented a POSSIBLE crime and yes, alas, you STILL do not know a crime would have been carried out - you can't until it happens - saying you will kill someone is not a crime (except perhaps if you threaten say the President) - I have been told this many times.  We are all concerned about crime but all a gun will do is make it more likely YOU will commit a crime believing I am out to get you so you knock me off first.



Perhaps you are right. Maybe this kind stranger was just trying to show me his nice new knife, and was just joking around with the part about killing me. He sure seemed serious at the time, though. My mistake.

Dr. John Lott has done extensive research for many years on this topic, and concluded decisively that armed citizens do indeed prevent thousands of crimes every year in the United States. He has interviewed convicted felons, who state that their biggest fear is not the law, but an armed citizen. They choose whom they perceive to be an easy target. If they believe a homeowner to be armed, they choose another home to invade.

Jeff Quinn

Hi Jeff,

I really appreciated your comments on “Christians Packing Guns”.  I am a missionary in Bolivia, South America and am in the middle of a Masters Degree in Apologetics.  I recently took a class in Ethics and wrote a paper on “THE ETHICAL RESPONSE AND EVALUATION OF WAR IN AN EVIL WORLD”.  I wanted to comment on the idea of turning the other cheek.  The turning of the cheek is in the face of an insult not in the face of bodily harm.  A Christian is not to react and lose self-control when he is insulted but is to demonstrate a character of resolve.  On the other hand the Christian, according to Jesus, is admonished to carry a sword (or a gun or guns) for civil defense, as you so rightly noted.

Likewise I’d like to comment on the defense of our families.  Not really disagreeing with you but to clarify a little, I would not say that God “allows us to protect our families”, but that I have a right to protect myself and more importantly the responsibility to protect my family.  I’m sorry if I’m nitpicking over semantics but with the way liberals take things out of context it is important to be as clear as possible.  Thanks again for listening as well as for your comments and the clarity that you communicate on your web-site.


September 22, 2006


I do not recall stating that God "allows" us to protect our families. Quoting from the article:

"Can God protect us from those who would do us harm? Absolutely. However, just as He has given us brakes to save us from the mountain, He has also given to us the tools necessary to defend ourselves, and those whom God has given to us. As Christian men, God not only allows us to protect our families, but He expects us to protect those whom He has placed in our care. "

I believe that it is our obligation and duty to protect our families. Please re-read the last sentence quoted above.

Jeff Quinn

Newsmax ?

In the political arena you need to wake up, get real, and broaden your horizon. Expand your information base a little. I am a Vietnam Veteran 70/71(armorer/helicopter mechanic/crew chief) who never swallowed this right wing hyperbole. Then or now. Especially nowadays. It's just a polarizing bunch of ignorant BS.

My advice? Stick to weapons and spare us your sparse, jaded, and wrong political opinions. Newsmax? Give me a friggen break.

Other then that I love your website. By the way. I'm Catholic.

Thomas R.

September 22, 2006


I happen to be a right wing Christian conservative, and it is my website. Most of our readers are also conservative. I only get political about guns, and that does relate directly to Gunblast readers. Liberals do not want citizens to own guns. That is perfectly fine, if that is what they believe to be right. I have never read Newsmax. Boge keeps up the Politics & Opinion Page, and if he sees something that relates to gun ownership, he lets our readers know about it. This is his website too. In the section called "Greg's Corner", Greg writes about Christian topics. That is fine, as it is his website too. I stick to gun stuff, but some politics is gun stuff. I am glad that you read Gunblast, but if some parts offend you, do not read those parts. See how simple it is. There is still plenty of good info there, no matter what your political affiliation.

Jeff Quinn

Dear "Gun Blast" I am an old shooter and most of the 535 clowns in the Fed Legislature have no clue as to why we protect the 2nd Amendment. It is not hunting or really personal protection. Those smart old guys who wrote all the rules we hope we live by knew any government is dangerous and needs a "BIG STICK" to keep it honest. If we allow this bunch to take our RIGHT to have arms then we are no longer FREE. In the 80 years of this life I have seen too much reliance on govt. hand outs. Reagan was right as some others, where governments are concerned LESS IS BETTER.

