SHOT Show 2010 - Day 1

by Boge Quinn

SHOT Show 2010 - "Media Day"

SHOT Show 2010 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2010 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2010 - Day 3

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Magnum Research BFR revolver in 30-30.

Classic Old West Styles' Ruger-branded shoulder holster.

Thureon Defense 45 ACP carbine.

Sherri Goodwin with CZ's Urban Counter Sniper rifle in 308 Winchester.

Dan Wesson's "Guardian" alloy-framed 9mm pistol.

EMF's "Pony Express" revolving carbine.

Eagle Grips American elk 1911 grips.

David Harper with Cimarron's 1887 shotgun.

Guncrafter Industries' 50-caliber Glock conversion.

Bonnie with ATI's AR-style 12-gauge semi-auto shotgun.

Charter Arms' limited-edition "Heller" 38 revolver.

Chiappa Rhino revolvers.

ArmaLite's new AR rifle features user-customizable modular rails integral with the upper receiver. 

Kahr's P380 pistol is now available with blackened stainless slide.

DPMS AR rifle with wood furniture. 

Winchester is bringing back the Model 94 rifle with a 200-year Oliver Winchester commemorative.


Freedom Arms' single-shot pistol is now in full production.

Savage Model 110BA in 338 Lapua.

Marlin's "Deluxe" line of leverguns.

Marlin Model 60 50th Anniversary commemorative.

Taurus is expanding their popular "Judge" 45/410 revolver series with a lightweight polymer-framed version.

Cassandra Hernandez and Jeff with Rossi's RG3030 (left) and RG3030SS (right) 30-30 leverguns.

Remington's Model 597VTR .22 rifles.

Smith & Wesson Model 640 .38 snubby with tritium night sights.

Browning Hi-Power 75th Anniversary commemorative.

Detail of the 75th Anniversary roll-mark on top of the Hi-Power's slide.

Beretta's scroll-engraved "Jubilee" shotgun.

Detail of the Jubilee's engraving.

Benelli tactical shotguns.

FN's SPR rifles.

Colt Hugh O'Brian / Wyatt Earp tribute set.

Mossberg's 510 Mini shotgun, available in 20 gauge or .410 bore, is touted as the smallest functioning repeating shotgun.

SIG's P238 Two-Tone .380 pocket pistol.

Gunblast fan Ruth with SIG's 516 Personal Defense Weapon.

Brandon McCurdy with Davidson's exclusive 1892 Deluxe Limited Series takedown carbine.

Hornady's new automatic powder trickler.

New from Stag Arms is their Model 8 piston AR.

Angela Barrett with Barrett Firearms' Model 98 in 338 Lapua, which was awarded NRA's Rifle of the Year for 2010.

Lipseys' exclusive Ruger Bisley flattop 44 Special.

Ruger "Raspberry" LCP 380 pistol.

Talo exclusive Ruger Mark III 60th Anniversary 22 pistol.

Detail of Talo's 60th Anniversary Ruger Mark III laser-engraved grip panels.

Lipseys' Laurie Aronson with their exclusive Browning T-Bolt Whisper 22 rifle.

New from Galco is their "Wheelgunner" holster.

Bohica Arms has a 50-caliber conversion for a standard AR lower, which retails for only $1295.

Coonan Arms is back with their 357 Magnum 1911-style pistol.

Titan Gun Vault.

Legacy Sports International .22 semi-auto rifles with drum magazines.

Citadel compact .45 1911 from Legacy Sports International.

We are very excited about Kel-Tec's new PMR30 30-shot .22 Magnum pistol.

SHOT Show 2010 - "Media Day"

SHOT Show 2010 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2010 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2010 - Day 3