Handling Tips for Operating the Slide of a Semi-Automatic Handgun

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Boge Quinn

August 27th, 2012



This piece is in no way an instructional video covering all aspects of the semi-auto handgun. However, it is one that will be useful to many of our readers. Almost everyday, I get at least one email asking for help and advice on operating the slide of a semi-automatic pistol. Some designs are easier to operate than others, but for those with weak or arthritic hands, even the easier designs can be difficult, if not done properly. I always try to explain the technique for operating the slide using the strength of both hands, and not just the thumb and forefinger of the shooter’s weakest hand, as is often taught. Instead of trying to explain it in words as I usually do, I think that this video tutorial will be most helpful to those who have difficulty operating the slide of a modern semi-automatic handgun.

Jeff Quinn

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