Your website and the links etc. are the greatest. I wish I had found them sooner.


September 20, 2006


You are correct, Sir. Thanks for the comments.

Jeff Quinn

Your article, The Heavy-Barreled AR-15 Varmint / Target Rifle by Jeff Quinn, was very well done.  When I was searching the internet for a well written objective review of the AR Bull Barreled rifles and came across yours, after reading it, I can honestly say I was finally convinced. I purchased the DPMS 20" Bull Barrel Version just yesterday...can't wait to get to the range!


September 12, 2006

I am a medically retired Marine who served for 19 and a half years before I was retired.  I am trying to live my life in peace and security taking pleasure in those things that God gave us.  This nation is singular in that it was established on the principle that all legitimate authority comes from the God given rights of citizens who then "lend" their authority that we may be governed only by those we choose.  That we are unique is the principal reason the U.N. and everyone else wants to put together international laws, taxes and government.  It is primarily because we have not submitted, that the U.N. continues to press for these things.  If we did submit, those things would be moved forward quite easily, and we would join the rest of the world, and deny the author of this Nation, God, the fact that "rights" are endowed upon all citizens, and that government derives all its legitimate authority from the people.  Each time I see a new crack in the bulwark of our Republic, I console myself by buying another gun or more accessories.  If the battle comes to this Nation on our own soil, we, the American people, will be ready, and no international organization will ever be able to subjugate this People except that we lay down our arms and surrender.  For those who would prefer that, leave.  Find the foreign Nation that best represents your outlook and move there.  There is no need to change America, there are plenty of other Nations that already have the laws desired by the socialists.  One need not even change the preferred language, there is room for every different language or culture elsewhere.  If you want my guns, come and get them.  There will be much blood on the ground around me when I give them up.  It is our responsibility as citizens to keep ourselves armed and "dangerous".  If we fail to do and be so, we deny the rightful "endowment" of a gracious God, and we deny the value of the blood spilt by our forefathers, who gave their lives, their liberty, and their sacred honor to establish a Nation that recognized the magnanimous gift of life that our Creator gave us.  If a man will not defend himself, who will be there to stand beside his neighbor when his neighbor is attacked?

"John McClain"

September 10, 2006

You did not mention any of the problems that have been reported regarding Kel-Tec autos. I have read many articles that say that the gun jams often and that the clip falls out for not reason. I have seen and held many in gun shops that have a rattle inside the gun. Are you being paid by Kel-Tec to write these articles?


September 6, 2006


In a gun review, I can only report my findings with the weapon reviewed. If I had experienced any of these problems, I would have reported them. I know several people who carry Kel-Tecs daily. Our local gunsmith has sold over one hundred of them, and has had only one come back, and the was due to a bad magazine. I have never received any money from Kel Tec, or any other manufacturer. We do have a few gun manufacturers who advertise on Gunblast, but Kel Tec is not one of them. Also, the other manufacturers who do advertise with us understand up front that their advertising will not influence a gun review in any way. I read a lot of gun magazines, and have read none of those problems. I would buy a new Kel Tec if I needed another, and will be getting the new small 9mm as soon as it is available. If I have a problem with it, I do know that Kel Tec is very good about repairing problems under warranty.


Ed. Note: I'm one of the people Jeff mentions who carries a Kel-Tec daily. I have owned a P-32, a P-9, and a P3AT, and they have all been absolutely reliable. It is worth noting that the P-32 (and my current daily carry gun, the P3AT) requires ammunition that is loaded pretty "hot" for reliable function - these pistols fire from a locked breech (rather than a blowback action), and cheap anemic factory loads may induce jams. This is fine with me, as modern "hot" loads (such as the excellent Cor-Bon offering) make them much more effective weapons. I have never had a failure to feed or eject in any Kel-Tec product I have owned, but I don't use junk ammo. Bottom line: if I didn't trust the gun, no amount of money could make me trust my life to it.

Boge Quinn

Jeff, I really appreciated your article on the "The Grand Old .30 WCF". I have been using a Marlin .30-30 for years and it still proves to be one of my favorite guns. I am a huge lever gun fan. I just stumbled on to this website a few weeks ago and I have been enjoying it every since. This is now my NUMBER ONE website for gun info and reviews.

