SHOT Show 2006 - Day 3

by Boge Quinn

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SHOT Show 2006 - Day 3

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Ruger's Mark III 22/45 has a new, much improved, slimmer grip.

A Ruger engraved New Vaquero in stainless steel.

Among Savage's new offerings for 2006 are the Model 12 Long range Precision Varminter featuring a right-side bolt along with a left-side loading port...

...and the Model 10FPXT with H/S Precision stock and Picatinny-type scope rail.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center's stainless compensated .44 Magnum with Lothar Walther barrel and laminated wood grips, available only through Lew Horton.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center's Model 952 "Long-Slide" 9mm.

Sig's new Revolution Nitron 1911 pistol.

Taurus has also entered the 1911 market with their Model PT-1911B3 in .45 ACP.

Taurus also offers their fine medium-frame Tracker revolver in 10mm Auto.

Crimson Trace is offering laser grips for the SIG pistols.

Trulock Chokes is introducing their own line of turkey loads.

CZ-USA's Tammy Heier shows off CZ's new maple stock.

Jeff with Cimarron's Model 1876 rifle, which will soon be introduced to the market.

Barnes Bullets' new Triple-Shock X-Bullets.

Another exclusive from our friends at Lipsey's - the High Standard .38 revolver.

Tactical Solutions is introducing their new line of quick-detachable aluminum scope rings.

Tactical Solutions' new dry suppressors are available for the Browning and Ruger .22 pistols.

Leupold's VX-III "Boone & Crockett" scope is available in a handsome gunmetal-gray finish.

Alexander Arms' new M4 in 6.5 Grendel, available with either a 14 or 16 inch barrel.

Alexander Arms "bullet board" showing various ammunition types for the .50 Beowulf.

Alexander Arms "bullet board" showing various ammunition types for the 6.5 Grendel.

XS Sight Systems' new vent-rib shotgun sights.

Rohrbaugh's "Pinnacle #1000 Gun", an engraved one-of-a-kind pistol to be sold at auction (top). Middle gun is their R9, and at bottom is their R9S with sights. The Rohrbaugh guns pack the power of a 9mm into the size of the smallest .32 pistol.

Winchester's Select over/under shotgun.

Winchester is commemorating the 100th year of the .30-'06 with a limited run of their Model 1885 "High Wall".

Winchester's new SXR semi-auto rifle.

Winchester's Rachel Ray with their Super X3 shotgun.

U.S. Firearms is almost ready for  production of their "Omni-Potent Sixshooter".

Another look at USFA's "Omni-Potent Sixshooter".

USFA's "Ace" .22 1911 pistol.

USFA is also introducing their new Bisley model...

...and the beautifully antiqued "Custer Battlefield Revolver".

Cheryl with Serbu Firearms' new 10-shot semi-auto .50 BMG rifle.

Para-Ordnance's new Lite-Hawg .45.

Para-Ordnance is also introducing the Nite-Tac SS...

...and the very handy Carry .45 GAP pistol.

DSA's SA58 rifle.

Dixie Gun Works' M1855 Root Revolving Rifle.

FN's .223 "bullpup".

Boge with Doublestar's Critterslayer in Predator Custom Winter Camo finish.

HK's USP .45 Compact Tactical pistol.

New from HK is their HK416 5.56mm with 14.5" barrel.

HK's MP7A1.

Another SHOT Show is behind us! Next SHOT - January 11-14, 2007 in Orlando!

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