SHOT Show 2002

Day 3

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New for 2002 from Taurus is the Model 218 revolver in .218 Bee, available in blue or stainless. Taurus' scope mount system clamps into the vent slots on the barrel rib, allowing easy removal without changes to scope zero.

Jeff examines Taurus' new Model 851 lightweight .38 Special +P revolver with shrouded hammer.

Taurus has also released a new .45 ACP revolver, the Model 455. This nice medium-frame 5-shot revolver can be used with Taurus' new proprietary clip-loader system.

Taurus' Eddie Fernandez holds their new Raging Thirty in .30 Carbine, while Jeff likes the new Taurus Raging Bee in .218 Bee.

Taurus has also introduced a new chambering for their successful Raging Bull series: the .41 Magnum. Taurus has become one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the industry. A look at Taurus' new products for 2002 reveals that Taurus is expanding their proven product lines, reaching back to the past by reintroducing classic designs, and looking to the future with new and modern designs and materials for the 21st century.

The folks from Barnes Bullets. We think Barnes is making some of the finest bullets available in today's market. Their product line runs the gamut from bullets for the smallest varmints to bullets for the largest dangerous game on this planet. Barnes' products are the equal of the most expensive custom bullets available, at a fraction of the price. No serious handloader should be without them.

Jeff with Barnes Bullets' Jessica Treu (left) and Kami Hall (right). Not only do the folks at Barnes make fine products, but they're some of the finest folks you'd ever want to meet. Serious shooters and hunters, the folks at Barnes Bullets understand what shooters and hunters need, and they use their experiences along with the experiences of hunters the world over to create real-world performance.

Cimarron offers some of the finest vintage-style guns available today. Their handguns and long guns are so meticulously detailed that they are hard to tell apart from the originals. New from Cimarron for 2002 are "Cartridge Conversion" revolvers that can fire smokeless cartridges. Look for a complete evaluation soon on!

Jeff with Benelli's new M3 12-gauge "Tactical Shotgun".

A sampling from Dillon Precision's line of excellent progressive loading machines.

Exclusively available from Lipsey's distributors: Rossi single-shot rifle/shotgun combo includes .22 LR barrel, .243 Winchester barrel, 20-gauge shotgun barrel, and carrying case, all at a VERY reasonable price (top); Bersa .380 semi-auto pistol with gold-plated parts (bottom left); and Ruger .22 semi-auto pistol with 4" bull barrel and custom-profiled Rosewood grips (bottom right). Lipsey's offers many limited-run guns from several manufacturers, with many more planned for 2002; have your dealer contact our buddy Jason Cloessner at (225) 755-1333 or visit them on the Web at .

Jeff REALLY likes the new Gold Label line of side-by-side shotguns from Ruger!

Ruger's new stainless Number One rifle in .416 Rigby.

Serbu Firearms, Inc. is offering a nifty, affordable little 12-gauge pump shotgun. Aimed at the law enforcement and home defense markets, the gun is classified as an AOW ("Any Other Weapon") by ATF, meaning only a $5 Federal transfer tax applies to its ownership.

Jack Rosenberg of Ross Leather with one of their nice Cowboy rigs. Ross Leather offers a complete line of classic & modern holster designs.

AO Sight Systems' Stephen Barron displays their new "Lever Scout" scope mount system for the Winchester Model 94.

Detail view of AO Sight Systems' new "Lever Scout" scope mount system for the Winchester Model 94.

Dan Erickson of Plinker Target Systems explains the features of their newly-redesigned clay bird throwing machine.

T.J. Sommer and Kevin Scmid of Mid Valley Industries demonstrate their electric lift deer stand system.

3Bucc, makers of the 3Bucc Brass Catcher (see Jeff's article at 3Bucc Brass Catcher), are offering a simple, inexpensive, and effective flashlight mount system for the standard AR-15 hand guard. Their web site has been down for a while, which led us to wonder if they were still around, but their web host has been having technical difficulties. They will be back up soon at .

Randy McCrary and Gahagan Patterson of Scabbard Technology with their new scabbard gun mount system.

Patty Erickson displays MEC's new bottle retaining system for their legendary shot shell loader. The retaining system can be retrofit to older MEC loaders.

Boge hard at work at the hotel, updating the web page. What would they do without me?

Another successful SHOT show is behind us! Next SHOT...Orlando, Florida, February 13-16, 2003!

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