SHOT Show 2002

Day 1

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Jeff with Weatherby's Orion 20-ga side-by-side shotgun.

Detail view of the beautiful action and engraving found on Weatherby's Orion.

Ruger displayed their new line of "Gold Label" side-by-side doubles. Beautifully built with no exposed screws or pins, the Gold Label appears to be the equal of guns costing many times its price.

The Ruger Gold Label is very lightweight and handy, using thin-walled barrels and a slim action. The 12-gauge version weighs only 6-1/3 pounds!

Thin-wall choke tubes used by Ruger in their Gold Label allow substantial weight reduction and clean lines.

Ruger's new Model 96/17 .17 Hornady Rimfire Magnum lever-action carbine.

Also new from Ruger is the Stainless Number 1 rifle in .416 Rigby.

Ruger's new Stainless Bearcat .22 revolver.

Ruger's new Single-Six "Bird's-Head" in .32 H&R Magnum. Look for a complete review of this gun very soon (Jeff was almost finished evaluating this Ruger when we left for Vegas).

Greg and Jeff with Les Baer's AR-15 style .223 carbine.

Jeff with Weatherby's .300 Weatherby Magnum "tactical rifle".

Jeff with the Targomatic roll-feed shotgun target pattern board.

RCBS's new 'Grand" shotshell loader.

Greg with EAA's "straight pull" .22 rifle.

Jeff admires one of HK's "Classic Lion" side-by-side double shotguns.

Serbu Firearms' .50BMG semi-auto rifle.

Serbu Firearms' .50BMG single-shot rifle.

Serbu Firearms' .50BMG rifles are available with this heartfelt sentiment stamped on the imposing muzzle. We like it!

Jeff with the girls at the Taser International booth. Ol' Jeff has a tough job, as you will see!

Taser International's remote taser gun has been adopted for use by both American Airlines and United Airlines for protection of their pilot cabins in the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

For some reason, Jeff agreed to let one of the Taser International girls demonstrate their product on him! He was quite unprepared for the level of pain caused by the one-second burst.

Jeff immediately folded and dropped on his butt, unable even to scream in pain! Jeff is definitely a believer in the effectiveness of Taser International's product. He later said it wasn't the first time he'd been hurt by a woman, but it was the worst!

Stephanie Carey of Freedom Arms displays one of their newest guns, the Model 97 .22 revolver. Built on a smaller frame than their Model 252, the Model 97 combines a handier size with Freedom Arms' legendary accuracy, beauty and ruggedness. Look for a complete evaluation of the Model 97 in the near future!

Stephanie Carey with Freedom Arms' new Model 83 10"-barreled wheelgun chambered in the mighty .475 Linebaugh.

Freedom Arms' new .22 "Silhouette" models: the Model 252 (top) and Model 97.

Freedom Arms has introduced a new line of quality holsters... well as a new line of super-strong cases.

Jeff with one of Dakota's excellent single-shot rifles.

Jeff with Marlin's new 1894CP 16-1/4" barreled .357 Magnum lever-action carbine.

Our pal Jason Cloessner with Lipsey's distributors. Jason is showing Jeff a nice-looking new stainless 1911A1-pattern .45 ACP pistol from Charles Daly. This new .45 features many custom touches usually found only on expensive pistols, but at a very reasonable price. Lipsey's distributes many limited-run firearms from all the major manufacturers. 

Jeff with Armalite's AR-180 .223 carbine.

Armalite's AR-51 .50BMG semi-auto prototype. Armalite is currently evaluating whether there is enough interest in this gun to go into regular production, so if you'd like to see this rifle on the market, let 'em know at 

New from Glock is the "Glock Lock", a handy keyed device that locks the slide. A nifty appeasement to legislators and trial lawyers, the device includes a tactile indicator (seen protruding from the back of the grip), and the key leaves an unobtrusive slot in the bottom of the grip cavity so you'll hardly notice it after you throw the key in the lake where it belongs! The Glock Lock will be immediately available on most of Glock's line.

Jeff checks out Franchi's Veloce 20-gauge over-and-under shotgun. Weighing in at only 5.7 lbs, this extremely handy little gun handles and swings well.

Jeff was very impressed with Franchi's Model 48 AL 28-gauge semi-auto shotgun with English grip stock.

Deena Forrest and Dan Harvill with Tasco proudly display the #1 Product award given to Tasco by the Professional Gun Retailers Association for their EXP scope line (see Jeff's evaluation at Tasco EXP Rifle Scopes)

Tasco's Deena Forrest instructs Jeff in some of the finer points of Tasco's scope line.

SHOT Show 2002 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2002 - Day 3