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Boge Quinn - Webmaster


I just read a post from Don back in July of this year ragging you out about your ignorance of our founding fathers. May they be deist, atheist, or just religious for Freedom, they understood what Freedom costs, obviously Don does not. Your reply was direct, truthful, and verbatim for the same response I have had with many deceived souls as well as professing Christians. I do not vote on race, or party lines. I vote for truth, character and morals. All of which can only come from the "Truth". We may have a country of diverse religions, but that is what it is, religion. Jesus said "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me", John 14:6. Sounds like it is only One who can redeem me, and yes Jeff, many Christians did vote for Obama. My question is, do they know the One who called them. I did not have to get on my knees or fast for 1 second to know that Obama is not a Christian, but then I'm not looking to my government or my president to save me, that has already been done on the cross, should I humble myself and listen to His voice. And no, I do not trust anyone who does not know the Son, how can they know the Father if they do not love His Son? I can still look through the eyes of my Redeemer towards them, and love them where they are, but I do not have to accept their deception. I do not get angry at the deceived, but at the deception, especially when I hear it come from the mouth of someone who professes Christ. Rock on brother, and continue to speak the truth in all boldness, not being ashamed of the Gospel or our patriarchs. I heard a quote that I believe Benjamin Franklin may have said, "A man will hear the truth, and stumble when upon hearing it, but eventually he will pick himself and carry on." I hope that will not be said of me, nor anyone that by God's grace puts in my path. Jeff, shifting gears a little, we don't have to go to war against Israel to become her enemy, all we have to do is turn our back on her. We have just the leaders in place to do that, while Iran's Ahmadinejad is courting the Arab nations to get behind him in the destruction of Jerusalem, and our President wants to be allies with our enemies. I believe God has removed His protection from our nation, and we just like the rebellious Israelites in the Old Testament now have an unGodly king to rule over us, and make war with His chosen people. I know where my Messiah came from, the middle east, Jerusalem. He has not cast off the Jews, as the apostle Paul says in the book of Romans, but has grafted in a wild olive shoot until the temporary blindness has been fulfilled, until the time of the Gentiles is complete. Jesus said "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem", He did not tell them to give their land back, nor did He say propose a plan so all religions can get along in Israel. Why do we go into other countries in the name of self defense, or to stop terrorism; but demand that Israel does not have that same right? Jesus said " Whoa to the nation that declares right wrong, and wrong right" His words not mine, go take it up with Him when some big mouth thinks he has a better plan. I do believe we are going to see some very swift radical changes in our world, not just our nation. I believe Obama is right where he is supposed to be, not because he is a christian, but he is chosen to be there to fulfill what God has already made plain to us in his word! All nations will come against her (Israel) and she will be a reeling cup for all those who lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. Read Zechariah chapter 12 verses 2 thru 9, I wish our president would read it and repent. I pray that God would open the eyes of our leaders, that my children and my children's children would not have to suffer for the poor choices man makes when we leave out God's direction for our lives and our nation.

"For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of power, love and self discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7

Have a great Thanksgiving Jeff! 

Charles in Sandston, VA

November 27, 2009

P. S. I couldn't have responded any better to Don than how you did, I read your reply to my wife and she said "That's right!"


Thanks for those comments. Obama is in power for a reason. Sometimes, God gives us that which we deserve. Obama was correct when he stated that "The U.S. is not a Christian nation". We once were, but have now fallen, and seem to worship at the seat of self-indulgence. Women have their babies murdered for "convenience". We spend more on dog food than we do to feed the hungry. We spend more on alcohol and other drugs than we do on caring for widows and orphans. We do not love our neighbors as ourselves. We live in excess, and are so far in debt that we can never get out, both as a nation and as individuals. As I type this, it is the day after Thanksgiving, and people are in stores fighting each other to buy the latest piece of electronic trash. People are fighting to buy the most popular toys for their spoiled children. People drive to the crowded malls, and cuss each other over a parking space, in honor of Christmas. Obama is a self-serving, arrogant, Marxist, Communist punk, who has no respect for our flag, our veterans, our Nation, or our God, but he was correct when he made that statement about the state of our nation.



I understand what you mean about too many willing to give away freedoms in your land.

If I understand history correctly, the US constitution was written by great and wise men who understood the failings of the first world and intended that those mistakes should never be repeated. And that includes the right to keep and bear arms.

As an Englishman, I'm proud of much of my country's history. Ditto my Scottish ancestry. But (as I mentioned in my previous email) I'm ashamed of the nanny state we've created since the end of World War Two. A once fabulous country and world-player is destroying itself and subjugating itself to the centralised police state that is the European Union. There was half a century of the communist bloc. Isn't that enough of a lesson that forcing disparate peoples and cultures into a single restrictive political entity doesn't work? Do politicians never learn? Or do they follow their own agenda because all they care about is their own ends and not the people they purport to represent?

I'm too much of a realist to think that the USA is perfect, but it is the standard by which most of us judge the world. And the way you defend your freedoms is to be envied. The UK has become full of lily-livered liberals. Slaves to their political masters. And there are too many good people leaving this country because they've had enough.

When I first started reading your website, the core content regarding firearms was what drew me (it is, after all, a firearms site). Then I noticed the religious aspect of the people you all are (which, I confess, put me off until I read deeper and understood more about you all). Then the moral stance (which drew me intensely).

At the start of my previous email I pointed out that I'm an atheist and a secularist. I have respect for people and I hope my remarks didn't offend you. I did that because what a person stands for is everything in this world and I believe others have a right to know the person they are "dealing" with. You make your own stance clear as a shooter and a Baptist. So I thought it only right to make my stance clear.

I hate political correctness with a passion. We are all different. We are all "tribal". Some make those divisions on religious grounds. Some on colour and race. Some on sexual orientation. Some on political stances.

My "tribal" choices are made on moral grounds, which I believe are the most important of all.

I'm an atheist. My girlfriend is Jewish. A friend (and work colleague) is a Muslim. We all differ. May we all accept that. And share and celebrate and above all defend the core morals. Things which I love seeing on your website alongside the superb firearms content. If it was just about firearms, much as I love them, I don't think I'd visit as often as I do. Although we differ religiously, I keep coming back because of your moral views as much as anything.

Where would I feel safest on a Saturday night? Unarmed less than half a mile from the police station where I work? Or unarmed amongst people like yourself who are "carrying" in a country I'm an alien in? I'll take Tennessee, thank you very much!

The environment.. Whether our world was made by Darwinian evolution or God doesn't matter to me. What I do know is we are wrecking it. And the world's politicians are manipulating data to their own ends. Climate change? Al Gore's theories? Study the natural fluctuations of the earth instead of those that suit the political-industrial complex. I could quote forever from respected scientists that go against the current established political views.

And as for those who think shooting animals and fishing is wrong.. You have far greater experience than I in understanding that taking food from it's natural environment is far better in so many ways than ignoring that what we eat was once a living creature and buying flesh from a local supermarket.

I'd like to draw your attention to a certain website:

Our "wonderful" European Union is attempting to take away our unrestricted internet access rights.

As happened several hundred years ago when the USA was born, learn from our mistakes and fight like hell for righteous freedoms.

Best wishes always


November 27, 2009


Thanks for those comments. We appreciate views from other perspectives. The government will take all from us for which we do not fight to keep. 


Dear Sir,

This the first time I have ever sent in a remark or an opinion on any gun site; Just so you or your readers do not think interest in guns is for the younger types, I am 75 yrs and as active as I was 20 yrs ago. I have just completed 2 courses, to obtain a license in Canada, Your site is a delight ,both to read and to inform. So many nice things have been said by others I doubt I could praise you or your site a bit better. In Canada We are we hope in the near future going to dismantle a registry for long guns, Having a minority govt. at the helm is another problem. I have my sights ( no pun ) set on a 9mm S&W M&P. I also read every thing I can to help in a selection of calibre... Your site is a big help. We wish here our right to bear arms was as clear as yours. Thanks again.

Jim in Chilliwack B. C. Canada

November 23, 2009

Hi Jeff,

I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing and learning from your website. I am developing an interest in revolvers, and it amazes me the amount of excellent information the Gunblast website provides. You all seem to be really nice folks, and keep up the good work. Thank you for all of the great articles.


Jake from upstate N. Y.

November 21, 2009

Finally, someone spoke some common sense. 

I'm not a big fan of handguns, and I'm probably a guy who'd not kill someone except when protecting a human being or myself. This is why I protect my home with a pump shotgun upstairs and a double-barrel downstairs.

The Taurus Judge is the first handgun I've envied since thankfully leaving a job where a pistol was required.

I agree with Jeff, and add, anyone who gets shot in the face while trying to steal, burglarize, carjack, should consider it an occupational hazard. And I'd think they'd prefer to be ugly than dead because a .410 may not kill while a slug will. But that's not what's important.

But what's important is that you only shoot someone who's guilty. More horsepower doesn't make you better protected. These .41 and 9 mm and .357 handguns can go through a man's head and kill someone behind the guy.

