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Kimber's Model 84M Ultra-Light bolt rifle.

Our pal Jason Cloessner with one of Lipsey's exclusive guns for 2004: a two-tone custom Browning Buck Mark pistol with gray laminate grips.

Springfield Armory's .40 caliber XD Competition Pro.

Rose Marie Adsmond with Rossi's 12-gauge compact slug gun.

New for 2004 from Rossi is the "Mini Loader" compact muzzle-loader.

As we have come to expect from Taurus, they are aggressively expanding their product line for the new model year. Among their new offerings is a nice-looking SAA .45 Colt tailored for the Cowboy Action Shooting market.

Another Taurus introduction perfectly-suited for CAS shooters is the Lightning pump-action rifle in .45 Colt.

Taurus' Priscilla Perez with the new Raging Bull in .500 S&W Magnum.

Priscilla Perez with Taurus' new PT922 .22 semi-auto pistol.

Glock is beginning to offer their pistols with integrally-colored frames, such as this 17 in olive.

Among the new friends we made at SHOT 2004 is wildcatter Daniel Marchel, who showed us his new .454 Long cartridge.

The .454 Long bridges the gap between the .454 Casull and cartridges such as the .475 Linebaugh and .500 S&W Magnum. It also offers the advantage of firing .45 Colt, .454 Casull, and .454 Long in the same gun.

New from Walther is the Model G22 .22 semi-auto bullpup.

Jeff with Remington's Lightweight Varminter.

Jamie Harvey with Cimarron's new "Big Fifty" .50-90 rifle.

Jeff and Jamie Harvey with Cimarron's new Low-Wall .22 rifle.

Detail of Cimarron's beautiful Low-Wall .22.

Jamie Harvey and Armand Auger with a Cimarron Henry reproduction.

Greg Bond of Bond Arms shows their new .450 Autobond 1911-pattern pistol (left) and their Century 2000 .45 Colt / .410 Derringer (right). The .450 Autobond propels a 100-grain bullet at 2200 fps, and also chambers the .45 ACP cartridge.

EMF Dakota SAA.

A brace of EMF Remington reproductions.

Ruger is a major sponsor of the USA Shooting Team, and is producing a limited run of .22 pistols to honor the team. A portion of each gun's purchase price will go to the team's Olympic efforts.

Bianchi is introducing some innovative new holster designs, such as the "Duty Lock" duty holster. Central to the new Bianchi design is an innovative finger-break that supplements the thumb-break for added security without sacrificing speed.

Bianchi's new "Snap Lock" concealment holster also features the new finger-break design.

Palco's new Airsoft gun shoots plastic 6mm plastic BBs or 6mm paint balls.

Eagle Grips' new "Ultra Pearl" grips are a far cry from the familiar synthetic "mother-of-pimp" grips from the past.

NVision's Max Rivkin with their attractively-priced night vision digital camera lens.

Jeff and Molinee Dawn with Horus' 4x-16x tactical scope with illuminated reticle. Ol' Jeff just looks WAY to happy!

Smith & Wesson's R.G. Stitt with their new 1911SC lightweight .45.

Paul Leitner-Wise with a .499 Leitner-Wise rifle. The Leitner-Wise rifle was recently adopted by the U.S. Coast Guard. Look for a shooting review soon on!

Jeff and Matt Guzeldere of Armsco with a Huglu "Woodcock Deluxe" limited-edition 12-gauge over-under shotgun.

Jeff and Armsco's Matt Guzeldere with a Huglu "Durango" cowboy shotgun.

USFA engraved SAA revolvers.

Gary Germaine of USFA with their new Lighning pump-action rifle in .44-40.

Renee Goldman of Kel-Tec with their SU-16C folding 5.56mm rifle.

Henry Repeating Arms' Louis Imperato with their "Big Boy" .44 Magnum rifle.

Henry Repeating Arms has introduced beautiful, reasonably-priced engraved guns to their line. This "Golden Boy" engraved .22 retails for only $999.00!

Jeanne Mitchell with Rohrbaugh's nice-looking little 9mm pistol.

Brenna Mucik with Traditions' new "Real 16" Gold Model over-under shotgun - retail priced starting at $1179.00.

DPMS' new AR-15 flip-up sights.

DPMS' Ted Mangles with their AR-15 .22 conversion kit.

Thompson's gold-plated "Tommy Gun" (top) and M1 Carbine (bottom).

Benelli's 1014 Limited Edition semi-auto 12-gauge shotgun.

Uberti's "Cattleman" SAA in .45 Colt.

Beretta's new "Stampede Marshall" in .45 Colt.

Beretta English-stocked double shotgun.

Tom Kent with Bushmaster's new "Lady" Carbon-15 rifle.

Angela Barrett with Barrett Firearms' new M468 in 6.8 SPC. Look for's exclusive first shooting review soon!

Mossberg's new 935 Magnum Autoloader.

Dillon Precision's Tim Vaughn with their new RL550B Camo.

Sherri Sickles of CZ USA with their Model CZ550 American Safari Magnum.

Jeff and Sherri Sickles with CZ USA's Model CZ527 in the hot new .204 Ruger.

Jody Swanson of ArmaLite shows off their new "Snow Camo" pattern.

ArmaLite's Mario Madusic with their AR-30 in .338 Lapua. Look for a shooting review soon on!

Smith & Wesson's new short-barreled Model 500 in .500 S&W Magnum.

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