Crimson Trace Laserguard Laser Sight for Kahr Pistols


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

February 23rd, 2011


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Crimson Trace is making Laserguards for the popular polymer-framed Kahr pistols, such as this CW45.





I am a believer in laser sights for defensive handguns. That was not always the case. When first introduced years ago, the laser sights marketed for firearms use were cheaply made and unreliable. Then came Crimson Trace, with their Lasergrip handgun grips with built-in laser sights. The CT units have been proven reliable and durable for many years now, by others and by me also. I have used the Crimson Trace Lasergrips for several years, and more recently the Laserguard that permanently resides on my Ruger LCP pocket pistol. In low light, or no light, I cannot see the sights on my handguns. While I like tritium night sights, and have them on my pistols also, there is a great advantage to seeing that laser dot upon the target. Even if unable to raise the weapon into a solid two-hand firing position, the laser can be directed upon the target, and the bullet will follow.

In a high-stress situation, we are trained by the experts to concentrate upon the front sight only, letting the target blur. That is a great concept, and works extremely well on steel plates and paper targets. However, for all but the most disciplined among us, that will usually not happen in a gunfight. Most likely, your full attention will be upon that thug running towards you with the knife or that nice gentleman pointing a pistol towards you. That is human nature. You focus intently upon the threat. The Crimson Trace laser places the dot upon that threat.

There are many laser sights on the market, but I have found none with which I want to replace my Crimson Trace Lasergrips and Laserguards. I trust them to work, and to work every time. CT now has lasers for most popular handguns, and also for many less popular models. CT is fast to get to market their lasers for the newest handguns that folks want for defensive use. Crimson Trace now has Laserguards for the newest and most popular Kahr pistols. These units fit around the trigger guard and are fast and easy to install.

What I like best about the CT lasers is that they are “ON” instantly, just by grasping the weapon naturally. No switches to push or flip. The pistol is ready to use and the laser is on as soon as it clears the pocket or the holster. Using the CT laser is as simple as point-and-shoot can get. They are highly reliable, affordable, and worth every penny. I highly recommend them, and unless I have to, I will not carry a defensive handgun that is not equipped with a Crimson Trace laser.

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Jeff Quinn

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