Frankly, I'd rather give up my car, TV, cash than live with the guilt of having shot and even killed an innocent bystander.

So for urban areas, dense with people, the Judge may be the perfect weapon with, I suggest five .410 shells and no bullets. Then, for those of you who don't think one .410 blast in the face of an assailant is enough, what the heck, shoot him twice.

More than saving your belongings, it may save your soul.

Harry from St. Louis

November 20, 2009


The Judge is the hottest-selling revolver in the US right now. It is a very versatile and efficient weapon.


I always surf on the net to find as much info (good or bad) on any gun to find info - even if I have seen the gun in person. I always seem to end up on your site one way or the other. I finally took the time to book mark you site and turn my buddies on your site. You seem to always have the right amount of data, really good pics -NEVER blurry or uncolored correctly. Your reviews, from what I've seen so far are always spot on. I like that there aren't ads bothering you while your reading the article. I seem to find out more in a few pages on your site, than looking at several others put together. Please keep up the good work! Shoot on.



November 19, 2009

Mr Jeff Quinn,

I am not in the habit of firing off emails to people I don't know, unlike some in this electronic day and age who seem to take pleasure from seeing their words in print however ill-chosen and poorly-thought out. I have been an avid reader of your website for some time because of the excellent firearms content, but also because of the moral content.

We differ on a very significant issue - I'm an atheist and a secularist. I am totally comfortable with others religious beliefs, and in return ask that others are comfortable with my lack of them. But on most moral issues I find myself in total agreement with you. The right to keep and bear arms. What it means to be a man (I grew up reading the thoughts of the late great Mr Jeff Cooper). So many things. 

I live in England, was born in 1964, and clearly recall how things were in WW2 from my parents (my father born 1920 and served in the parachute regiment, my mother born 1934). How did such a once great country sink so low? To go from every house armed ready to repel Nazi invasion, people living by good old fashioned common sense and respect for each other, to what we have now - a state that doesn't trust it's own people with weapons, that makes laws by knee-jerk reaction without thought, and a populace that expects the police to protect them from everything and that they have no responsibility for themselves and their loved ones. I recall a very "interesting" conversation with a female friend in a bar many years ago, and firearms came up. I'm 6' and 200lbs, she about 5' and 100lbs. I asked what she'd do if I attempted to rape her, and surely she should have the right and the means to stop the attack. Her answer was no, firearms are evil, and she'd wait for the ordeal to be over. How can people believe these things? Where has personal responsibility gone? And a belief in moral rights? No mechanical device is inherently evil. Scissors, screwdrivers, knives, axes, firearms are all used for evil things by evil people, and for good things by good people. I recall Jeff Cooper writing that an armed society is a polite society. I agree with that. Sadly I've never served in the military (as I believe a man should for his country) due to arthritis that started in my youth. I make my living as an IT analyst, and I'm currently lucky enough to be contracted to my local police department. It's not the military that I wish I was in, but it's the best I can do right now. As someone who craves the "front line" but can't have it for health reasons, it's great. There is a feeling of teamwork and mutual respect and of making a difference. And good manners.

My father was a keen shooter, and wrote the ammunition section of The Webley Story which was published in 1962 (if I remember the years correctly, without going to my files). I recall growing up and finding what a fascinating subject firearms are, and how important they are to both our world and our moral stance. I remember at a very young age him going upstairs one day saying it's time I learned about them properly. He came downstairs with a Lee Enfield bolt-action rifle, cleared the action, handed it to me, and proceeded to ground me in the realities of firearms.

Sadly, the UK currently has ridiculous laws that mean my opportunities for enjoying firearms and the liberties they bring are minimal. I recall from my school days that one of our Prime Ministers (Harold Wilson - in most ways someone I would never have voted for) wanting to make the UK part of the USA instead of part of the European Union. I wish that had happened, as do many I know.

Thank you for reading this far. Thank you for creating a website that inspires people. Above all, thank you for some wonderful gun info.

My full name is Andrew David Cairncross. You are welcome to publish any or all those details if you wish. A man should have the courage to stand by his beliefs and not hide behind anonymity. I have a lot of failings, but I have that courage.

In closing, I'd like to wish you (and your family) all the very best for the festive season, and always.


November 19, 2009


Thanks for that feedback, Andy. It is good to get a perspective on things from someone in another country. There are too many in our nation that are willing to give away our freedoms. We get a lot of feedback and questions, around a hundred per day, everyday. Most we do not publish, but yours seems pretty relevant to our readers, and we will do so.


I'd like to ask Greg Quinn a question,

I've noticed widely among the Firearm hobbyist and the Firearm media a sprawling disdain and hatred for the current President of the United States of America. I've asked a few Firearm hobbyist why they feel this why and unfortunately I have yet to receive any intelligent nor compelling argument. I do however respect everyone's right to their opinion and avoid and try my best to diffuse any disrespectful dialog. Contrary to what's being reported in the Firearm media , President Barrack Obama does not have any intention to remove Firearms from Law-biding Americans hands but from the Criminal element.

Source: 2008 Politico pre-Potomac Primary interview Feb 11, 2008:

Q: You said recently, "I have no intention of taking away folks' guns." But you support the D. C. handgun ban, and you've said that it's constitutional. How do you reconcile those two positions?

President Barrack Obama's response:

Because I think we have two conflicting traditions in this country. I think it's important for us to recognize that we've got a tradition of handgun ownership and gun ownership generally. And a lot of law-abiding citizens use it for hunting, for sportsmanship, and for protecting their families. We also have a violence on the streets that is the result of illegal handgun usage. And so I think there is nothing wrong with a community saying we are going to take those illegal handguns off the streets. And cracking down on the various loopholes that exist in terms of background checks for children, the mentally ill. We can have reasonable, thoughtful gun control measure that I think respect the Second Amendment and people's traditions. 

Source: 2008 Democratic debate in Las Vegas Jan 15, 2008:

Q: When you were in the state senate, you talked about licensing and registering gun owners. Would you do that as president?

President Barrack Obama's response:

I don't think that we can get that done. But what we can do is to provide just some common-sense enforcement. The efforts by law enforcement to obtain the information required to trace back guns that have been used in crimes to unscrupulous gun dealers. As president, I intend to make it happen. We essentially have two realities, when it comes to guns, in this country. You've got the tradition of lawful gun ownership. It is very important for many Americans to be able to hunt, fish, take their kids out, teach them how to shoot. Then you've got the reality of 34 Chicago public school students who get shot down on the streets of Chicago. We can reconcile those two realities by making sure the Second Amendment is respected and that people are able to lawfully own guns, but that we also start cracking down on the kinds of abuses of firearms that we see on the streets.

Among firearm hobbyist , Do you think it's a deeply ingrained mistrust of the Government in General or Misinformation ( Quotes being taken out of context or not fully represented ) or Racism or ill-informed party differences? ( Meaning the lines and definitions between the parties has greatly been diluted).

I would like to make a few things clear , I'm not questioning anyone's right to their feelings or opinions , I'm honestly trying to get a intelligent response. Also my geographical location may have something to do with what I'm seeing (Central , Texas.) But I'm also seeing it in the national Firearm media (Mags , Websites , etc.) Also this is a private conversation , I'm not with the media nor will I reproduce this anywhere but of course you obviously can by my agreeing with the agreement for contacting you.

Anyway , Whether you respond or not , I wish you the best.

Cheers , Dallas

November 9, 2009


I will forward this to Greg, but add one comment myself. In one of the debates with Hillary Clinton, of which I watched every minute, Obama pledged that he would support a ban on ALL semi-automatic weapons. I heard him make that statement myself. That is enough for me. For the record, I wasn't wildly excited over McCain either. 



Hi Dallas,

First, thanks for your intelligent response. And, thanks for being a Gunblast. com reader. You are among almost a million people across the globe that are monthly readers of Gunblast. com, the largest online gun test magazine. We value your readership and your opinion.

Secondly, please note that Gunblast. com, nor the editorial or management staff, have no political vendetta against President Obama. We have no political agenda. I have been recognized for my work within the Republican Party over the years, but I don't consider myself a party loyalist by any means. I have been a proud Republican because the Republican Party has, over the past decade or more, more closely represented my personal and political views of conservatism and small government. I supported McCain because he was the best choice between the two candidates. I would have voted for Hillary Clinton over Obama, and I totally disagree with Mrs. Clinton's viewpoints. I would have voted for Ron Paul over Obama, and I don't believe he was a good choice either. I was hopeful that it would have been a race between Huckabee and Obama, but it didn't work out that way. I have great respect for Senator McCain, but did not consider him the best candidate the Republican Party had to offer in this very important election. McCain, however, would have been an effective President, even though he and I disagree about a number of important topics. But, that is water under the bridge. What is important now is how we deal with the leadership that the citizens of our great nation put into office. America could not have elected a more liberal, more socialist-positioned President that Barack Obama. 

