Tools of the Trade, Part 59

by Boge Quinn

February 23rd, 2023

Rumble Video Link


00:15 - Warrior 3S High Beam Tactical Flashlight
05:45 - E-WM25 Flashlight Mount
06:36 - sROD-7 Remote Pressure Switch

07:58 - American Tactical® Bull-Dog SGA 12GA Semi-Auto Shotgun

08:07 - Trijicon® RX30A 1x42 Dual Illuminated Reflex Sight (Discontinued)

08:13 - XS Sights® Tritium Tactical Rifle / Shotgun Sights

08:15 - Mid-Evil Industries® Picatinny 360° Vertical Fore Grip (Gen 2)

08:19 - Crimson Trace® CMR-206 Rail Master® Universal Green Laser Sight

09:52 - Skinner Sights Exclusive Wyoming Sight Drifter

Wyoming Sight Drifter

11:41 - Taurus® G3XL 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol

Boge Quinn

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