3 Bucc Brass Catcher



by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn



When I first heard of the 3 Bucc brass catcher, I thought "What a bargain, a brass catcher for three bucks." I found out, however, that the retail price is more like sixty bucks. The brass catcher is made by 3 Bucc LLP in Joliet, Illinois.

What I did find after receiving the 3 Bucc product is a well made brass catcher that performs as advertised. The brass catcher that I received is made to fit any AR-15 type rifle that is equipped with a carry handle. The device consists of a polymer part that attaches inside the handle without tools, and the actual bag into which  the brass is flung upon ejection. To empty the bag when full, a Velcro closure at the bottom is opened to let the brass fall out. 

I mounted the brass catcher on my AR-15 carbine. It uses the same bolt that mounts the red dot sight to the top of the handle. It comes equipped with its own bolt for guns without an auxiliary sight. After the receiver part was in place, I slid the bag onto the gun, loaded a thirty-round magazine, and fired the weapon as fast as possible. The 3 Bucc brass catcher caught every empty case and did not interfere with the operation of the gun at all. For AR type rifles without a carry handle, 3 Bucc sells a set of scope rings that are modified to accept the brass catcher.

The 3 Bucc product is a quality brass catcher, far superior to the cheap snap-on type often sold elsewhere. It is one of those simple, but effective devices that help shooters who like to save their brass for reloading. The brass doesn't get lost or dirty, and is easily dumped into a box or range bag without losing even one piece.

3 Bucc makes brass catchers for many other type guns as well as several other innovative products. They can be reached by calling 815-722-8605 or view their product line on the web at  www.3bucc.com

Jeff Quinn


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The mounting bracket for the 3Bucc Brass Catcher easily installs inside the AR15's handle without tools.




The bag for the 3Bucc Brass Catcher snaps into the mounting bracket quickly and easily.




The bottom of the 3Bucc Brass Catcher opens with a velcro closure for easy dumping of spent brass.




An ejection port view shows that the 3Bucc Brass Catcher is an effective design that catches every piece!








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