LaserLyte Side-Mount Laser Sights for Taurus and S&W Revolvers


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

September 24th, 2010


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Sight comes with everything needed to mount to revolver.



To install, simply remove the factory sideplate screws...



...and install sight with screws provided.



Adjust point of aim with Allen wrench provided.









Handguns for personal defense are the hottest thing in the firearms market now, and good concealable handguns are selling like beer at a biker rally. More and more people everyday are choosing to go heeled, as they realize that personal defense, as the name suggests, is a personal thing. Our police, troopers, and sheriffs in this nation are the best in the world, but we cannot each have our own personal cop by our side twenty-fours a day. Even if we could, we are just paying someone else to do that which we choose to not do ourselves. Personal defense is up to each of us, and it makes the difference between being able to walk away from an unsavory social conflict, and being carried away in a body bag.

The low-life predators who choose a life of violent crime tend to ply their wares at night. In a violent attack, the criminal has the luxury of pre-planning, the privilege of careful victim selection, and the advantage of surprise. When confronted by a violent criminal, the best that we can do is to react, and react quickly. The criminal has the advantage, and will use it to come out as the winner. Our reaction to attack must be swift, and at least equally as violent as the attack. To the majority of us, this means that we carry a concealable handgun. A twelve-gauge shotgun would be nice to have, but most of us cannot walk around carrying a shotgun while going about our daily lives, so we choose a handgun that can always be within reach.

Handgun sights, even the better ones, are hard to see at night. The sights that are installed on concealable handguns can sometimes be hard to see even in good light. All of my fighting handguns wear either tritium night sights or a laser sight. Many of them wear both. A good quality laser sight makes placing the bullets where intended much easier. We are all taught in firearms training classes to focus only upon the front sight, allowing the rear sight and the target to fade out of our focus. This is a great idea, when on a well-lighted firing range, all lined up nice and straight on the seven yard line. However, when in a dimly-lit parking garage, watching two punks quickly approaching you from both sides, I can guarantee you that your focus will be upon those dregs of humanity, and nothing else. You won’t see your front sight, your rear sight, or your handgun. You might see your life flash before your eyes briefly, but you absolutely will be focused upon your target. A good laser sight puts the sight on the same focal plane as the target, much like a scope does on a hunting rifle. You place the dot on the target and pull the trigger. You keep doing so until the threat has been eliminated, if all goes well.

There are a few very good laser sights available on the market, and there is also some junk. There is a reason why that Chinese sight you bought at the gun show costs only twenty-five bucks. I prefer to stick with the good stuff. LaserLyte makes some of the good stuff, as we found when we tested their sights for the Glock & Springfield XD pistols, the NAA mini-revolver, their Laser Trainer, and their Kryptonyte Green Laser Bore Sighter. Their latest is a new side-mount laser that mounts to the side of Smith & Wesson and Taurus revolvers. The laser mount uses the existing side-plate screw holes. There is no drilling of holes. Simply remove the two existing screws and attach the laser with the new screws provided. If the revolver’s grip is in the way, remove it to install the laser and remount when finished.

One of the most popular self defense revolvers on the market today is the Taurus Judge, in any of its several variations. The Judge fires either 45 Colt or preferably for defense, 410 shotgun shells. For defense, I like the 000 buck loads. I mounted the LaserLyte sight on the side of a Taurus Judge Ultra-Lite revolver. The laser is activated by a push button at the rear, and there was no need to change grips. The Taurus Ribber grip slid right over the LaserLyte mount plate. The laser is easily adjusted to point of aim with the small Allen wrench provided. Everything needed to mount the laser on any Taurus revolver is provided with the sight.

The LaserLyte laser operates in either a solid red dot or a pulsating dot mode. Pushing the button at the rear of the sight once turns on the solid dot. Pushing again activates the pulsating dot, and pushing the button a third time turns off the unit.

The LaserLyte laser sight is easy to operate, easy to install, does not change the grip of the revolver, and is available now from your favorite LaserLyte dealer. In a fight, I want every advantage that I can get, and the LaserLyte laser sight gives me a little more of an edge than a handgun without one.

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Jeff Quinn


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Click pictures for a larger version.


LaserLyte side-mounted laser sight for Taurus / Smith & Wesson revolvers.



LaserLyte unit mounted on the popular Taurus Judge 45 Colt/410 Shotshell revolver.





Activation button is easy to operate.