I am not against President Obama due to race; I am not a racist yet I consider his positions several times of recent to be racist. I am not a racist, yet he worshipped for 20 years in a racist church under a racist pastor. I am not a racist, yet the First Lady has made racist remarks that should infuriate all non-colored Americans. It seems that anyone against Obama are lumped into the "racist" category because it is the lesser intelligent position, and it diffuses the fact that the anti-Obama positions could actually be around issues other than color. I am not a supporter of Obama because of his positions, his views, his actions on the issues. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

President Obama is a proponent of big government. The Constitution calls for small federal government intervention into the lives of our citizenry. President Obama's views are contrary to the US Constitution on many fronts. He has appointed Czars to bypass the typical checks and balances process, and to enlarge the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. He is moving our nation into a socialist form of government, and this should fly in the face of all patriots in the past and present that have sacrificed much to keep us a free republic. Obama's healthcare program, for example, will cost the nation over 1.3 trillion dollars, will rob money from Medicare, will take away our choice as it relates to healthcare, will cost employers a lot of money (which will eliminate jobs), and will move our nation's healthcare system to a second-rate program as England and Canada. This is but one example. I can list many, many other reasons for not supporting Obama. His position of pro-abortion is contrary to my position that life begins at inception, and that being the case, he is a proponent of the murder of innocent children. He is all about Federal control and big government, and I am against that, as this position is contrary to the Constitution. I don't need the Federal government to take care of me, and neither do you. We need the freedoms preserved that our forefathers fought to obtain. Obama's policies are the most dangerous to our form of government than we in America have experienced since our founding, and that is why I am against the positions of our President. 

President Obama is a gifted speaker, which is why he can state one position at one time and another contrary position at another time and not make either sound like a lie. Therefore, he is also a gifted liar. He has made statements in favor of refuting the Second Amendment rights of our citizenry. Obama has been anti-gun since his first days in politics; look at his track record. And, the NRA, of which I hope all gun-owners are members, works very hard to understand the position of all elected officials as it relates to their position on gun control, and Obama and his administration are the most dangerous in history against our Second Amendment rights. Look at the track record, not the words. Obama is anti-gun. He would love to take the rights of gun ownership away from us common citizens. His policies and positioning states this much more clearly than the words that come out of his mouth.

Don't believe me if you don't want to. Look through NRA documentation. Look at Obama's previously stated positions on gun control. Look at similar positions of his Vice President, his Speaker of the House, his Secretary of State, etc. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to fully understand the Obama administration's position on gun control and other freedoms.

Obama is big government and anti-freedom. Obama wants to make my choices for me. Our Constitution respects me and the States to make our decisions for ourselves. And, our Constitution respects our Biblical heritage, something that Obama has defied. An American President couldn't be more polar from my viewpoints than Obama. But, I don't hate the man. I pray for him. I really want him to be successful. But, he is clearly going down a path of destruction for America, and I would hope that all Americans would see this path and would stand up and resist the direction he is taking our great country.

Thanks for your feedback. I respect your position, and hope you respect mine as well.

May God bless America.



I am very excited finding a CIVIL site about shooting, guns and related sports. I have advocated the sport for years. ANY time the subject comes up, before long, tempers flare, fowl language and anger starts boiling. Jeff has a great talent using word pictures to express his view points and the sentiment of the wonderful folks in the sport. His talents does more to support us than anger and violence will do in a life time. This makes us OFFENSIVE players; not defensive, players.

Thank you so much

Gary in Illinois, North of the "The Gateway Arch of Saint Louis ,Missouri."

October 7, 2009

Mr. Quinn,

As a California-born 22-year-old cameraman, I will admit that I was at first reticent to visit your site. I've found that gun sites can delve deeply into personal politics, and with that derailment enters a lot of hatred which I think is an obstacle we've all got to overcome. But as resistant as I was to the idea, if there's one thing southern folk know well, (in addition to grilling) it's guns. So I found myself checking out the reviews on your site - first 1911 reviews when I was hung up on buying a replacement for my grandfather's WWII .45 that I never inherited, then ARs, and now, invariably, every gun question I have, yours is the site I end up at. So I just wanted to applaud you for your thorough, practical, and impassioned reviews. The amount of reviews you've posted is testament to your interest in the subject, and the quality of the reviews is testament to your knowledge. So thanks, from a liberal Californian.

This message isn't solely for the purpose of applauding your merits, though - I had a question: It's come time for me to buy my first real rifle, not just a toy for unwinding at the range with some pals, but a tool to aid in my defense, and the defense of those that I hold dear, should the unthinkable (and, given the state of affairs, inevitable) happen. I don't know what the situation is - an earthquake that California is prone to, a massive migration due to global climate change, socio-economic collapse - the list is long and filled with equally unappealing possibilities, but if they ever occur, I need a metal best friend that will fight for me when no one else will.

Given the criteria, I've narrowed it down to two prospects. I've been almost sold on a Stag Arms AR I'd build from their 2HT Upper and Tactical Lower due to your glowing review of their products, but I've also been heavily considering the Robinson Arms XCR. It comes in a few variants, but since I live in CA I'd have to go with a 16" barrel, a fixed stock, and a Bullet Button mag-lock. Ten round mags would be obligatory on both. I've read other reviews, and the XCR seems a more robust, extreme duty/conditions AK-47-type of a rifle. However, it's relatively new, whereas the AR-15 has a 40 year history of happy users. AR's, I'm told, also require a clean freak mentality which may not be possible at all times and they're picky about what ammo they eat.

So that said, I sincerely hope to hear your feedback on the matter. I'm not married to a 5.56 platform, so the XCR in 7.62 is also a candidate. I've also been told that there are loads of incurred costs with an XCR - I haven't been able to confirm if the CA rifles ship complete, or if they lack a stock, magazines, rail covers, BUIS's, etc. I'd like to pay around $1500 for the rifle, so if the XCR pops up all the way to $2k, I'd probably reconsider, but the $1100 Stag rifle platform (which I can build on later) plus a $500 handgun is pretty appealing.

Thank you for your time, and for the knowledge you've spread. If you're interested, I'd like to talk more with you at length about less technical and more philosophical matters - you've clearly got an engaged mind and passion about the subjects you choose.

All the best,


October 7, 2009

P. S. I noticed you don't have a review up of the XCR - Robinson Arms' website is www. robarm. com if you'd like to scope them out. And if you need a review and I wind up purchasing


The Robinson is a good weapon, however, there is nothing wrong with a standard AR. They run very well on good ammo, and are as reliable as any semi-auto can be. I think that every American should own an AR. Please read this:


A curiosity... I wanted to make sure I read you right on your review of the S&W Sigma:

I ended up buying a handful of these unintentionally; long story, good ending. I kept one for myself and have loved it. I only have about 500+ rounds through it, but not a single failure of any kind, and I'm very, very happy at the grouping. This is my first semi-auto (coming from .38 revolvers), and I shoot so much better with this gun (maybe the lighter caliber?).

My question about your review...

"The Sigma would keep a full magazine of ammo inside the kill zone of a standard silhouette target at 25 yards, rapid fire. From a rested position, most ammo would group just under three inches at the same range."

If I understand you correctly, shooting from a standing position, you can unload a full magazine, rapid fire, into the kill zone at over 80 feet? And from a rested position, you can keep the grouping under 3 inches!?!

Granted, I'm a puppy with pistols, and with semi-autos especially. After shooting my sigma 3 times now, I can easily and quickly rapid fire into a 3-5 inch grouping from 7 meters (it feels pretty close, but that's the distance they tell me to train from). I can't imagine doing that in a smaller group, shooting a full mag, and from almost 4 times the distance.

Are you just an exceptionally good shot, or am I just getting started and have a lot to learn (or both)? I haven't tried shooting at that distance from a rested position since I wouldn't imagine using the gun that way, but I'm just curious.

I appreciate your reviews. They've been very helpful and insightful.

In Christ,


September 21, 2009


That information is correct. You can do it also. I am nothing special, just have a lot of practice shooting pistols. Just hold steady, and PRESS the trigger rearward. Do not think PULL, think PRESS, with the pad of your finger. Start slow. Speed will come naturally. You have an excellent pistol.



The ability to tell the difference between horse droppings and chocolates in a "Whitman Sampler" chocolate box is a rare talent these days. You certainly have that rare talent and more. 

Reading through your web site I have been impressed with your informative and insightful articles. You focus right down on the important facts to provide the reader with a good assessment of the gun or product you are reviewing. I really enjoyed your article on wild boar hunting with a 9mm Extreme Shock ammo. I enjoyed the information presented, as well as, your writing style. This ammunition is a significant development that has not received the attention that it deserves. Your article made it crystal clear how effective the product is. I now carry the extreme shock AF in my little 642. I like the idea of an effective round that is also much safer. 

Your various Mini-14 articles and understanding of this gun provide the reader a good idea what to expect without having to spend $750 to see for yourself. After reading your article, I could not resist buying the new Mini-14 Ranch Rifle and you were right on the money. Keep up the good work. 

Melbourne, FL

September 15, 2009

Jeff: Your article on the Kel Tec P3AT provided me with exactly the kind of information I was looking for in selecting a handgun for my wife at home when I'm away, and for me to carry when we go somewhere together. Most handgun reviews that I've read are boring and they attempt to dazzle you with technical specs, but yours is easy reading while providing the necessary information. I will go to the Archives for more.


