2001 NRA Annual Meetings
by Boge Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn


We have added an article to our Politics & Opinion Page, re-posted by permission from Newsmax.com, about the 2001 NRA Annual Meetings. Click Here for the article.

The 2001 NRA Annual Meetings were held in Kansas City on May 18-20. Greg and Jeff were in attendance representing GunBlast.com (I was unfortunately unable to attend). Jeff sent me the following pictures from the NRA meetings.

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This years' Annual Meetings saw a great turnout, as this picture of a small portion of the crowd shows. That's Greg at lower right!


As has become customary at NRA meetings, a selection of record-book deer mounts was on display. Pictures cannot do these incredible trophies justice!


Jeff with Eddie Eagle, NRA's children's' safety ambassador. After meeting Jeff, Eddie has modified his safety message somewhat: "If you see a guy that looks like this, STOP! Leave The Area, and Tell An Adult!"


NRA President Charlton Heston was available, meeting members and signing autographs. Not only is Mr. Heston one of the finest actors in the history of films, he has been a staunch advocate of Civil Rights and Constitutional principles for forty years. We are fortunate to have him representing our Association as President!

Many manufacturers of firearms and accessories were in attendance showing their new products:

Armalite introduced its new Realtree® finish AR-10 rifle.


Beretta's new .22 Rimfire semi-automatic pistol & carbine shows a lot of promise.


Dan Wesson's 1911A1 .45ACP pistol & revolver.


Sharon with Glock's new Model 35 .40 caliber pistol.


Jennifer displays Knoxx Industries' 10-shot conversion system for the Mossberg Model 500 & 590 shotguns. Better get one of these before Chuckie Schumer finds out about them!


Ruger's "Bird's-Head" Sheriff's Model Vaquero. After some production delays, Ruger says these beautiful sixguns should be in production by July. We can't wait to get our hands on these, keep your eyes on GunBlast.com for test results!


Greg lusts after Ruger's Ultra-Light Stainless M77 bolt-action rifle.


Jeff with Ruger's Super Blackhawk "Hunter" model. After its reintroduction at the 2001 SHOT Show, the Hunter has also been a victim of production delays, but is now at last in production and will be available very soon! For those readers who don't remember the Hunters, they are stainless Super Blackhawks in .44 Magnum with a low rib on the barrel into which are cut the integral scope mounts for included Ruger scope rings. This is basically the same scope mounting system as found on the Super Redhawk, and it makes for a sleek package for those who prefer a scoped single-action revolver without interfering too much with the lines of the gun. Also, Ruger's scope ring system allows for removing and reinstalling the scope without loss of zero.


Smith & Wesson's new Model 386 PD "AirLite" Se™, a lightweight seven-shot .357 Magnum DA revolver. After seeing its sales base erode exponentially as a result of its capitulation to the wishes of anti-gunners, Smith & Wesson has recently been bought out by Saf-T-Hammer, a U.S. manufacturer of gun locks owned by a farmer long-time S&W employee, and the Tomkins reign of terror is at an end. We wish the new owners of Smith & Wesson well, and we hope to see S&W restored to its proper place at the forefront of American firearms manufacture and freedom! For a S&W press release of the buyout, click the following link:  http://www.smith-wesson.com/misc/buyout.html

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