New Exclusive Kahr CW380 & Beretta U22 Neos Semi-Automatic Pistols from Davidson's

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

August 25th, 2014


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Davidson's exclusive Beretta U22 Purple Neos (top), and Kahr Purple-Frame CW380 (bottom).



Beretta U22 Neos comes with two steel ten-shot magazines.







Barrel-removal nut.





Ambidextrous safety.





Magazine release (top), slide lock (bottom).



Eleven-shot group, fired standing offhand at fifteen yards.





Beretta introduced their U22 Neos futuristic-looking twenty-two semi-automatic pistol several years ago, and it has proven to be a reliable and accurate pistol, suitable for hunting, plinking, and informal target shooting. The Neos has an excellent set of adjustable sights, a rail for mounting optical sights, and comes with two steel ten-shot magazines. We have reviewed the Neos in-depth here on; first by Paco Kelly back in 2003, and again by me in 2008.

A bit newer to the market is the dandy little Kahr CW380 semi-automatic 380 ACP pocket pistol. The CW380 is a more-affordable version of Kahr's excellent P380, the main differences being that the CW ships with one magazine instead of two, has different sights and rifling, and it sells for $245 US less than the P380. For 40 bucks, you can buy a spare magazine, pocket the extra $205, and give up nothing, or better yet, spend that $205 on a Crimson Trace Laserguard, and you will have one of the best 380 pocket pistols in the world. Again, I have reviewed the CW380 on a little over a year ago, and I refer the reader to that review for details.

Since I have reviewed both of these pistols before, I won't re-plow the same ground here, but will instead concentrate on what makes these "colorful" pistols different, and that is, they are purple. They are not entirely purple, but the little Kahr has a purple polymer frame, and the Beretta has purple grip inserts, as well as a purple rail atop the barrel.

These are limited-production pistols, built by Kahr and Beretta exclusively for Davidson's; one of our nation's premier firearms distributors. These pistols are in stock and available now, and can be purchased from any gun dealer who does business with Davidson's. However, these pistols can also be purchased online, by going to

Once there, click on the GUN GENIE, and search for the firearm that you wish to purchase. You will get bids for your business from at least three gun dealers in your area, and the prices shown will reflect sales taxes and transfer fees. That way, you can compare the total prices, and choose the dealer to which you want your firearm shipped. The process is very simple. When the firearms arrives at your local gun shop, you go in, fill out any necessary papers, pay the balance due, and take home your firearm.

Another benefit of buying a firearm through Davidson's, whether you buy it off your dealer's shelf or order through the GUN GENIE, is that you get Davidson's guarantee. If the firearm is not right, Davidson's will replace it.

Anyway, these are two great pistols and proven designs, available in basic black as well, but if purple tickles your fancy, they are only available from Davidson's, and only for a limited time. As of today, they have tem in stock and ready to ship, so check them out at

Jeff Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.









Magazine release (top), slide lock (bottom).











Seven-shot group, fired standing offhand at fifteen yards.



Compared to author's five-shot small-frame 38 Special revolver, the CW380 is smaller, lighter, and holds two more rounds of ammunition.