September 3, 2009

I just wanted to say how much I love your site. I have found Gunblast to be one of my favorite sources of information on firearms. Whenever I even think of a new pistol or rifle I always check with you guys to see your thoughts. Your reviews are fair, honest, and you tell it like it is.

I like your writing style as you explore issues that are important. Trigger pulls, "feel" in the hand, perceived recoil, how a gun points, etc. You use good comparisons that I can relate to. In short, I like the way you think and I appreciate your feelings as I know I can trust what you are telling us.

In short, I respect what you have to say and hope you will remain as honest and as down-to-earth as you have been over the years. In this modern age its refreshing to find people who have not forgotten the value of those traits.

Thanks for all the hard work. We in the shooting community value your work and opinions. Keep up the great job you are doing.

John in Louisville, KY

August 18, 2009


Thank you, Sir. I appreciate those kind words.


Sirs - the video is a useful addition. It gives an accurate impression of recoil that can't be had any other way. Also appreciate the sound evaluation of the pistol, and the Simply Rugged holster tip. A pistol with such fine tolerancing needs some protection. 



August 18, 2009

As a State of Tennessee Handgun Permit Instructor, I see and handle many handguns. My personal carry gun is the Walther PPS. As soon as I shot the Walther P22, I knew I wanted to buy more items from this company. The Walther PPS has impressed several students and the Walther P22 is so sweet the new shooters settle down, get used to the noise and recoil (not much) and start focusing on technique and marksmanship. We don't use the term 'User Friendly' much anymore but these handguns are. How many times have you had a magazine release pressed just a little so the mag slipped and quit feeding? Won't happen with the Walthers, as the mag release is not on the grip. Sights are super, accessories are affordable. Females wear clothing differently than men and I can conceal the PPS easily. Makes it a great ladies gun, I can hide the 1 inch gun with an inside the pants holster very easily. Thanks for taking the time to find out what such a great find the Walthers are. 


August 12, 2009

Jeff, This is in reply to your article "Taurus PT1911 .45 ACP Semi-Automatic Pistol". I tripped onto this article on accident, and seeing that it was a review of a close relative to my PT1911, I wanted to tip my hat to you for giving this pistol the attention it deserves. Also, I would like to verify every point you made, it was a spot on article. I agree, tritium straight-8s would have been "that little something extra", but I sure as hell ain't gonna cry. 

While deployed in Iraq, I was lucky enough to serve under a member of the U. S. Army Pistol Marksmanship Team, who carried an Army issued match grade Colt 1911. I had been lusting for 1911s since I chucked a few boulders out of one that belonged to a family friend as a kid, and we started talking .45s. 

After a few weeks of talking marksmanship training, he started wondering about having a pistol designed to commemorate our unit's deployment. After I picked my jaw off of the floor, I did my best to make sure that happened.

Months later, after who knows how many hours of frustrations, emails, phone calls, and last second plan changes, he began taking orders for engraved and 24 carat gold inlaid stainless Taurus PT1911s. After receiving more orders than expected, he found that there was even enough money in the pot to have every single gun tricked out with a set of laser etched wooden grips featuring our unit crest.

The embellishment was a beautiful job, kindly done by Baron Engraving and featuring a UH-60 Blackhawk and a OH-58 Kiowa Warrior used by our unit, along with our rotation dates.

The finished product is the best looking weapon I have ever seen, and would make you grin when you shot it even if it wasn't trimmed out so nice. It's the best of both worlds- accurate, reliable, and shiny as hell! 

All this, and it was around $900 all told! Huge thanks to the goodhearted people at Baron and Taurus, they bent over backward to make it happen. Oh yeah, one more thing, this gun is COVERED. All Taurus guns have a Craftsman-class warranty: It breaks, Taurus fixes it for the cost of shipping. Period. Anybody looking for an incredible handgun could do way worse, especially for the money. 

Crap I'm long winded. Thanks for your site, keep shooting! 


July 23, 2009


I read with interest your response to my letter from March 16. I see your fist is back to being `tightly clenched'. It appears you have received much "flak" from others. It appears you have succumbed to these pressures and have decided to fall back to your uncompromising positions. You're now back in the camp of `let's NOT work together'. It appears now that in an effort to redeem yourself you want to beat the war drums even louder. But not to worry, your most recent Obama bashing should put you back in good graces with the right wingers. Stay the course and keep that fist tightly clenched. I'm sure Jesus would do the same.

I have never in my 57 years of life witnessed so much anger from a political party. Along with this anger I hear so many angry quotes being repeated and spoken as pure gospel but the reality is that many of these catch phrases are not true at all. Yet disgruntled Republicans grab on to them and repeat them as if they are the word of God himself. This is a good example that if you say something enough times it must be true!

I am starting to question whether conservatives really like democracy at all. A fellow in South Carolina summed it up for me when he said. "I love democracy as long as everyone is a white, male, Christian, and votes the way I want them to." (He didn't much care for Yankees either.) I was not surprised when all his buddies praised his statement with approval. Hmmmm, now that's and open minded approach we should spread throughout the land!

I am not dishonoring your religion yet you don't seem to realize that you dishonor all other religions when you make statements about this country being a `Christian nation'. You speak as if you belong to some kind of elitist group. This country was founded on the Freedom of Religion. ALL religions not just Christianity. Stop trying to convince people that we are a "Christian nation" when in fact we are not. By doing so, you undermine the most important foundation of this country and the first amendment of our constitution. 

You sound like a conspiracy theorist when you speak of "silent attacks against Christianity." This is pure hype. I don't see any attack going on to take down God or Christianity. No one is trying to take the freedom of YOUR religion away from you. Just because America is a majority of Christian faith people does NOT make this country a "Christian nation". We are a religiously neutral nation. Religious freedom is what our forefathers fought so hard to establish. Now you want to declare it as a Christian Nation? No way. All religions are welcome in this country and that includes Muslims and the Koran. 

The primary leaders of the so-called founding fathers of our nation were not Bible believing Christians; they were deists. Historians, who deal with facts rather than fantasy, paint an entirely different picture of the religious composition of America during its formative years than the image of a nation founded on "biblical principles" that modern Bible fundamentalists are trying to foist upon us. Our founding fathers established a religiously neutral nation, and a tragedy of our time is that so many people are striving to undo all that was accomplished by the wisdom of the founding fathers who framed for us a constitution that would protect the religious freedom of everyone regardless of personal creed. An even greater tragedy is that they many times hoodwink the public into believing that they are only trying to make our nation what the founding fathers would want it to be. 

Fundamentalist Christians are currently working overtime to convince the American public that the founding fathers intended to establish this country on "biblical principles," but history simply does not support this view. The primary leaders of the so-called founding fathers of our nation were not Bible-believing Christians; they were deists. Deism was a philosophical belief that was widely accepted by the colonial intelligentsia at the time of the American Revolution.

Important founding fathers who espoused Deism were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Ethan Allen, James Madison, and James Monroe. These men mentioned are among others who were instrumental in the founding of our nation were in no sense Bible-believing Christians. Thomas Jefferson, in fact, was fiercely anti-cleric. 

Your comments are also very clear that you have a dislike for the Muslim faith and continuously point an evil finger at Obama falsely accusing him of Muslim faith. Even if he was (which he is not) what's the problem with that? So what if he was? Greg, as a religious person, how can you possibly be so short sighted? So you're not to be trusted if you're not Christian? This attitude is dangerous and our forefathers knew it was dangerous. Separation of church and state is what the founding fathers wanted for the nation, and we must never allow anyone to distort history to make it appear otherwise. 

Greg, you seem surprised that I hear hate in your voice. Yet this word flows freely in your sermon. Don't you realize it's loud and clear? Here they are in order of appearance in you reply back to me.

"I hate the positions that he represents" "I hate Obama's position" "God hates this position and so do I" "I hate this position" "I hate Obama's stance" "but do hate Obama the President for this position" "is something I hate." "I hate the current administration's silent attack on Christianity and conservative values" "I hate the attack of family" "I hate Obama's economic policy." "I hate Obama's socialist plans" Then you say, "Yet, because I am a Patriot (and supported Senator McCain), I will support the office of President". I laughed out loud when I read that! 

Greg/Jeff. The purpose of this letter is not to anger or insult you. However, in closing I want to make my point very clear. This is not just YOUR country. It's OUR country. This includes Christians as well as Atheists and Muslims and many others. That's what makes America what it is. Stop trying to claim it for yourself and your fellow Christians.

If only everyone were Caucasian, Christian, conservatives then all our problems would be solved. The problem is. they're not. 

Think about it.


July 2, 2009


Don, I haven't changed my position at all. I was opposed to Obama from the beginning, and I do not care what color he is. He is more white than black, and more Arab than black. makes no difference to me. 

