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Ruger is introducing electronic hearing protectors to their catalog. Our initial range tests confirm their quality.

Ruger's stainless Number One rifle in the new .204 Ruger.

Range-testing the Ruger Number One in .204 Ruger. We were very impressed by both gun and cartridge.

Savage's new Model 40, a quality bolt-action rifle at an economical price.

Jeff and Savage's Paula Iwanski with their Model 12 LE .308 bolt-action tactical rifle.

Good news for Southpaws like Jeff: Browning has introduced their great A-Bolt Micro Hunter rifle in a left-hand configuration.

Greg and Jeff check out Browning's new Mountain Ti titanium bolt-action rifle, weighing in at just over five pounds.

Greg with Browning's new Cynergy over/under shotgun.

Greg with Winchester's Model 70 Custom Safari Express in .338 Winchester Magnum.

Winchester's line of lever-action shotguns for 2004.

Bill Alexander, the man behind Alexander Arms, with a .50 Beowulf in desert camo.

Jeff with Marlin's Lauren Benedetto and the Marlin "Buffalo Classic" single-shot .45-70 rifle.

Jeff with Kimber's Model 84M in .22-250.

Rossi's new "Youth Combo" three-in-one rig includes interchangeable barrels in .22LR, .410 bore shotgun, and .45 muzzle-loader.

Taurus' Priscilla Perez with their new "Mini-Backup" revolver, available in 9mm or .17 HMR.

Jeff and Priscilla Perez with Taurus' new ultra-light titanium .44 Magnum revolver.

Priscilla Perez with Taurus' new PT640R Millennium Pro in .40 S&W.

Jeff with Remington's new Model 700 Titanium Magnum.

Cimarron's Jamie Harvey with their "Texas Ranger" model in .45-70.

Jeff with Jamie Harvey and the Cimarron Rolling Block .45-70 rifle.

Greg with the Ruger Model 77 RSM safari rifle in .416 Rigby.

Bianchi's Russ Fuellner models their new "Carry Lock" holster.

R.G. Stitt with Smith & Wesson's nice .45 Colt Mountain Gun. This limited edition is available through any stocking S&W dealer.

R.G Stitt with Smith & Wesson's Model 325PD lightweight .45 ACP revolver.

Heat Factory, Inc.'s new "flip-top" hunting gloves. Heat pad fits into the flip-up finger cover for maximum warmth where it is most needed.

XS Sight Systems is proud to announce that Springfield Armory has chosen the XS sight as standard equipment on their SOCOM rifle (center). Shown at right is their "ghost ring" sight for the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle; this neat little sight fits the standard Ruger dovetail.

XS Sight Systems' Bo Wallace with their excellent sights for the Winchester lever-action rifle.

Doreen Marks, president of Otis Technologies, with their new Ultra Bore-Cleaning Solvent.

Our friends at Cast Performance Bullets, Renee and Kelly Brost, the makers of the finest premium cast handgun bullets you can buy, with Renee's "Risk-It Wear" clothing.

With Cast Performance's "Risk-It Wear", now you can look as good as you shoot!

Simmons' Pete Fosselman with their new "CaptureView" combination binocular/digital camera. This very reasonably-priced unit couples a quality binocular with a digital camera complete with LCD viewfinder, 2-megapixel resolution, 16MB of onboard memory, and memory-stick compatibility. Very neat!

Jeff checks out some of Simmons' quality scopes.

Amanda and Vanessa demonstrate the Camelback hydration system.

William Harris with Rynoskin's lightweight and breathable insect protection body-suit. For more info, go to

Ric Uphaus demonstrates Ultimate Power Products' "Timberlift" automatic climbing tree stand.

Marbles' James Laurman with their new bone-handled cowboy knife.

Jeff and Wally Brownlee of Target Shooting, Inc. with their latest model. Many folks ask us how Jeff can shoot such good groups during testing, and Wally's rests are a big part of it!

E-Z-Go's Jo Uhles with their ST4x4 four-wheel-drive dump-bed utility vehicle. Visit them on the web at

John Deere's new "Trail Buck" ATV.

A Brownell's exclusive: Remington Model 700 short-action receivers.

Ashley Ecker with Charter 2000's "Off-Duty" revolver.

Charter 2000's Nick Ecker with their "Dixie Derringer" mini-revolver.

Warne Manufacturing's High-Rise AR-15 scope rings.

Cimarron's Jamie Harvey with their new stainless Frontier sixgun.

Jamie Harvey with Cimarron's new "Evil Roy" sixgun, available in .357 Magnum or .45 Colt.

Bushmaster's Jon Clark with their new BAR-10 .308 rifle. Look for a shooting review soon on!

Savage's Model 110SE safari rifle with AccuTrigger in .458 Win. Mag.

Another SHOT Show is behind us, and we are already looking forward to next year. Next SHOT - January 28-31, 2005!

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