Outstanding job!


September 6, 2006

I enjoy reading your reviews, and have learned good things from the site. However, the recent article on removing the cross-bolt Winchester safety (leverguns) needs to be rewritten. The crossbolt comes out the RIGHT side of the receiver--not the left. I busted my hump for too long, b4 figuring this out. Please consider clarifying for future readers.

Thanks for the info,

R Fey

September 3, 2006


The bolt can actually be pushed either way. The main thing is to work it past the retaining spring, and pin. It is tricky,and will take soem time to work it past them. I push to the left with the muzzle pointing away from me because there is more of the bolt sticking out of the left side to hold on to. I did all three of mine through the left side of the receiver.

L.F. Combs

Thank you for the nice piece you did on the Ruger Mini-14 rifle. Over the years I know I have owned a few Mini-14’s myself. I never able to get the same accuracy as you did in your article, so I got rid of my Mini-14’s many years ago and never look back until I read your article.

Last week I wondered into a gun store in Northern Idaho and on the shelf was a used Muni-14 Ranch (All Weather) rifle. I picked it up for $500.00, cleaned it up and fitted it with a simple 4X scope. As few days ago I took it to the range and found I could get about 3 ¼” groups at 100 yards. I know with a little practice I can do better thanks to your wonderful article. I love this little rifle; it’s lightweight and each to carry. And if it weren’t for you, I most likely would not have purchased it.

Thanks again,


Coeur d Alene, ID

PS: I plan to purchase a Mini-30 All Weather rifle soon.

August 7, 2006

I've read a bunch of your reviews in the last several months, and without exception I find them well-written, interesting, balanced, informative, and intelligent.  When I'm considering a gun purchase, I would first search your site to see if you had reviewed that gun, before looking anywhere else.  Thanks for a great job on gun reviews!


August 7, 2006

I have to agree with the article you wrote about the Springfield XD45.  I recently purchased one and it is the best pistol I have ever fired.  In my opinion this is the pistol that the army should switch over to, sure beats the crap out of the Berretta 9mm.


August 6, 2006

RE: Jeff Quinn's article Browning BLR .358 Winchester Lever Gun:

A number of years ago I worked in a hunting camp hosted by Shooting Times magazine.  The Browning folks were there hunting with Rick Jamison, et. al.  Evening discussions with Rick turned to the topic of 'bear guns' and Rick had high praise for the .358 Winchester cartridge.  I was fortunate enough to acquire a BLR in .358 Win the next year and immediately put it to work on Colorado mule deer and black bears using the Hornady 200 gr SP bullet.  The results were very excellent.  Several years later I changed my hunting load to the Sierra 250 gr BTSP Game King bullet and put the rifle to work on elk and more bears. I have had one shot kills on elk out to 250 yards and the results on black bear are phenomenal!  Zeroing the rifle for 200 yards will provide acceptable accuracy out to 350 yards for elk.  As you note the cartridge has not been taken up by many hunters and leads to a bit of difficulty obtaining brass.  It appears that Winchester only produces this brass once every !
 several years.  However, the abundant .308 Winchester case is easily 'necked up' to .358 and no one should ever encounter a shortage of brass for reloads.

I am of the opinion that the cartridge could be loaded to higher performance levels if one has access to the long discontinued Ruger .358.  Yes, the BLR is a real pleasure to pack in the high country and handles nicely in cover or for open shooting.  Your observation about those of us who possess the .358 BLR is on target; we are going to hold on to them!



August 6, 2006

I agree with the sadness of the demise of the Model 94 Winchester.  I owned one several years ago, a Ranger.  I gave it to a good friend on his birthday, as he wanted a good saddle gun.  What other gun could fill that role?  Anyway, I always wanted another 94, never getting around to it.  Recently I decided to get after getting another 94.  I soon found out it wasn't going to be easy, learning they were not being made anymore.  I couldn't even imagine it.  I contemplated a Marlin; not a bad gun, but not a Winchester.  Even a used gun would have been o.k..  To my luck, I was in Lehi, Utah at the Cabela's there, and they had a "brand new" Model 94 20" Carbine circa 1980 production in the gun library.  This gun was unused, with original red-white-and-blue box with the wax paper wrap.  Originally purchased at Kmart for $134.00 (price tag is still on the box). I didn't have to think very long before it was mine.  Thank you Cabela's!  Lets hope somebody will bring an American icon back again!