On abortion, Obama was the only vote against the law compelling medical workers to try and save a baby that survived an abortion. This was when he was in the Illinois senate. Think about it. He wanted it to be ILLEGAL to try to save a baby that had made it through a late-term abortion alive! That, Sir, is pure evil. I also do not favor abortion "for the health of a woman". Any real mother would gladly give up her life for the life of her child. A selfish mother would not. It is not a decision to be left to the government, a doctor, or the mother. It is God's decision. When in this country did we decide to put one person's right to life above that of another? Why is the mother's life more sacred than that of the child. In this country, abortion is mainly performed because of selfishness. A child is killed because it is an inconvenient time for the "mother" to have a baby. Calling it a health issue is bogus. The time for a woman to "choose" is before she lays down and gets pregnant. After that, it is murder. 

On Social Security, you are partially right. It is a social program. However, when a man cashes his social security check, he is just getting back a small portion of the money that the government stole from his pay check when he was working, and I find no fault in a man for doing so. I was born after the Roosevelt era. I never liked the policies of Franklin Roosevelt, but do admire some of the policies of Theodore Roosevelt. Franklin was a Socialist. So is Obama. He wants to socialize health care. Health care is not a right. It is a business transaction between two parties; a patient and a doctor. Sometimes, a patient will buy insurance to lessen the financial burden should he incur medical expenses. That is his choice. People without health insurance can still get medical care, just as they could 100 years ago. A person can pay the doctor for his services, just as he pays his mechanic to repair his car. Getting the government to have the taxpayers finance the health care of the nation is Socialist, by definition. Obama wants socialized health care. 

On guns, I heard him make the statement that he wants to ban ALL semi-automatic firearms. I heard him, and watched it on the television. 

That is enough for me. Barack Obama is an evil man. He was elected as President because the people of this nation are, for the most part, selfish, greedy, and morally lacking, even those who claim to be Christian. How many Christians voted for Obama? The answer is "none". I also am not defending Republicans here. For six years, Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, and showed a complete lack of backbone and morality. 

Also, don't start this "racist" crap with me. Color does not matter to me. Obama was elected BECAUSE of his skin color. If he looked white, like his mother, we would not even know who he is. He would be irrelevant. However, stupid people were wetting their panties saying how "historic" it would be to elect Obama, as the first "black President". That is, by definition, racist. I voted for Alan Keyes in 2000, and wish that he had won against Bush. Mr. Keyes is blacker than Obama will ever be. What bothers me about Obama is just about everything that comes out of his mouth. 

I am not willing to "work with" Obama, and never have been willing to do so. I do not compromise with evil, and will not compromise my freedom. None of us should.

I am not here to appease the left nor the right, as both sides could use a good cleansing. I am not Democrat nor Republican. I voted for some of each in the last election. 

I usually stay out of the political stuff, but since you addressed this email to me, you have my answer.



I have really enjoyed your site and the reviews on various guns. Further to the recent comments about 2nd amendment rights, I travel internationally and host international visitors as part of my job. If conversation reveals that one of my visitors is a hunter or a former hand gunner, I make it a point to visit a gun store on the way to dinner or something. I have had visitors from quite a few nations wistfully view the arms on display and remark about how they used to be able to purchase guns in their nation as well. I hope they can reclaim their rights some day, but even more so, I don't want to see us lose our ownership rights. 

Also silent no more,

Ron in Wisconsin

July 2, 2009

RE: Christians Packing Guns

I just wanted to let you know two things: 

1. I have never, ever e-mailed the author if any article before in my life. Ever. You have made an impact.

2. You nailed it with this article! I know nothing about you other than reading that but I'm fairly confident I can say thank you for what you do!


June 22, 2009

Hello Sir.

It struck me while I was reading your comments on some of your Q&A that you use the word Jesus, I am not going to write a long drawn out e-mail to you but I will say this to you.


I like someone who sticks to their guns and say's what is true in there hearts. I have been a devoted Christian for 25 years and carry a gun, I guess the only real problem I have struggled with is, would it be right to pull the trigger? But I would to protect my family, I always wonder what God would think about me taking someone's life?

God Bless,


May 29, 2009


I certainly can't speak for God, but I do think that he expects you to protect, clothe, and feed those whom he has placed in your care. There is evil in this world, and just as you would be expected to protect your family from a rabid dog, you are expected to protect your family from evil.


Read your article in researching the Kel-Tek Sub 2000. I am a 41 year old woman who is looking for a shotgun or some other type of gun to protect my home. I have a handgun, 40mm, but realize this is a bit too hefty within an enclosed space, and as I live in a village type neighborhood, would be concerned about people on the other side of the shot (and the other side of the potential intruder). 

I went to a gun show, and a bystander recommended this gun due to it's low weight, compact nature, ability to be fired from the hip, rather than the shoulder, and still hit a target within a short distance. He said he had purchased this for his mother with rheumatoid arthritis, and his sister. The gun show was an eye opening experience, because I found very little which was appropriate for women due to the size of various rifles and shotguns, their weight, and an inability to hold them comfortably, not to mention the reported "kick". 

I just wanted to ask you to consider updating your article, or perhaps doing an entire article, on guns for women. There seems to be some skepticism about women and guns, but frankly, just like a man, I want to be prepared. Further, I am petite, with several repetitive stress arm injuries, each of which leaves me with little strength. I cannot lift or hold a gun at shoulder level for more than 3 minutes. So, with my handgun, I know my first shot is also my last. Therefore, I needed something different, and was looking for something more compact, but with enough ability to get the job done, across a shorter distance, which did not involve overall lifting strength at the shoulder, due to my injuries. My requirements are probably more exacting than the average woman, as there were shotguns at the gun show my brother's girlfriend could comfortably handle, but seemed to center around Mossbergs. 

My brother notes the accuracy of the Mossberg 500 would probably leave something to be desired. But, you did not find that to be the case with the Kel-Tec, so I am encouraged to go check it out, if I can find anyone who actually has one for sale. However, I note that Kel-Tec handguns seem to be plagued with problems, and so the reliability of the gun and service from the manufacturer seems to be an issue based on other articles on the web, although no mention of problems with the Kel-Tec 2000.

Thank you for your article, and please consider updating your website with a recent article for women like myself. We don't always have a man around to take care of the bad guys!!!!!


May 19, 2009


Women have the same gun needs as a man. Physical problems enter into the equation, but gender does not. You need as powerful a weapon as you can comfortably handle. If overpenetration is a concern with the .40 caliber pistol, it will be even more so from the Kel-Tec carbine. I recommend a short-barreled shotgun, such as a Mossberg 20 gauge Model 500. If the 20 is still too much to handle, the .410 would be a good choice. These can be fired from the hip if necessary. Loaded with number 6 shot, overpenetration will not be a concern.


I'd like to reiterate what so many others have said about the Bersa Thunder .380. I have never fired a pistol or revolver which at normal range was so easy to acquire target and fire successive rounds at said target. This is with no modifications nor aftermarket parts. Just the standard Bersa 380 and standard Remington ammo.

With Cor-Bon high velocity ammo, the gun is a bit louder and the recoil is perhaps a bit more than the standard ammunition, but if you were really in a hurry and had to fire the gun one-handed, you'd not have the gun blow itself away from the target as would so many high power handguns. 

Many of us don't get to practice shoot as much as we'd like. A huge mistake is to purchase a .357 and pull it out in an emergency and end up having to toss it empty so as not to be shot with your own gun later (if you miss your target which happens often), or get shot AND blow your eardrums out to boot. People see these real gunfights on TV or YouTube and wonder why 14 rounds can be fired and no one hit. Well, shock and awe and noise. After the first shot, neither gun is pointed anywhere near the target, and you're frankly in shock as you've probably neither person prepared his/her ears.

I can fire my Bersa one-handed on the fly and hit what I aim for. It's a GREAT firearm. Plus, you can fire it rapidly and not lose the target. My new plinker (Ruger 22lr Mark III) even tends to point the nose up at rapid fire. If under attack, my muscle memory might not kick in until I've exhausted my ammo. That's probably the only rack I'll get if under attack. I need to hit the target, period. (just my personal opinion... i agree with the tissue damage argument, but you've got to hit the tissue).

If you're new to guns, don't get more gun than you can handle without practice. I think if 6 or 7 rounds of Cor-Bon out of my Bersa doesn't at least slow someone down, I'd have been in trouble anyway.

Thanks for all the great reviews. Makes me want to shoot my small collection.


Mark S. 

Birmingham, Al

May 5, 2009

For your wonderful site and your truly inspiring work. It is always a pleasure to read and watch your magnificent articles and videos.

Thank you very much!

With my best regards,

Eduardo (a big fan from Portugal)

April 22, 2009

Re: Obama's Certificate of Birth

I don't know if I am beating a dead horse, but here it goes.... Back in 1965 I enlisted in the USAF and ended up being a personnel specialist, i. e. I pounded on a typewriter. The typewriters were sometimes new, sometimes really old, but for the most part they had a typeface known as courier. Kinda looked like times roman, but all letters and numbers had the same spacing (equal width). In the early 1970's I became an apprentice typesetter, where I got to know about proportional typefaces (each width of every letter and number had a different width). This type of proportional typesetting was done on the now extinct Merganthaler typesetting machines that used hot lead to create sentence lines. All newspapers had this Merganthaler machines. After all you couldn't use a typewriter, you needed proportional letter spacing to keep articles compact.

