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Sir , would like to. thank you for your review of the Taurus Tracker 992 . I. have been on the net for over two days looking at different reviews and yours was by far the best and most informative. I do thank you for the time and care you gave in this review. I have just ordered a 992 and looking forward to many fun years of plinking. 


P Brodell 

Tennessee U. S. A.

January 8, 2019

Hello Jeff,

I very much enjoy the articles on your website. I also like that you put up special pictures and notes for special days, such as today. The 74th anniversary of D-Day. My dad landed on Omaha Beach D+20, June 26. He was with the 29th Inf. Div. The hedgerow fighting was as bad as the beach. They said `one hedgerow, one company. ` Fifty KIA, fifty WIA and thirty to put into the remnants of another company. By VE Day the 19,000 man 29th had received 19,000 replacements. Most to the 3,000 men of the year the three rifle regiments. In 1994 I was privileged to accompany my dad back to Normandy for the 50th anniversary.

Thank you for remembering. 29 Let's Go!


June 6, 2018

Ruger 10mm Match Champion review... just excellent! You folks are the best source of information when it comes to firearms the average man or woman might be interested in. I would like to see this revolver in the .45 ACP/.45 Super format. I enjoy shooting the Super out of my SS Blackhawk convertible, but a smaller, lighter, strong option is good. And while I have the opportunity, I would buy several more of the Ruger LCP's if they were chambered in .32 ACP. Gunblast has been my #1 firearm info source for well over a decade, and I truly appreciate the fine work you, your family and staff have accomplished. Thank you Jeff


April 30, 2018

Thank you, Sir, for the kind words. Let Ruger know what you want. Use the link on their website to Email the CEO.


Good Morning Bro, 

I am a Retired Paratrooper and just Retired again as a Motor Officer and Texas Master Peace Officer in the San Antonio area. I have been shooting and carrying a slab side off and on since I was 6. As a Peace Officer I have been forced to carry the Glocks and I can not speak bad about their absolute reliability, but I will always have 1-2 good O'l American 1911 close at hand. As far as history, I was pleased when Remington got back in the game but until lately I did not seriously consider owning one. There are a few Reviewers that I respect and am very entertained by on YouTube and print as it seems we are like - minded (fir the most part). Jeff Cooper, Patrick Sweeny, Hickock45, and of course you and your brother!!!

Yesterday I picked up a Marlin 1895G 45-70 from Budsguns at my local FFL Guy and saw a used Remington R1 E in SS at a good price and could not resist, so I had him put it aside for me until payday (lol, yes he is a friend and knows me...) Because of your reviews I knew I would not be disappointed with it or the Davidsons Colt Delta Elite FDE that I have been carrying off duty for the last 2 1/2 months.

I want to thank you and your brothers for an awesome job that you do and always look forward to watching and reading your works. I wish your video clips were a little longer but respect the "to the point and only the facts view you give. I also love the music and am interested in any CD's your brother may have available (or anything he has on YouTube too)!!!

Ride Tall, Shoot Straight, Speak the Truth...


Deputy Tom Peters

Thank you, Sir. Keep me posted on how well that R1 shoots for you.


I picked her up today, used, some holster wear and a bit dirty, but fully functional. As a Peace Officer I am lucky to have access to a range at night, with only the headlights on my truck to light the target (good training). 

I loaded up and fired 50 rds slow fire, with one Fed. HST (1 st rd in the mag) hanging up. After that I ran two different 50 rd qualification type courses of fire at speed without any failures (total 150 rds - 50 230 Fed HST - 100 230 Blazer Brass). I will only change 2 things: Grips will be G10 green & black Gator; and night sights if I can ever find any for this.

I have had Colts, Springfields, Kimbers, Auto Ordinance & Rock Island 1911's... this shoots like my Kimber TLE II/RL (w/o the night sights of course). This will be my new on duty - off duty side arm!!!


Deputy Tom Peters

First off thank you for your website. It's my first visit and was very impressed with your unbiased observations for this pistol. I recently purchased the REM .380 because I ended up getting it for $150.00 bucks with Remingtons mail in rebate and $50 discount at Cabelas. I have had a ccw for the last 27 years and have tried many pistols during that time, and ended up with two Kimbers. A ulta carry 3" and recently a Pro II 4" with Crimson Trace grips, both in .45 cal.. I am not a fan of plastic pistols. Tried them, don't' like em. Having said that. Many of my friends disagree with me. That's OK , to each his own, carrying a fire arm is something you should be comfortable with, not your buddies or anyone else. Your life my depend on it. I am very impressed with Rem .380 and I agree with all of your comments regarding it. It's great carry gun in warm weather when my other 2 are hard to conceal, and I find no negatives for it. In fact, I made the mistake of letting my wife try it. Now I have to get another one! Thank you again, and keep up the good work God Bless our troops and God Bless our country. 


