Mako Group Tactical Vertical Foregrips


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

August 4th, 2008




The Mako Group sells a lot of products and accessories for rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Much of their wares are suitable for attaching to a rail on a rifle forend or handguard. A couple of those products are shown here. I have been in possession of these vertical foregrips for a couple of months now, but have set them aside, as I usually do not like to attach things to my rifles, other than a good scope or other type of sight. However, these two foregrips from Mako are pretty useful items. Both serve as a vertical foregrip on weapons such as AR-15 rifles and also on pump and semi-auto shotguns that are set up for fighting. I don’t think that you will see these on the skeet range attached to a fine English double gun, but on a fighting shotgun, or even a turkey gun, they could be a useful addition. A vertical foregrip is sometimes more comfortable to use on a rifle or shotgun than a horizontal grip

The two foregrips shown here serve double duty. The Tactical Foregrip & Bipod does exactly as the name implies. The foregrip contains a bipod within that is deployed by pressing in on two buttons. The legs have multiple positions for use on uneven ground, and there is a limited amount of swivel in the base to level the weapon. In use, I found the bipod to be very functional, and the foregrip to be very comfortable in use as well. The Tactical Foregrip with one inch flashlight adaptor is also a dandy little device. It makes for a very comfortable grip, and has a trigger to activate a flashlight such as the Surefire that has a button switch on the end. The flashlight is activated by pressing the trigger, or it can be locked into the “ON” position by simply turning the flashlight clockwise. There is a safety button so as to not accidentally activate the light.

Both of these foregrips attach to any standard Picatinny rail, and add only about one-half pound to the weight of the weapon. The foregrips are made of a hard plastic, and appear to be very durable.

You can order the foregrips online at

Jeff Quinn


Tactical Foregrip with 1-inch flashlight adapter.

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Mako's Tactical Foregrip & Bipod (top), and Tactical Foregrip with 1-inch flashlight adapter (bottom).



Tactical Foregrip & Bipod - Cousin Butch likes it!