Leupold RX-800i TBR Compact Digital Laser Rangefinder

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

July 15th, 2012




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Mode button easily programs the rangefinder's features.



Power button powers up the unit and distances the target.



RX-800i TBR comes with battery, and the compartment is easy to access.





I have been using the Leupold RX-1000 Laser Rangefinder for over three years now, and it has proven to be both accurate and reliable. The Leupold rangefinder is so much better than the rangefinders that were on the market back when I bought my first. It was a Bushnell unit, and it worked pretty well, giving fairly accurate distance readings out to 500 yards. However, it was large, heavy, and expensive. While the price has come down on quality rangefinders, today’s best rangefinders have many useful features not available a few years ago.

Leupold has just expanded their line of laser rangefinders, and the one featured here is the new RX-800i TBR. This unit is very compact, fitting easily into a shirt pocket, and weighed in at only 5.9 ounces on my digital scale. TBR stands for “True Ballistic Range”, and is a feature that is very helpful to hunters and shooters, giving the true ballistic distance to accurately place the shot, regardless of the up or down angle of the shot. Anyone who has hunted in steep terrain knows that making a shot at an upward or downward angle changes the trajectory of the bullet, compared to shooting the same distance on flat ground. The Leupold RX-800i TBR calculates the effective distance, considering the angle of the shot.

This new Leupold also gives the angle reading, and the amount of holdover to make a shot at any distance. The user programs the rangefinder for his particular cartridge, velocity, and bullet weight. The rangefinder displays the amount of holdover to accurately place the shot, regardless of the angle.

Another great feature of this rangefinder is the Trophy Scale. This allows the hunter to quickly and easily judge the size of the trophy at a distance. Most of us have experienced “ground shrinkage” of a deer’s rack, shooting that buck with the enormous antlers, only to find that the rack was not nearly as large as we thought when we squeezed the trigger. The Leupold RX-800i TBR sizes the trophy at a distance.

The optical clarity of the RX rangefinder is very clear, as Leupold uses multi-coated glass, just as in quality riflescopes. The rangefinder has six-power magnification, and an adjustable eyepiece. The readout is LCD, and very easy to see clearly. The RX-800i TBR has a range of 800 yards on reflective targets such as buildings and automobiles, and a bit less on soft targets such as an animal or tree. For you tactical types, the RX can also display the distance in meters instead of yards.

There is a choice of aiming reticles, which can be selected by scrolling through the programming menu. Using the RX-800i TBR could not be any simpler. Look through the eyepiece at the target, press power once to turn the unit on, and again to distance the target. If following a moving target, keep holding down the power button to get a constant reading of the distance. Also, if scanning multiple targets, holing down the power button will give an instant reading on each. The unit automatically shuts off after five seconds, extending battery life, which is listed as a minimum of 7000 readings.

The RX-800i TBR is a high-quality rangefinder that is backed by Leupold’s one-year Golden Ring warranty. It comes with a handy carry case that has a belt loop and a snap-fastener for attachment to a backpack or belt loop. It also comes with a CR2 battery, so there is nothing else to buy. The battery compartment is easy to access, and you can have your new Leupold rangefinder powered up and running in just a few seconds. The RX-800i TBR rangefinder is lightweight, rugged, waterproof, compact, and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

Check out the extensive line of quality Leupold optics at www.leupold.com.

Jeff Quinn

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RX-800i TBR compared to author's subcompact 380 Ruger LCP.





Handy carry case attaches to belt or backpack.