November 26, 2017

Excellent choice, of both the pistol and the wife!


I want my two S&W 65 -2 and 65-3 modified to accept moon clips.

Could not find what to do on web site to make that happen.

Is this possible? Does anyone offer this service?

Scott Satterlee

November 13, 2017


Contact Tom at TK Customs. He will do an excellent job.


Hello Jeff,

Hope weather is good where you are. Overcast here in NC but sun trying to pop out!

A while back I emailed you requesting you do a review of Hal's Pathfinder, I left out something. I read the same article, something about the way he worded things made you feel like you new him. Anyway, in 1979 I was working as a draftsman, about 9,000 per year income, wife full time college student, saving for down payment on old farm house so cash was limited to say the least. A gun shop in down town Raleigh had two of the Pathfinders like Hal's, I bought the one with grips like your photo. Did I say it was on layaway for 90 days? 

Enjoyed the gun but when money got tight had to let it go. Sold it to a co-worker at the time. Hadn't seen him in years but called him few years ago, he still had the gun, taught his kids and grandkids how to shoot with it, and it was not for sale ! Can't blame him, wish I'd kept it but we still have the old farm house !

Have looked in vain for one but they just seem not to be for sale. 

Thanks for listening, 


November 5, 2017

If you ever get the chance to go to the Tulsa, OK Gun Show, it is worth the trip.
4200 tables under 1 roof. If one is to be found anywhere, Tulsa is the place.



Great write-up on the RIA 22TCM! I just ordered one on Sunday and I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting it's arrival. Everything that you wrote about it covered all of the questions that I had as far as it's performance and reliability. The only downside that I can see is the plain black front sight. For an $850 MSRP gun, you'd think RIA would at least paint the front sight. That black sight would get lost in a dark defensive scenario. Once I receive mine, I'll put it in my drill press and "dimple" the front sight so that iridescent paint can be applied. Again, thanks for your review and for a kick-a$$ site!

(BRAVO on the handling of "JA's" limp-wristed feedback from December `16. He/she is just a troll who has no reason to be on this site other than to bust yer balls. ineffectively, might I add. I'd stand by you any day versus that twit.)


October 31, 2017

There are excellent aftermarket sights from XS and Trijicon that work well, or a good set of Crimson Trace grips will handle dark situations. I prefer to use both.


Just watched your video on the Remington 870 14'' Tactical firearm , out freaking standing! I did not see your hand slip forward on the slide as in other videos I've seen. Did you have any experience with this ? Just put one on lay away to get the rebate, can't wait to eliminate a pumpkin (watermelons are out of season in PA.) 


October 30, 2017

I had no problem at all with that. dandy weapon!


I have Ruger 357 Mag. Flat Top No. 1755. I have had it since 1966. I found it at a gun show in El Paso, TX. The seller told me he had bought it off a Navajo Indian on the way to the show. He told me the Indian needed gas money. It was a gun that had seen hard times. It was a tool to get dinner, Shoot a coyote, Pound in a nail in the fence ETC. It showed hard use. The cylinder has some heavy scratches (deep marks on one side from sliding around on the floor of a truck ETC. 

I don't think they well bury me with it, but it is the pistol that I grab first when heading out. 

I have put over a 135,000 rounds through it in the last 50 Plus years. I know that because I buy lots of 50 to 100 thousand primers at a time. The action is so smooth that you can cock it Quickly and Smoothly. There isn't a bit of drag when cocking or shooting. 

I have never re blued it or put new grips on it. (They are wood with a crack in the right one.) Now I have thought of having it engraved a few times, but the old war horse has more character than engraving job would give it.

To this day I still believe that it was the best spent $65.00 that I ever spent. PS: That $65.00 included 2 cavity Bullet Mold also which I still use. It has kept a smile on my face for over 50 years. Boy Ruger sure built some damn fine guns Then and Now.

Wolf Stumpf

October 4, 2017

Thank you for that great story. You chose well.


Working on my loads for the 450 and just got new data from Barnes via Hodgdon that is just out. Finding Lil' gun is an accurate grouper all through the velocities with the 250FTX. I have not tested as many rounds with H110 yet. However during testing I had several rounds that had notable sooting in the rimless groove. Could that be