In the early 1970's IBM brought out typewriters that used a revolving ball with the typefaces embedded on the ball. Shortly after that, IBM brought out the first typewriter that used proportional typefaces.

The whole point is this, Obama's Certificate of Birth, in terms of the details of his name, etc, the information that the hospital or health dept would enter in on the certificate, would have been entered in on a typewriter. And that information on that certificate was not entered in by any typewriter existing at that time, because that typeface is proportional.

Of course the argument can be said that they had a typesetting department. Oh really? Someone operating a Merganthaler typesetting machine (and being paid big bucks since he is a master typesetter?), what about the layout man, that sets up all the lead lines for the certificate of birth? Why would any hospital have what is essentially a newspaper typesetting/layout/printing department (and the cost!!!), when any second rate clerk can just type the information in?

The Certificate of Birth is a forgery, created no earlier that the mid 1970's and probably was created within the last few years on PC computer.

Something stinks to high heaven about this issue, and we may just have an usurper as President.


Pocatello, "Free" Idaho

April 16, 2009

Thanks for your accurate and well written article on the FNAR semi-auto rifle, dated 11/17/2008.  I liked the weapon when I held it and tried out its features in the store.  Immediately did some research, found your article, then went back and purchased the rifle a few hours later.

First time out with my FNAR heavy-barrel was last month (March, 2009).  Started by breaking it in with inexpensive hunting ammo, and I was pleased with shot groupings.

Zeroed the scope, cleaned the barrel, loaded Buffalo Bore .308 “Sniper” ammo and proceeded to shoot a nice semi-auto five-round group: 4 holes were a sub-MOA “box” @ 100Y, 14X on scope, 15 mph quartering headwind.  Fifth hole nearly touched.  Quit while I was ahead. 

Read about Buffalo Bore on your “GunBlast” website.  Glad I tried it.  Really do like the rifle!


Colleyville, Texas

April 3, 2009

Jeff, Love your mag. I just read your review of the Marlin Camp 9. I also love mine but wondered if you have experienced problems with the recoil buffer? I bought mine 2 years ago from a gun show in 95% condition. After the 3rd shot the recoil buffer disintegrated and fell out in pieces. I had done some research before buying and learned that this is a common problem and that 500 rounds is about the max for one. I took mine to my local "gunsmith". He put a new one in and the gun had cycling problems. I bought 6 different brands of ammo to see if it had a preference. All jammed very reliably, but the last ones I tried were the Winchester brand. 1 round split the stock right at the base of the action. Disgusted, I called Marlin and they said to send it in and they would look at it and call me with an estimate.( Remember how long it's been out of production.) They called back within a week and gave me a price of $60. I got my gun back in about 3 weeks. They had replaced all moving parts in the action and a new stock, all for $60. I think that was great customer service. Since, I have really enjoyed a fine little gun. The only downer is the clip sticking down is a little cumbersome. 

Thanks for all your great work. 


Bridgeport, Tx

March 26, 2009


Marlin is one of the best in the industry for supporting out-of-production guns.


I'm trying to collect my thoughts while I'm writing this and I couldn't believe what I seen when I went to the Gunblast website. There are magazines I no longer even open up because of the filth that they have in there, so I go to your website to see reviews and what not and there is a calendar similar to the filth in those books. In this country you have a choice - I hope you choose the moral road as our founding fathers have an all Children of God.

Not trying to offend but rather inform you guys how one reader feels. 



March 24, 2009


I appreciate your Feedback, but I see nothing filthy or immoral about that calendar. The lady is wearing a lot more clothing than folks do at the beach, or many other places. All the good parts are covered. If she can use her looks and personality to support our troops, I support her for doing so. I might be wrong. I have been wrong before, but I see nothing filthy about that calendar. Perhaps I have become jaded and insensitive to what is or is not immoral, but I do not think that Kathy is immoral. She seems like a really nice person. If that calendar offends you, then you had best never turn on a television, go to Wal Mart, or look out your window. If you still think that I am wrong about this, it is your duty to pray for me. I can use it.


Hello from Canada, Mr. Quinn.

I certainly enjoy your site; your candor and your presentation style, and in particular the personalization that you have included in your site; most refreshing in the contemporary world of impersonalization. Your practical approach to armaments and munitions is to be applauded.............. bravo!

All the best, 


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

March 23, 2009

Your article ‘Obama is Flunking Economics’ once again takes direct aim at our new President. You make several dogmatic statements about Obama's "failure" in office.

Lets look back and see the reality of the mess we are in.

Bush came into office with a $230 billion surplus.


He did a $1.35 Trillion tax cut in 2001, a $1.5 trillion tax cut in 2003, and a massive defense spending in Afghanistan and Iraq. Then, last year while Bush was still in office, the financial crisis began to emerge. After all was said and done Bush had inflated the deficit to over $1.35 trillion!

Now, in only one month, you want to blame Obama for all the ills in our society. To suggest that anyone could create such turmoil in such little time is just plain silly. However, you don’t seem to be angry with President Bush for the creation of this deficit. You never write derogatory articles about him and yet he is really the one who created this mess.

Obama has not been "proven to be as poor of a leader as we feared he would be". Nor has he been deemed to be "incompetent". This is stated as fact but is really only your opinion. I find it quite amazing that you are able to make these rather dogmatic accusations after only one month of the man being in Office. This is no where near enough time to make any intelligent evaluation of his performance yet you have done so.

Your brother Jeff openly admits his fist is "still tightly clenched" and by the statements you made in your most recent article it is very clear you have no intention to ‘Unite’ with Obama or the majority of people who voted for him. Your hate mongering will only act to divide. Even though you may not agree with Obama's policies it does no one any good to demean him in his first month in office.

Being a Patriot….An example of a true Patriot is John McCain who recently stood in support of the President and said "These are terrible, perilous times, so I will seek ways to work with the president of the United States," Sure he has many disagreements with Obama but yet he works toward a common goal for the better interest of our nation. That is a true Patriot. McCain has outstretched an ‘open hand’ to unite on a national scale. Unfortunately, by the tone of your recent article, you clearly didn’t take your own advice to "unclench the fist".

Being a good Christian…Finally, your message of being a good Christian will require much more than just reading the Bible and going to church and praying that all your wishes will come true. Being a good Christian is about what you do and say and how you treat other people in your everyday walk of life. It’s about living your life in a way that reflects the light of Jesus. This means treating people of all races and colors and religions in a fair and respectful way. It’s OK to disagree with someone but do not bear false witness against them so it better suits your agenda or defend an opposing view. (Exodus 20:16)

I would like to suggest that at your next sermon everyone pray for the new President Obama and help give him the strength and knowledge to help us all through this most difficult time. Don’t speak to take him down but rather lift him up by prayer and support.

You have judged Obama and proclaimed he is a failure.

If you are truly a ‘Good Christian’ and true to your words you need not tell me how devout you are, because I will see it in your actions and hear it in your message.

I hear only hate and discontent in your voices.


March 16, 2009



Thank you for your comments. You are right, this country was in a financial mess before Obama took office. There is plenty of blame to go around. Bush, Congress, Wall Street, and the common citizen shares a lot of the blame. Everything changed in 2001, as we were attacked, and launched a global war on terror. War is expensive, costing billions of dollars. Neither Bush nor Obama has or had the power to spend one of the US taxpayer's dollars. All spending is controlled by Congress. I do not hate Obama. I do hate his policy of funding worldwide abortion with US tax dollars. That is one expenditure that he does control, and one of his first actions was to lift the ban on US-funded abortion overseas. Why would, in these times of financial crisis and war, that be one of his top priorities? What kind of man would make the decision to do that? Abortion is murder, and Obama has made the killing of babies easier worldwide than it was before he took office. That is evil. Why should not every human being have the right to be born? Is that asking too much?

His other policy that bothers me is his stance on guns. I heard him pledge to do away with semi-auto firearms. I watched him make that statement during the Presidential debates. Both Republicans and Demodrats spend money like a bunch of kids in a candy store. Both parties are guilty of wanton, wasteful spending. Again, I do not hate Obama, but I will stand against evil, and against those in power who seek to disarm the citizens of the United States.



As the author of the article with which you disagree, although Jeff's comments above are excellent, I will provide my two-cents as well.

First, I can appreciate your opportunity to disagree.  America is a free country and still allows free speech, one of the elements of the Constitution that is not currently under attack by the liberals within our society, a group in which Obama has chosen to carry the banner.  And, the fact that we are posting your feedback which is in direct opposition to our position further represents our willingness to tell the truth within our website.  Allowing the opportunity to free speech is a right afforded by our Constitution.  Allowing the opportunity to listen to, post, or respond to your feedback is a benefit given by

I stand by my positions of Obama and his economic policy.  Tell me how you can defend an economic position of our current President in which he has authorized and has expended the average of one billion dollars per hour since he has been in office?  Bush did have failures to his economic plan, but almost all the deficit numbers (until his last 60 days when the bail-out silliness began) you reference were expended on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, measures necessary for the freedom of America and the world.  It is a totally different measure to expend billions of dollars on a war to protect our freedoms than it is to expend trillions of dollars in "give away" programs that are doing nothing to stimulate the nation's economy.  I stated good reasons for Obama's failure in economics.  Most economists that have a conservative bent agree with my position.  If you can defend it and make inaccurate comparisons with previous administrations', then we must just agree to disagree.

