SHOT Show 2007 - Day 1

by Boge Quinn

SHOT Show 2007 - Day 1

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SHOT Show 2007 - Day 3

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Ruger's new Alaskan rifle, chambered in the equally-new .375 Ruger.

Ruger's new 4" Redhawk.

Freedom Arms is offering a new "see-through" scope mount for their revolvers.

This Freedom Arms Model 97 shows several options now available: short barrel & ejector rod, fluted cylinder and round butt.

Do-All Outdoors now offers a wobble trap thrower, allowing random target paths.

Do-All Outdoors' new "Iron Buck" antler mount.

Bushmaster's new .450 AR rifle.

The .450 Bushmaster appears quite impressive!

Kahr Arms introduces the PM45 .45 pistol, which will be available mid-2007.


Kahr Arms' Jody DePorter with a Thompson semi-auto rifle.

Navy Arms' beautifully finished, engraved and gold-inlaid Schofield replica.

Pedersoli long-range Sharps rifle with Malcolm scope.

Chiappa Firearms' engraved Model 92 takedown rifle. 

Smith & Wesson's Model 27 "Registered Magnum" in 3" or 5" barrel lengths are exclusively available from Lew Horton distributors on a very limited basis.

Ruger's Model 77 Mark II .358 Winchester in Target gray finish, with Leupold's new Target Gray scope.

Ruger's new Hawkeye rifle in .338 Federal.

Leupold's new 1x tactical scope.

Marissa Matthews with EAA's Witness pistol.

Some of High Standard's line of handguns.

Savage president, Ron Coburn, with their Model 10 Predator Hunter rifle. That's our pal and fellow Shootist Mic McPherson in the background.

Paul Butler of MDS Incorporated demonstrates their line of bore scopes.

Actual picture taken by us through an MDS bore scope shows the amazing detail possible using their products.

Stevens' new 512 "Gold Wing" over/under shotgun.

Springfield Armory's new EMP compact 9mm pistol.

Browning's Buck Mark pistol in "Lite Slash" finish.

Browning's BLR lightweight takedown rifle.

Leupold's Century Limited Edition "Golden Ring" scope marks the 100th anniversary of the company.

Leupold's "Green Ring" binoculars are now available in "Golden Sage" finish.

Cassandra Hernandez shows us Rossi's "Trifecta" package in 20 gauge / .22 Long Rifle /.243 Winchester featuring a black synthetic stock with removable cheekpiece.

Taurus' Model 85HL2MG .38 Special magnesium revolver weighs a mere 12.5 ounces.

Demaris Diaz-Ciagles with Taurus' 24/7 OSS.

Taurus' hot new Model 809B pistol.

Exclusively available from Lipsey's distributors is Marlin's Model 17 stainless rifle with fluted barrel and carbon-dipped stock.

Ruger Vaquero John Wayne commemorative sixgun is available from Lipsey's.

New from Barnes Bullets is the Varmint Grenade bullet.

A selection of Puma Model 92 rifles.

Rick Homme of Legacy Sports International with Puma's new short-barreled rifle.

Some of the fine AR offerings from Rock River Arms.

Exclusively available from Davidson's are Browning's limited-edition NRA John M. Browning Buck Mark pistol...

...and Ruger's New Vaquero with polymer ivory grips and all-blue finish.

Kel-Tec's Karen Lake with their promising ambidextrous bullpup .308 rifle, slated for early 2008 production.

Beretta's "Gold Rush" pump-action rifles.

Beretta Stampede "Old West" features an antiqued finish.

Beretta's new Px4 Storm subcompact 9mm pistol.

Hogue's Crystal Butler with their new line of aluminum automatic pistol stocks.

New from Charter 2000 is a line of left-handed double-action revolvers.

Charter's left-handed and right-handed models.

Chaparral Arms is offering their Model 1876 Saddle Ring Carbine in .45/75.

High Point Firearms.

Mossberg's Reserve Series over/under shotguns.

SHOT Show 2007 - Day 1

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SHOT Show 2007 - Day 3