SHOT Show Preview: New Items from the 2010 NASGW Show in Louisville

by Jeff Quinn

November 5th, 2010


For many years now, we have covered the SHOT Show with lots of pictures of interesting new firearms and related items that are introduced at that show every Winter. Starting in 2009, we started covering the NASGW Show, as several new items are introduced by the manufacturers there each year to the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers. The manufacturers set up displays of new items to show to the wholesale distributors, to give them an early view of what will be shown to firearms retailers at SHOT in January.

This week we saw some very interesting items, some of which we can post the pictures here, and a few items that were taken out from hiding behind the displays, of which we cannot discuss at this time. Below, you will find pictures of some of the good stuff, and some will have to wait. I have a couple of new items whose images are floating around in my head, and might have to be stored there for a couple of more months, but am sure they will be greeted by shooters with enthusiasm when properly introduced to the public. For now, have a look at the new items shown to the wholesalers this week.

Jeff Quinn

Click pictures below for a larger version

Bill Dermody and Jeff with Savage's "Bear Hunter" bolt-action rifle in 325 WSM.

Cimarron 1911-A1 in nickel.

Cimarron's new "Thunderstorm" sixguns feature checkered grips, new hammer design, and slick factory action jobs.

Chiappa's new M9-22 is a 22 Long Rifle version of the military M9 9mm pistol.

Taurus' polymer-framed Public Defender.

Taurus new PT638 Pro 380 (top) compared to their popular PT738 TCP 380 pistol (bottom).

Chiappa's new Mfour-22 pistol.

Chappa's new Model 1886 "Kodiak" 45/70 carbines.

Colt 01991DA double-action only pistol.

Colt's "100 Years of Service" roll mark commemorates the first century of the 1911 pistol.

Ithaca's Mike Farrell with their "Phoenix" over/under shotgun.

Ithaca also has a very nice entry into the competitive 1911 market.

Cobra's "Titan" 45/410 Derringer.

Anderson Manufacturing's AM-15 VS-24 rifle.

Winchester Model 94, Model 86, and Model 92 rifles.

Extreme Shock is offering the Allegiance "OnDuty" Trauma Response Package.

Charter Arms' "Gator" revolver.

Charter Arms "Bulldog".

LaserLyte Laser Target system.

LaserLyte self-contained 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP dry-fire laser units.


LaserLyte four-rail system for double-barrel shotguns.

LaserLyte's "Pistol Bayonet version 2" features genuine Ka-Bar blade.

Nikon's 223 ranging scope features ballistic info built-in.

MagVault's AR/Carbine magazine well lock.

Winchester's revolutionary new "Blind Side" steel shot ammo. "Hex Shot" pellets significantly increase payload, and new cup design creates denser patterns.

ProMag's "Archangel" M1A Precision Stock.

ProMag's "Marauder" folding 10/22 stock.

ProMag tactical stock for the Ruger Charger.

Tammy Loy with Taylor's & Co. Model 1886 rifle.

Taylor's & Co. Burgess carbine.

Taylor's & Co. 1911 pistols.

I.O. Inc.'s AKs.

Cor-Bon's new eXpedition Hunter ammo.

Jeff with Mossberg's new 570 Mini pump-action 410 shotgun.

Mossberg's new "Lightning" adjustable trigger.

Kahr MR40.

Kahr's "California" P380 pistol is the first California-accepted 380 pocket pistol. It features a magazine disconnect and a loaded chamber indicator.