If you read my article entitled "Unclench The Fist", you will see that I was and still am very willing to give Obama the opportunity to succeed.  He has only been in office one month.  I hope he improves his performance over time.  However, my report card was based upon his performance to date, which is horrible.  If his mantra of "change" was most geared toward how he was going to change the economy for the better, and Economics is his best position, then I am in fear of how he will handle other issues in which he doesn't claim to be as strong.  As an editor of, I have the opportunity to post my position within our Politics and Opinion section, and it is my opinion, but one based upon a view of the facts through my conservative glasses.  Anyone that is not blind can see that in his first month of office Obama has clearly failed America through the handling of his economic policy.

I am sorry that you hear hate in my voice, as that is clearly not the case.  And, I don't believe you believe that either.  The truth is that you support Obama even through his failure, and that is your prerogative.  You seem, like many, to be so enamored with the man that you overlook his poor performance.  However, please do not accuse me of hating the man or judging him, as nothing is further from the truth.  I pray for our nation and Obama daily.  I resent your statement that dishonors my Christian walk, as if you knew me you would not make that claim.  Again, I disagree with you and disagree with Obama whom you clearly support.  However, I do not hate the man, but love him as one of God's creatures.  I thought making race an issue during the campaign was wrong, and making race an issue now is wrong.  I honestly hope he improves and does well.  But, if I stuck my head in the sand as you seem to be doing and simply stated things as truth only because I wanted them to be that way, I would be doing a disservice to God, to our Nation, and to the approximately one million monthly readers of 

There is much I can disagree with Obama on.  Not because I hate him as you claim.  But because I hate the positions that he represents in many cases.  I hate Obama's position on abortion, which is the murder of innocent babies.  God hates this position, and so do I.  I don't hate Obama; I hate his position.  I hate Obama's position toward gun control.  Our Constitution in its Second Amendment guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms.  Obama and his team hope to take that away from us.  I hate this position, but I do not hate the man.  I hate Obama's stance on being too friendly with the enemies of America and of Israel.  Israel is God's chosen people, and woe to anyone who turns their back on Israel.  Obama is positioning America to do just that, and his Muslim roots are coming through.  I don't hate Obama the man for this, but do hate Obama the President for this position.  America was birthed as a Christian nation, "one nation under God" (and that means the God of the Bible), and although I respect anyone's right to freedom of religion, to attempt to change America from a God-fearing nation to one where God is minimized and "anything goes" is wrong, and is something I hate.  I hate the current administration's silent attack on Christianity and conservative values.  I hate the attack of family.  I hate Obama's economic policy.  I hate Obama's socialist plans that will undermine greatly our democracies as a nation.  But, I do not hate the man, and I do pray for him.  Yet, because I am a Patriot (and supported Senator McCain), I will support the office of President but will not support any plans to move our great nation into something it does not need to become.  That, my friend, is what Obama is doing. 

Based on these things, I can see clearly enough to rank Obama's performance thus far in several areas, economics being only one.  In any of these areas that I have discussed, and many not discussed, I can rank his performance as an "F".  Not because I don't like the man.  Just because I don't like his performance as our nation's President.


Dear Mr. Quinn,

My name is Alexander Shurygin, I'm Russian residing in Moscow, a monarchist and belong to the Russian Orthodox Church. But despite these differences between us, I am an ardent lover of firearms and a hereditary hunter.

Mr. Quinn, thank you for your online gun magazine. As in my country access to firearms (especially handguns) is restricted by too many prescriptions, it is not so easy to get information about the latest products provided by the leading gun manufacturers and to read unbiased reviews devoted to such products. Your online magazine is of great help!

Many thanks to you for your marvelous English language. Although I am not a specialist in styles - believe me, your articles can be used as manual for those learners/foreigners who want to get a proper command of the English language.

For the time being it is unlikely that Russian legislators might borrow the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution and implement it in our legislation. However, I hope that some day it will be possible to test the handguns you are writing about in the Russian Federation.

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Shurygin

March 15, 2009


Thank you, Sir. I am glad that you read Many in our society want to do away with guns. It is a constant fight against those who wish to disarm the citizenry.



I just wanted to send you a short message to let you know how much I appreciated your article on the Smith and Wesson M&P .45. I have been looking for a personal defense handgun for quite some time now and I have been agonizing over the decision between the Glock 21 and the M&P .45. Both are great guns and I'm very pleased that you took the time to do the comparison between the two. More than that, I was pleasantly surprised to read your opinions on the current state of our nation. It is really refreshing to hear the opinions of someone not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, and not influenced by the biased, liberal media. Being 21 years old, I see many of my peers conforming to the new "trendy" movement in politics that landed our current President in office. But like you, I wish we could live in a time where the only things we need to worry about are riding motorcycles, hunting, and spending time with family. Thanks again for your honesty and courage. God bless you. 

N. Lyon

March 4, 2009


Thank you, Sir. You are wise beyond your years.


Hello Jeff, 

Read you article concerning the 'clenched fist'. You may decide that you can work with Obama, decrying those things you don't believe in, and supporting him in those you can accept. Congratulations, I believe Obama is concerned with his agenda, period. And that he couldn't care less about partial acceptance by you or anyone else. I believe he is of a personality that is concerned only with the acquisition of personal power. I believe he is arranging things so that the socialist agenda goes on forever. You can decide to unclench your fist, do you really think his is unclenched? Go ahead, bite on the bait, I think you will regret it. The man is seductive, he's drawn you into the web. I will sever my relationship with this site. 

D Long

March 3, 2009


Please read that article again. I did not write it. My fist is still tightly clenched, and will remain so.


Your article on the Baby Eagle was pretty intelligent, UNTIL you highlighted your ignorance for all of us to read! The birth place of your savior is under siege, but you don't share a common enemy with the Zionists! in fact, the Zionists occupying Palestine are our enemy. How ignorant it is to suggest that the Palestinians fighting for their land and dignity should be lumped up as "terrorists" on the grand scale of Al Qaida. I bet you believe that the Iraqi's fighting back against the invasion of THEIR country 
are also global terrorists. Wake up man!! Ask yourself, why does my church full of Christians go around claiming that the Jews are the chosen people, and have a birth right to create a new Holocaust in the Middle East?!? If they're the chosen people, then us Christians are the servants created to slaughter in their name? What happened to the curse placed on them by God for KILLING your savior?? Have you tried to go to the holy land? I encourage you to see for yourself what you support.

Israel is killing this world!! Ask yourself, why this global terrorism?? Is it because the "scum-bag Muslims" envy our way of life?!?! Isn't it more likely that they despise our apparent lack of respect for their lives, and our unabashed attempts to steal the oil while kicking them down every step of the way? Don't you think that our 100% unanimous support for Israel's campaign of genocide and occupation has anything to do with it? Considering the fact that your taxpayer dollars will most likely end up 
in Israel rather than our own country anyway, I would write a letter to them explaining that you've already paid for your gun five-fold with your tax dollars and silence, and that you would like a refund for the purchase price immediately. If you have any sort of conscience, then you can also ask them to stop emulating Hitler, the guy they all secretly love. Not only did he teach them the art of ethnic-cleansing, but he also gave them an excuse to steal the holy land from people that had NOTHING to do with the holocaust, had NOTHING to do with anything other than the fact that they had lived for thousands of years peacefully on coveted land. Please wake up man!!

F. Kassis

February 20, 2009


Mr. Kassis,

I don't think that you read the article that I wrote. No where in that review does it mention Israel, or Zionists, or Hitler, or Palestinians, or Muslims. Neither does it mention "scum bags" of any sort. I have never referred to Muslims as scum bags. I have never referred to any race or religion as "scum bags". The really absurd part of your email is the statement that Jews love Hitler! In what part of that review did you read that I "ignorantly referred to Palestinians as terrorists"? The review mentions neither Palestinians nor terrorists. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the Christian Church got that idea about the Jews being God's chosen people from that little book that they all read. It is called the Holy Bible. However, what has any of this to do with my review of a gun that was designed in the Czech Republic and built in Minnesota? Perhaps you should read that review again, sober this time. Here is the link:


Dear Jeff,

You probably don't remember, but way back in 2005, I asked for some frank advice from you about what gun to buy: I thought that you might like to hear of the conversion of a no-interest Englishman to a firearms realist

I am an irrigation engineer and was then (2005) being assigned to some remote places in South America, one of the managers seriously suggested that I buy a gun. I didn't have a clue. Living in the UK, all handguns are illegal and I had no chance to try anything out or practice. I had no intention of becoming an expert. I didn't want some huge gun hanging off my hip as a challenge to anyone who was undoubtedly better than I was at shooting. I figured out that I needed a revolver because there were less things to do to make it fire and less to go wrong. You suggested a .357 magnum revolver. With your excellent advice on board I bought a stainless steel Ruger SP101 in .357 magnum, spurless hammer, 2 1/4 inch barrel - it holds five rounds. I bought a inside belt holster from eBay and a few boxes of 125 grain jacketed hollowpoint bullets. It was out-of-sight reassurance, just what I wanted.