August 5, 2006

You continue to greatly influence my gun purchases. In regards to your article on the Stevens 200 being a bargain, well I just ordered my third. I couldn't be happier with the first two and without your article I might not have even heard of them. So far I have a Stevens 200 in .243 and 7mm-08 and they both shoot as well as any rifle I've owned costing much more than these bargains. This last one I have on order is in .30-06, sort of my tribute to the anniversary of this grand old cartridge. Thanks for your straight from the shoulder advise and down to earth writing. I value your opinions more than all the gun magazine writers put together.



July 19, 2006


Thank you Sir. That means a lot to me.


First off, I would like to say that I think you are doing a great thing. I was raised in California but my parents were very pro-gun. My father took me shooting for the first time when I was about 10. Now that the Marines have opened my eyes even more and put me in a pro-gun state like Arizona I've started to see the problem more and more. The first thing I did when I got married was buy a pistol. I wasn't worried about myself when I was single but now I had a wife to worry about if she got attacked. She was shot in a gang drive-by as a kid and she understands that gun laws wouldn't have stopped the men that shot her and killed her cousin as a result of that drive-by. Why is it so hard for people on the left to see that gun bans prevent people from protecting themselves? I cannot believe that people could be so blind that they would try to take guns away from the very people that are being attacked. Would you send your military into a conflict without guns? Would you feel safe if the police had no guns? Would you feel safe if you had no gun but that criminal coming in you window had one? I am sure I wouldn't. The reason for gun bans is to put us at the mercy of our government. That is the very reason , in my opinion, why the Second Amendment was written; to prevent an oppressive government from taking over. I get so frustrated by people who think that crime would go down if guns were banned. True that some people who legally buy firearms use them for illegal purposes. You would stop that small percentage. But, crime would increase as a whole. If I were a criminal I would love to see unarmed people. No law will ever stop crime of any kind. It's not scary "assault weapons," large caliber pistols, or high-cap magazines that cause crime. It's evil people. The only way to fight evil people committing evil deeds is to defend ourselves with whatever it takes. Evil people that would attack your family in your home may or may not be defeated with a firearm. I would prefer a fighting chance than no chance. Liberals who fight to rid us of our first line of defense can be defeated by knowledge. Knowledge in the form of statistics that have proven over and over again that legal gun ownership LOWERS CRIME. The sad thing is that some Liberals don't understand that. Even if they took over the government and removed all firearms from the public and our great nation rotted from the inside with crime and fell they would still not understand that the right to bear arms is what protects us.


July 18, 2006


You, Sir, are wise beyond your years. Liberals do not think logically. Instead, they "feel". It is all about trying to legislate with their "feelings", instead of their brains.


I just bought a Bersa Thunder .380. I completely agree with Jeff. This is a sturdy little pistol, it doesn't jam, and it definitely performs like one out of its class. Good article, you nailed it right on the head...


July 11, 2006

Howdy boys,
I've troubled you before regarding past articles and generally agree with everything I read in this website. I've been a long-time self-proclaimed firearms aficionado, an NRA member, a Mason, a paramedic/flight paramedic for about 14 years, a Baptist-turned-Methodist, and as-of-late, a school teacher. I turned 50 last August. I believe our generation was fortunate to have been "raised" by the Greatest Generation. I read with interest the article about "Dubbie". I too was influenced by many-a-man who served in WWII. It is good that some folks remember the Vets. as extraordinary folk. I had a lifelong friend who was wounded at Bougainville after losing two ammo-bearers with the 3rd. Marine Division, a cousin who flew B-17's over Germany, and many other hero's that I grew up with as a young TEXAN. God Bless them and God Bless You guys for remembering the ones that made our lives possible!


