Recommended Reading: “Prepper Guns” by Bryce M. Towsley

by Jeff Quinn

photos courtesy of Bryce M. Towsley

May 5th, 2016


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Author Bryce M. Towsley.



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I am not, by profession, a book critic. I am a gun writer. I do not read many books. I do read a lot of magazine articles and documents, however, to glean information. For me to sit down and read a book is unusual, but if I do, it has to be both interesting and educational. The topic of this brief review, “Prepper Guns”, falls squarely into that category.

This book is not, nor is it intended to be, a book covering every possible aspect of survival. This book is about guns. Specifically, guns that will be needed in the event of a catastrophe, be it natural or manmade. Natural disasters occur quite often, and usually, things run pretty smoothly. However, the situation can, and has been, bad at times, with local populations cut off from food and water supplies for several days, without the usual government protections from criminals.

We have seen on television how quickly society goes bad, even in the smallest of natural disasters, such as floods, power outages, and riots. There are those living among us who steal, destroy, and kill when society has even the smallest of hiccups and interruption of local services. These things are happening with greater frequency each year.

Besides the natural disasters, there are manmade disasters of much greater proportion happening around the world, and it is coming to America. These are economic disasters created by governments run wild, shirking all responsibility, and heading farther into socialism every day. We see this around the globe. When a society runs out of services, and especially when society runs out of food, things go downhill very quickly. When bad people have the opportunity, they do bad things. When good people run out of food, they get scared, and they can also do bad things.

“Prepper Guns” focuses upon the various types of firearms that will be needed in the coming collapse. The author goes into detail, expounding upon the features and benefits of many various types of firearms, and the application thereof.

The book has a Forward written by Nancy Tappan, the wife of the late Mel Tappan. In my youth, I read every word written by Mel Tappan, and his book, “Survival Guns” was studied often. In “Prepper Guns”, Towsley continues the same line of thinking of Mr. Tappan, but focusing upon the weapons and conditions encountered today.

I highly recommend “Prepper Guns” to everyone, without qualification. We must each be prepared to fight, when necessary. Please note the use of the word “when”; not “if”. None of us can reliably forecast a natural disaster, but scientists do tell us that a big one is coming, noting the increased geothermal activity inside the Earth. However, even the most basic of economic understanding shows us that we are headed quickly into a major economic collapse of worldwide governments. We are spending money that doesn’t even exist on things and policies that will wreck our economy and our society.

“Prepper Guns” is a very timely book. It is a book written for now, as well as the immediate future. On May 17th of 2016, the book will be available at all major local and online outlets, but is available today from

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Jeff Quinn

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