When I arrived in South America and had it delivered, I was like a kid with a new toy and quite enjoyed blasting holes into paper targets at a range but, having never been raised with any contact with any sort of gun, the interest simply wasn't there. After a while the Ruger was just something that got cleaned eventually, rarely fired and was just put in its holster by habit like I would pick up my toolbox ... I know by now you must be close to fainting or laughing.

During the last Christmas break, with most of the staff away with their families, I was checking pipelines alone - something I have done hundreds of times over the last four years. The pipes are about five foot in diameter and I like to walk down them checking the welds before they are buried. I parked my truck and started the long stooped walk, carrying just my flashlight. I was about twenty yards inside the pipe when I discovered there were two men in the pipe behind me. They were between me and the exit and, in the narrow pipe, there was no way of running past them. Running away from them down the pipe would just have taken me underground and eventually into twelve miles of water filled irrigation tunnels.

The machetes and grins were enough to make me realise that these two men were not just curious or lost. They were out to rob me! Typically British, I threw my watch, wallet and truck keys at them and backed away - thinking that they would take everything and leave. They did take my things but kept coming down the pipe after me. I am not ashamed to say that just then I was more scared than I have ever been in my life.

More in a panic than anything, I drew the Ruger and for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, those two men looked less than certain. they actually stopped but then ran forward as fast as the pipe would allow. I fired twice, this was the first time that I had ever fired my Ruger without ear defenders and, inside an enclosed unburied section of metal pipe, that was LOUD beyond description. I also didn't realise just how much flash came out. Considering the neglect that my poor Ruger had been given it was a wonder it fired at all. It will probably fill you with horror when I say that I have no idea where the bullets went or that I apparently missed two guys stood shoulder to shoulder, about ten yards away in a five foot pipe. The men ran off which was fine by me and I broke into my truck and called for help which arrived two and a half hours later in the form of a very disinterested policeman and a motor pool guy with some spare keys. My ears stopped ringing just before he arrived.

I know that a lot of people challenge the need to carry weapons at all. To be honest I was probably one of them. This was the first time in my life that I had ever really met with a real threat, I had surrendered, given up everything of value but still these men seemed intent on killing me for reasons best known to themselves. If it had not been for the presence of my handgun and a determination, no matter how inexpert, to use it, I am certain I would have been killed - probably to be never found.

My first instinct was to run for home, quit the job and go sit behind a desk, but my British pig-headedness took over ... why should these bullies force me to give up a job I enjoy? 

Instead I took a few lessons with my Ruger and learned to shoot it properly, it only took a weekend to pick up the basics. On the advice of my instructor I bought a different holster and two speedloaders. I now carry more ammunition than just the five in the gun that I had been carrying. I clean my gun everytime I fire it and, no matter what, its lovingly cleaned every Sunday evening (I even talk to it). I go to the range twice a week, not for long, but enough to keep my eye in. 

For a former anti-gun Englishman, I have also found myself buying a pump action shotgun, which now lives under the seat of my truck !

A real transformation!

Best wishes


February 20, 2009


That's a good story. I am glad that it turned out well for you. Stories like that happen everyday, but never make the news. If you had not been armed, you would now be dead. There was nobody there to help you, and it fell upon you to be responsible for your own safety. You did well. You came out alive. Thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us.



Enjoyed the Red Label article. Have had a 20 gauge for several years and enjoy shooting dove, quail and skeet with it. It spent 3 weeks under salt water (I live in New Orleans) and 2 days  unattended after the flood waters of hurricane Katrina receded before I could tend to it. I thought for sure it would be scrap iron but it cleaned up pretty well. Took it as far down as I could, cleaned and oiled everything, re-blued the barrels and although far from cherry it functions flawlessly and I'm enjoying shooting it again.


February 18, 2009

Concerning your article on the Ruger Hunter:

Fantastic is all I can say. You hit the bullseye on your evaluation of the Hunter. I was always a diehard S&W Model 29 fan until I purchased a Hunter. It is solid, accurate (I use a 240 Keith style semi-wadcutter and 19.5 grains of 2400 backed by a CCI Large Magnum Primer). 2 Years ago I downed a 5 point bull elk at 90 yards. It never saw what was coming and didn't move once hit.

Thanks for your article.

New diehard Ruger fan....


US Army Retired and very proud to serve.

February 17, 2009


Tell Boge our prayers are with him and I hope he gets well real soon.

Great review on the .44 Special Flattop Blackhawk. I have a 50th anniversary .357 and a 50th Anniversary .44 mag. They are both fine revolvers, but that doesn't cure my itch for the .44 special version. If I had the time & money, I suppose I would have Hamilton Bowen convert my .357 to .44 special and get a Lipsey's Flattop .44 special and have Bowen convert it to .45 Colt. Line-bored cylinders, etc.

I  also have had great results from Mt. Baldy Bullets and I admire this sentence you wrote: "That is the classic .44 Special bullet style, and is, in my opinion, the reason that God invented lead."

I concur wholeheartedly.



February 5, 2009

Hi all just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your informative and thorough reviews.  Having viewed a number of reviews from a number of sources, I find yours to be the best.  Recently I have been in the market for a .357 revolver and have been shopping around locally as well as asking the opinions of friends.  Jeff's review of the Ruger SP 101 clinched it for me.  Having bigger hands I wasn't fond of the grips on a number of revolvers I've handled so I specifically sought out the SP 101 after having read Jeff's review.   The factory grips have a fantastic feel and the balance of the weight only adds to the comfort of the gun.  The SP 101 is certain to be the newest addition to my collection.  Thanks for the review, it was most helpful, keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight. 

My thanks to all,


January 25, 2009

Read the article and I do agree with ever point made. There is a lot of hype here in Amarillo Texas as to the future of gun control, tax ammo and the list is endless.  Guns are an issue yet we have an economic issue that is the elephant to eat today.  Watch out for us on your end and keep the postings coming.  I am a conservative Republican as is most everyone here in this area.  I did not vote for Obama yet the people have spoken (the majority is usually wrong) we will do what is necessary to make it work. Thanks for your article.


January 25, 2009

Jeff, although I have been a firearms enthusiast (OK, a gun nut) for years, I have hardly ever written in to, well, anyone. This instance is a remedy to that fact. John Taffin is one of the only writers that I've honestly looked for to write something else. Now that has changed. Since my Unit is deployed in Sadr City, I find myself looking to those who would truly affect the rights guaranteed us in the Constitution, and any news hand in hand with the rights I enjoy. You sir have caught my attention. I also have fears of how the rights we enjoy, will be interpreted by the current administration. As you say, look at Obama's voting record. WE MAY NOT HAVE ENOUGH! Also appreciate the recent nod to Taurus. Yes the fighting men would prefer the .45... The End. God bless.


January 8, 2009


Thank you, Sir, for the kind words, and especially for standing in the gap against evil for us. I appreciate it.


Gunblast Gang:

In an age of interweb flame-fest forums, too much information and opinionated fact, it is very refreshing to find a site such as yours with real shooters and real results. No walking egg shells, or padded corners, just results. I've eliminated all my bookmarks for other gun info sites simply because your site is one-stop-shopping without all the gobbledegook. Your site's content and links give me all the info I need without the fluff, chest-thumping, bias and 'attitude'.

The music in the videos is excellent as well. Really, really good stuff.

Many thanks for a great, no-nonsense place for real shooters to go. Count on my continued support.

Outstanding job, gentlemen.


January 8, 2009


A few months ago I was fortunate enough to stumble upon and I keep coming back. Your firearm reviews are among the best I've ever read. I can get gobs of numbers and details about manufacturing processes just about anywhere, but you give what's lacking in most published reviews. You guys state your thoughts, opinions, and feelings in a way that gives me a much better idea of what I'm reading about. 

I just read your article "Do You Have Enough" and I think you hit some key issues right on the head there. It's a crazy world we live in and we can only expect it to get crazier. Our society has been slowly trading self-sufficiency and freedom for "security" and it's catching up to us. Obviously we can't depend on the Government to provide for us and our families when the feces hits the proverbial fan, and it is our responsibility to take whatever measures we can to ensure our own safety and health in bad times. Interestingly for decades now the leaders of the Mormon church have told their members to avoid unnecessary debt, save money, and stock up a years supply of food. People are now seeing the value in that philosophy. Thank you for reminding us all that in the end we are responsible to provide for ourselves and our loved ones. That's the big thing that we in this country need to get back to, taking responsibility for oneself.

Once again, I think what you're doing with Gunblast is awesome and wish you a Safe, Happy, and Prosperous New Year!

Brian H.

January 2, 2009