July 7, 2006

Haven't read articles like these in years, made me feel good again about owning guns, working up loads and shooting for the fun of it. MADE THE MOMENT. felt like i was around all the gun buddies that have gone or crossed over the other side. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, FOR YOUR INTERESTING ARTICLES. 



July 5, 2006


Thank you Sir. It makes me feel good to know that folks enjoy reading this stuff.



Never, never ever be concerned abort writing an article like "Alvin Doubler."  What a masterpiece!  I find we have a lot in common. We share the love of firearms.  My dad pastored at the Church of the Nazarene for close to 60 years.  He, too, was a member of the "Greatest Generation."  He was in Germany in WW2 but spent the last 6 months of the war in a German POW camp, where he nearly starved.  I served as minister of music in one of the churches he pastored for well over 30 years.  Now Dad and I both attend that church. He's 83 now, I'm 63 (and a proud vet of the Viet Nam era).  I do so enjoy your web site.  Keep up the great work!


July 1, 2006

Re: "Kel-Tec P3AT - The World’s Lightest .380 Auto Pistol"

Dear Jeff,

What a job!  You provide a most enjoyable website.  After reading your article on the Kel-Tec P3AT as well as other review sources, I bought one.  It is a 2nd generation piece.  The gun is small and provides noticeable and not objectionable recoil.  I purchased the gun at a local NY range and had to wait (months) for my county government to give me permission to pick it up. 

While waiting, I tried shooting it at the range.  I bought a box of Federal (American Eagle) 95gr FMC ammo and experienced no fewer than 9 failures to extract out of a box of fifty.  I asked the range owner to order me the 1 shot magazine extension from Kel-Tec.  I thought maybe I limp wristed some of the shots and also figured I would clean up the gun and try again.  I went back to the range today; cleaned the gun and put the 7 round extension on the magazine.  It fired fifty rounds flawlessly from a mix of 90gr Federal JHC, Federal Personal Defense ammo, Federal (American Eagle) 95gr FMC ammo and 95gr Fiocchi JHP ammo.  I used a two handed push/pull hold and there is no question in my mind that the hold was solid.  After fifty reliable rounds fired, the gun provided 12 failures to extract over the next 70 rounds.  Certainly this is a small sample and conclusions drawn contain no small margin of conjecture.  However, this is not a reliable firearm for self defense and mine will be headed back to Kel-Tec for attention.




That certainly is unacceptable. I am confident that Kel-Tec will fix it for you. Explain the problem in detail to them. it sounds like a weak extractor to me. keep me posted.



Jeff, I sent the PT3AT back to Kel-Tec.  They replaced the slide and the pistol has now fired about 200 rounds flawlessly with both the six and seven round magazines.



June 27, 2006


I am new to your site and just read Jeff Quinn's comments on the Winchester 94

I couldn't agree more with his thoughts, and I appreciated how eloquently he expressed them.  His article left me with a catch in my throat.

Also enjoyed the article on the Savage Model 12.

Your site brings a welcome level of literacy to the arcane world of shooter's websites.

Thank you.  Keep up the great work.


June 20, 2006

Today is Fathers day.  What I wanted to do most with my Dad was go to the range.  Like much of America, ranges are disappearing due to a multitude of factors.  I was fortunate enough to have connections to be able to use the local police range.  I asked my father to bring something old or interesting in his collection to shoot not knowing what he would turn up with, but suspecting something possibly special.  He showed up with a Winchester Model 94 that was my great great grandfathers.  It has never been restored yet was in perfect condition.

I’m ashamed to admit I had never shot a Model 94.  My Father had always showed it to me with a look of you’ll get your hands on this when you pry it out of my dead hands.  Truthfully he was probably waiting until I was old enough or less stupid to appreciate the significance of such a gun.  Well at forty-two I guess I’m there.

This gun has been in my family for about hundred years.  When I shot it I was truly moved.  I do not get moved easily.  My Dad just quietly said,  “If you ever go deer hunting you should use this gun, it worked well for me”.  For that matter he said every father in my family for three generations have used this gun.

This was the best father’s day I have ever spent with my Dad.

