Starline Brass
by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn


Starline Brass is a relatively new supplier of high quality cartridge cases  to the handloader. Their line of brass cases seems to be more extensive each month. They are also working to supply cases for semi-obsolete cartridges that have been ignored by other cartridge companies in recent years. 

In addition to such oldies as the .45 S&W and .44 Russian, Starline also is quick to produce cases for more recent cartridges on the market, such as the .400 Cor-Bon and .445 Super. 

Lately I have been using some of Starline's brass in both .45 Colt and .32 H&R magnum. The former is used in a pair of Ruger Vaqueros and the latter in a Ruger Single Six. 

The appearance and finish of the brass is excellent. One of the main things that shooters look for in their brass is uniformity. The brass from Starline is very consistent in both measurement and weight. Flash hole uniformity seems near perfect. 

The Starline .45 Colt brass is heavier than some cases available. This means that it must be thicker. Thickness near the head of a cartridge case gives it the strength needed for heavy loads, in revolvers that can handle them. 

Primer pockets stayed tight throughout the tests, indicating good strength and reloadability. 

The .32 magnum cases I ordered in a lot of 500 from Midway. I do not have any other brand of cases to which to make a comparison, but these Starline cases are holding up very well. If these initial tests are any indication, and I believe that they are, these 500 cases should last me a long time. 

I am anxious to try some of Starline's 45/70 cases for heavy loads in a new Marlin 1895G, as they should be able to hold up well and may prove stronger than other brass available for this old cartridge. 

Starline sells their brass through dealers and distributors such as Midway, or you can order direct from Starline at 1-800-280-6660.

Jeff Quinn


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Starline brass seems to be of consistently high quality. Its uniformity and finish left a very good impression on the author.