SHOT Show 2011 - Day 2

by Boge Quinn

SHOT Show 2011 "Media Day"

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SHOT Show 2011 Day 2

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SHOT Show 2011 - Day 2

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Kel-Tec's new RMR30 22 Magnum rifle.

A rack of Dixie Gun Works products.

Jamie Harvey with Cimarron's Spencer carbine.

Dan Wesson's Guardian 45 pistol, with black-finished alloy "bobtail" frame.

DSA FAL-style rifles.

Kahr's new CM9 compact 9mm pistol.

Jason Cloessner with Lipseys' exclusive Ruger stainless Model 77 RSI.

Kristin Hunt with Rossi's Circuit Judge 28-gauge.

Rossi Wizard single-shot pistols in 22-250 Remington (left) and 243 Winchester (right).

Browning's new left-handed X-Bolt rifle.

Leupold's new VX-6 scopes. 

Smith & Wesson's M&P 15T.

Colt is reintroducing the Mustang Pocket Lite 380.

Mossberg's new Turkey THUG pump-action shotguns.

SIG Model 522 Commando.

Kimber Super Carry Custom lightweight "bobtail" 45.

Tactical Solutions Buck Mark conversion. Grips are by Hogue, anodized by Tactical Solutions.

Tactical Solutions 1911 conversion upper.

Troy Industries police tactical assault robot.

Safety Harbor Firearms shotguns.

KWA airsoft training weapons.

VLTOR handguard and buttstock adapters for the FNH SCAR rifle.

NightForce scopes.

Stag's new Model 3 rifle (shown) is also available in a left-handed version, the Model 3L.

AXTS Weapons Systems AR-10 rifle.

New from LMT is the Model LM-308 rifle.

Accuracy International's left-handed sniper rifles.

Sabre Defence Industries' new Leader LSR-50 bullpup 50 BMG.

U.S. Optics scopes.

Dillon Optics shooting / sunglasses.

Heather Lecloux with Thureon Defense 45.

Howa precision rifles feature new stocks and bedding.

Legacy Sports International's Rick Homme with the new Escort Avery Waterfowl Extreme shotgun.

Cutaway detail of the Escort Avery Waterfowl Extreme's gas system, which automatically adapts to any combination of 2-1/2, 3" or 3-1/2" loads.

Merkel rifles.

GSI International's bullet feeder for the Dillon loader.

Bersa Thunder 380 pistol with Crimson Trace lasergrip.

I.O. Inc.'s AK style rifle with top rail.

I.O., Inc.'s redesigned Hellcat 380 pistol.

Masterpiece Arms' new MP380 Protector pistol.

Volquartsen "Purple Inferno" 22 rifle.

Pendleton Safe Company's new wide-door Knight Series rotating gun safe in their new Sand finish.

Amy Swanson with Newtown Firearms' NF-15 rifle.

XS Sight Systems' vertical-bar front sight for the Ruger Hunter revolvers.

LaserLyte RL-TOOL sight installation/adjustment tool.

Trulock Chokes' new Tactical Choke.

Taurus PT Slim G2 9mm pistol with extended magazine.

Taurus' new Model 405 40 S&W moon-clip revolver.

DPMS Panther REPR rifle.

Sage Ordnance Systems collapsible shotgun buttstock.

SHOT Show 2011 "Media Day"

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