Thanks for you article; I hope the 94 will stay in production and this is just a hiccup.  Great writing and great website, keep at it!



June 18, 2006

I enjoy your writing style very much. I've just come across a gem...the reason I'm writing. Hemingway could not have better described the anticipation of shooting the S&W Magnum 500 than the way you did.


June 18, 2006

Sirs, I'm 45 and I've been plinking for 30 years.  I'm a good shooter and I enjoy good guns.  My point though -- the few minutes it took me to stumble onto your website, read about and perform the 'poor boy's trigger job' was some of my gun time most well spent.  I've read some blurbs about 'real gunsmithing' and can certainly appreciate that there are some real handy shooters and smithers out there.  But for me,  this article and pictures very much enhanced the interface of myself and my Ruger NV.45   Thank you.  May God continue to bless America, and may America Honor God.


May 31, 2006


I have just found your website and think it is great.  I'm a 10 year veteran Police officer in Central Florida (also the lead firearms instructor & armorer for my 70 man department).

I've been shooting and collecting guns for about 20 years.  I reload when I get the chance.  My collection includes a number of Rugers, some Colt autos and some Glocks, a Taurus Gaucho, a Kel-Tec, a Savage 10 Tactical (love it), Rock River AR, Mini-14 Ranch, Kahr CW9, CZ75, and the list goes on.  I love Ruger .22s and I've got a pile of 'em (including a 1st year 10/22, 40th Anniversary 10/22, 50th Anniversary Single Six, 50th Anniversary MKII, 77/22, etc).  Based on your reviews I would like to obtain a New Bearcat.

On a different note my dad plays banjo and my mom play upright bass in their bluegrass band.

I see and agree wholeheartedly with your support of one of, if not the, greatest Presidents ever, Ronald Reagan.

I have taken enough of your time but I just wanted to let you know that you guys and your website are right up my alley.  Keep up the good work!

Officer Jerry Lewis, #346
Ocoee Police Department, Florida

May 31, 2006

I enjoyed your comments on the life of Alvin Doubler. Please never hesitate to appreciate the life of a good Christian man, it serves as an example for us all. With all the anti-Christian bias in the press it is good to show the world that such men do live lives of Christian service and help us all to aspire to greater service to the Lord.


May 20, 2006

I have read your articles on guns and accessories with anticipation over the last several years ... ever since I stumbled onto your site.  I very much enjoy hunting and shooting, and I depend greatly on your assessments.  But I am also, first and foremost, a believer in Jesus Christ.  I have become a "new creature" ever since my "face to face" encounter with the Savior.  I applaud your lack of embarrassment when it comes to speaking out for Jesus Christ.  Keep up the great work ... not just with guns and shooting, but as you stand firm for our great Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!


May 19, 2006

Thanks for your response to the DaVinci Code. It's easy to formulate doubts in people's minds but as you said read the facts from other sources. Our Catholic Sun newspaper wrote about the Gnostics and explained, as you did, their beliefs. When one sees where they are coming from, it is easy to see where the real truth lies.


May 17, 2006

I believe that one can tell an awful lot about a man by the respect he has for his friends.  Your article about Mr. Doubler speaks volumes about you as well as him. 

Thanks for a great website!


May 14, 2006

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your articles. And, to say Thank You, for the heads up on Winchester closing it's doors, and the loss of the model 94. I reacted swiftly, and thanks to you, I got the last one locally where I live. I've always admired the 94 model, but never owned my own. But I do now and I look forward to many years of good service from it. Hats off to all the staff at Gunblast!

Phil, Louisiana

May 9, 2006

To all those thinking about purchasing a DPMS AP4 .308 carbine buy one!! I have had mine since 10-20-05 and have put over 1700 rounds down range. Not only is this rifle a real tack driver, (moa or better), for a 16" barrel but it has also been 100% reliable! I do not work for or have anything to do with DPMS other than owning a rifle built by them for me. If you want twice the power of the .223 in an easy to manage AR package this is the rifle to buy.


May 7, 2006

Your Medal Of Honor Article should be a must read for everyone!!!

Thank you for your writing and dedication.


