SHOT Show 2004 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2004 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2004 - Day 3

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Ruger's new Single-Six Hunter model will be available in either .22LR/.22 Magnum or .17 HMR.

Ruger is offering their venerable 10/22 carbine in special trim to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this fine little gun.

Ruger announced the rollout of the Ruger Studio of Art and Decoration with some truly stunning examples of the gunmaker's art.

The first morning of SHOT 2004 began with a Ruger press briefing, followed by a press range session with their new offerings for 2004. Here Jeff tries the Single-Six Hunter model in .17 HMR.

New for 2004, Ruger is including scope mounts with all of their adjustable-sighted .22 semi-auto pistol models.

New from Ruger is the full-size 10/22 rifle.

The .204 Ruger is a new cartridge developed by Ruger and Hornady. Jeff tries it out in a Ruger Model 77 bolt rifle.

Featuring a 32-grain Hornady VMAX bullet at 4225 fps, the .204 Ruger proved to be very fast-shooting and flat-shooting, and an excellent performer in windy conditions such as we encountered at the range.

Ruger says their long-awaited Gold Label side-by-side shotgun will become a reality in 2004.

Jeff was very impressed by the handling and shooting qualities of the Ruger Gold Label shotgun.

Beretta has reconfigured their very nice NEOS .22 pistol as an impressive-looking carbine.

Paula Iwanski with Savage demonstrates their new take-down .22 single-shot.

Jeff with Browning's limited-edition stainless BLR.

Browning's beautiful BL-22 Classic Grade II .22 rifle with tapered octagon barrel.

The Browning BL-22 Classic is also available in a limited edition "Alamo Rifle".

The Browning BL-22 "Alamo Gun" features beautiful engravings of the heroes of the Alamo, as well as engraved scenes and an inlaid stock.

One of Jeff's favorites has returned: the Winchester Model 1895 in .405 Winchester.

Jeff with the VERY limited-edition Winchester Model 1895 Boone & Crockett Commemorative.

Detail of the intricate engraving found on the Winchester Model 1895 Boone & Crockett Commemorative.

David Martin with Vulcan Arms' suppressed (law enforcement only) 9mm AR-type.

Rami Shaul demonstrates the CornerShot system, designed to allow law enforcement officers to shoot around corners using a small LED screen built into the weapon.

BWE Firearms' .22 Gatling gun.

Walter W. Keller II of Safety Harbor Firearms with one of their .50 BMG rifles. The Safety Harbor units are available to fit on a standard AR-15 lower unit. Look for a shooting review soon on

Don Rayner of Rogue Rifle Co. with a synthetic-stock Chipmunk rifle.

Bart Looper of Looper Leather demonstrates one of their concealment handbags. Looper Leather offers a full line of hand-crafted gun leather.

Jeff with Alexander Arms' new .50 Beowulf bolt-action rifle.

Alexander Arms' new 6.5 Grendel cartridge. Developed by Bill Alexander, the 6.5 Grendel is ballistically superior to the 6.8mm Remington.

Paul Thompson with Browning's new BAR "Long-Trak" rifle.

Paul Thompson with Browning's new Gold Evolve shotgun.

SHOT Show 2004 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2004 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2004 - Day 3