SHOT Show 2007 - Day 2

by Boge Quinn

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SHOT Show 2007 - Day 2

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Sig 1911 pistol.

Glock's new G21SF.

Advantage Arms .22 Long Rifle conversion kit for the Springfield XD will be available by the end of 2007.

Jamie Harvey of Cimarron Arms with their Lightning pump-action rifle.

Chaparral Firearms is introducing a nice-looking Peacemaker sixgun.

T&G International's new Legion Target Rifle.

IMR's new 4007SSC (Super Short Cut) powder.

Cor-Bon's excellent PowRBall lineup.

DPMS' Dustin Emholtz with their Mark 12 rifle.


Super Six Limited's .45/70 Bison Bull revolver.

STI's new Escort pistol weighs in at 22 ounces.

Scherer Supplies is offering fingertip magazine extensions for Kel-Tec and Bersa pistols.

Cobra Enterprises' compact Patriot .45 pistol. 

Magnum Research BFR revolver in .50 AE with extra cylinder in .500 JRH.

Shiloh Sharps fancy Model 1874 rifle.

The legendary Detonics Combat Master .45 is back!

Tactical Solutions is offering a neat extended lever-type magazine release for the Ruger 10/22 and clones.

Tactical Solutions' lightweight .22 conversion unit for the 1911 pistol, available with full rail for easy scope mounting... also available with a Tactical Solutions suppressor.

Russian American Armory is now importing the excellent Biathlon Basic rifle.

Hi-Lux Scopes' long-range Malcolm style scope and adjustable mounts.

Boge with Fabarms' Beta Classic 20 shotgun..

Starline Brass will soon have new cases available for the .38/55.

XS Sight Systems' Lever Rail scope mount for the Marlin Guide Gun.

LULA's Universal Magazine Loader works for all manner of pistol magazines, both double-stack and single-stack.

Sabre Defence Industries' Hunter Cummings with their new XR15A3 SPR Rifle.

Stagarms' Model 2TL - a truly left-handed AR!

Cobb Arms .338 Lapua rifle.

Eagle Grips is offering thinly-profiled rosewood grips for the Beretta Model 92 pistol.

Jeff with Marlin's new CR Carbine in .45 Colt.

Marlin's new 308MX levergun in .308 Marlin Express.

New from Ruger are .22/45 Target Model pistols with fluted barrels in 6" (left) or 4" (right) lengths.

Another look at Freedom Arms' new see-through scope mount.

Do-All Outdoors' swinging targets.

Jeff with Bushmaster's short AR. Sorry, available for law enforcement only!

Pedersoli's Lightning .45 Colt rifle with octagon barrel.

Chiappa Firearms' Baby Sharps rifle.

Another look at the new Smith & Wesson .357 Model 27 Registered Magnum, available only from Lew Horton.

Also exclusively available from Lew Horton is S&W's 3" Model 29 .44 Magnum.

Jeff with Ruger's new .375 Alaskan rifle in .375 Ruger.

The Ruger .375 Alaskan sports a SOFT rubber recoil pad -  this is probably a good idea!

Hogue's new line of titanium grip panels for most semi-autos.

Savage has introduced a new version of heir great AccuTrigger, adjustable down to 6 ounces.

Browning's T-Bolt Sporter .22 rifle.

Leupold's Pat Mundy with their new VX-7 Scope.

Cassandra Hernandez with Rossi's Turkey Gun.

Taurus' "The Judge" .45/410 (3" Magnum) revolver.

A Lipsey's exclusive: Talo's Ruger 345 Phoenix.

A selection of fine products from our friends at Barnes Bullets.

Kel-Tec's Karen Lake with their 32" .308 bullpup rifle, slated for early 2008 production.

Beretta's Px4 Storm .45 and Px4 Storm .45 SOCOM pistols.

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