May 7, 2006

Great job gentlemen! I am Operation Iraqi Freedom Marine Reconnaissance veteran and I am very impressed with your articles and overall no B.S. attitude concerning our God given rights. Yes, you heard me I said "God given rights" you know the rights people like me will go to war to protect the temmoring liberal masses who are not willing to lay their lives down for their country. It makes me feel good to know that there are some Americans like myself still left in America. I really enjoyed your articles on the Bulldog Pug; like Clint Smith I too am a fan of the "4-first digit" firearms for defending myself and my family. In fact, I liked your article so much I felt the urge to procure one of these brick slingers immediately from my local gun shop. I can't wait to get it to the range and do some intense testing to find bullets other than the Speer 200 grain gold dot and the 200 grain Winchester silvertip for self-defense I will keep you posted on my results. Keep up the good work gentlemen!


Nate Vogler

Great Falls, Montana

P.S. How do I become a member of Gunblast? Also you guys can publish my name and my location I don't live in fear I live in the United States of America where I am free.

April 19, 2006


Thanks for the kind words, and your service. Click on the banner to the left of the Table Of Contents for info on becoming a Gunblast member. If you have any trouble with it, send an email to Boge. He handles all of that technical stuff.


I want to write and tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your web site.  I used to subscribe to Guns and Ammo, Shooting Times, Guns, and some other magazines.  But I only get American Rifleman now.  Your online articles are so much better than the printed articles. I have learned a great deal about the guns I am interested in by reading your site. I check it about every day.  Thank you so much.


April 14, 2006

Regarding the article on the Model 94....AMEN!  My grandfather gave this 94 to my Dad who gave it to me.  Serial #1150775.  To this day it hangs in my home next to one of the two 10 point bucks I have taken with it.  I deer hunt in northern Wisconsin with a large group of guys.  I'm 45 and am the only one with a lever action gun.  I could afford to own a newer, fancier gun but choose not too.  I will never hunt deer with anything else.  It helps make the hunt what it is for me...a passion.  The world's finest brush gun.  It's an absolute thrill for me to hunt with it.  The rest of the world does not know what they are missing!  Feel free to use my name and obviously, from the feedback, the fact that I'm a cheesehead from Wisconsin.

Bryan Sachs

April 6, 2006


Bryan, most hunters will never understand, and are always looking for new and "improved" hunting weapons. There is nothing wrong with more modern rifles, but it is very rewarding to hunt with the old leverguns.


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your posting of the Medal of Honor recipients.  In particular, I appreciate your addition of SFC Smith's citation.

having served with the 3rd ID, those soldiers are a special group for me.  I still know many of the soldiers who just returned from another year in Iraq and served with many of them.  I continue to live right outside the post and now teach many of their children at the high school (including many of my former soldier's and NCO's children).

So many of those soldiers have stories to tell about acts of heroism (never about themselves, always about others), kindness and positive results and yet so little is ever passed on to the public.  Those who do (like yourself) are much appreciated- people like SFC Smith should never be forgotten, especially in this day of selfishness and "petty" politics

Thank you,


April 2, 2006


You're welcome, Tim, and thank you for your service. I have found that heroes typically do not speak much of their actions, and are often uncomfortable with accolades. I first posted the article on the Medal of Honor five years ago, and just recently updated it with SFC Smith's Medal action. We cannot say enough about such men, they made us free and they keep us that way.


Re: the S&W MP40 review, I am very impressed by your position concerning the 9mm.  I own several 45's and love them like I love my Labradors, but you are correct, it is silly to regard the 9mm as ineffective. While I am not a cop or military person, I know the nine works.  My first real job was trauma team radiographer at a large hospital in NC.  When the gun shot fatalities would arrive it was my job to go down to the morgue & radiograph the bodies with the Med Examiner and a detective for legal doc of the cause of death, most all victims were dead from nines with the occasional .32 wound. Some of these fatalities were at extreme ranges per the local PD. The job was disgusting and I never enjoyed it, but I realized that some of the gunner gurus of my youth weren't as informed as I thought re: the potency of the nine.  Last, I remember shooting on the family farm at some old refrigerators in our impact/range area and noticed that nine ball ammo penetrated often while my 45's only did occasionally.  Punching holes through cover is important, bad guys don't always hold still. So, I respect you speaking honestly about the nine when it is not politically correct in gundom, your conclusions about the round are correct.  Oh yes, the MP40 is a good feeling weapon, but I'm with you...I like polished blued steel, walnut and sometimes a nickel plated Diamondback or two.


March 27, 2006


Thanks for your insight on the subject. Very informative.


I enjoyed the article on the 45 Auto Scout. But it would have helped if he had given us the price of the gun.
I also enjoyed the article on the M&P Smith Auto.  Also it would have been helpful to know how much they cost also.
I check Gunblast every day and I am pleased when there are new articles.  Keep us the good work.


March 27, 2006


I always give a link to the manufacturer's website at the end of an article. Readers can go there to get pricing. One reason that I do not include prices is that MSRP and actual street prices vary widely, but the main reason is that our articles stay on Gunblast forever. Articles that I wrote 5 years ago are still read by new readers every day. With the link to the manufacturer's site, readers can get current price information.


Re: the S&W MP40 review, I am very impressed by your position concerning the 9mm.  I own several 45's and love them like I love my Labradors, but you are correct, it is silly to regard the 9mm as ineffective. While I am not a cop or military person, I know the nine works.  My first real job was trauma team radiographer at a large hospital in NC.  When the gun shot fatalities would arrive it was my job to go down to the morgue & radiograph the bodies with the Med Examiner and a detective for legal doc of the cause of death, most all victims were dead from nines with the occasional .32 wound. Some of these fatalities were at extreme ranges per the local PD. The job was disgusting and I never enjoyed it, but I realized that some of the gunner gurus of my youth weren't as informed as i thought re: the potency of the nine.  Last, I remember shooting on the family farm at some old refigerators in our impact/range area and noticed that nine ball ammo penetrated often while my 45's only did occasionally.  Punching holes through cover is important, bad guys don't always hold still. So, I respect you speaking honestly about the nine when it is not politically correct in gundom, your conclusions about the round are correct.  Oh yes, the mp40 is a good feeling weapon, but I'm with you...I like polished blued steel, walnut and sometimes a nickel plated Diamondback or two.


March 27, 2006


Thanks for your insight on the subject. Very informative.



I have recently stumbled into your web site and I like it. I was reading two of Paco Kelly's articles on the latest loadings of the .22 WMR by Remington. Kelly takes the time to tell the reader what he set out to tell him. In addition, I had decided that you guys were looking over my shoulder when I also ran into Paco's December '05 write-up on the care and feeding of the mighty .41 Magnum with appropriate stories about his "pig hunts" and a gem of a bear story. The .41 Mag is my favorite centerfire pistol. I have other rimfire pistols, but my AMT Automag II is a dandy. Since Kelly likes both calibers about equally, we are now friends, although I've never had the pleasure of meeting him. I love the bear story where Kelly appropriated a stick in the eye of the bear to confirm that the animal was, in fact, departed this world of tears. One can't afford to be in error when ascertaining whether the bear is likely to have afterlife or not. A second life bear is one life too many! I am a 74 year old grandfather and retired Technical Publications Manager from the former McDonnell Douglas Corp., now a part of Boeing, where I wrote Technical Manuals for everything the Company made when I was there, including Mercury and Gemini Spacecraft.  I'm a gun nut and reload for Rifle Pistol and Shotgun and have been a hunter all my life.  I don't like Kennedy's but otherwise don't dislike the Irish, so I like Kelly's inspirational columns.



March 25, 2006

Jeff, I just found your web site this week and am very impressed. Your information is correct, precise, articulate, heartfelt and down to earth. After reading "The Grand Ole 30 WCF" I felt compelled to write, as I too love lever guns and old calibers. My Marlins like 30gr. of IMR 3031 for both 150 and 170gr. bullets. Keep up the good work!



March 2, 2006


Thank you for the kind words. You certainly live in a beautiful piece of this country. I love riding through the Big Thompson canyon, and do so just about every year, as I travel through the Rockies. Loveland seems to be growing larger and more crowded every year.