Ruger Old Model "Engraved" Single-Six revolver


by Bill Hamm

photography by Bill Hamm

August 4th, 2003



PRODUCED  1954 - 1958



Once Ruger's production of the Single-Six was firmly established in early 1954, Bill Ruger began developing an “Engraved” gun program for the Single-Six revolver.  The first group of guns were sent to Spain for engraving around the end of 1954.  Mr. Ruger also commissioned a talented young engraver from Fulton, NY by the name of Charles H. Jerred to begin engraving the Single-Six revolvers.  All of the engraved Single-Sixes had 5-1/2 inch barrels.  The early engraved guns were “Flatgates” and later engraved guns were “Roundgates”.  The majority of the grip frames were non-anodized polished aluminum; however, a few of them were finished in blue/black anodizing.  The engraving patterns had varying degrees of coverage during the early stages of the program until the “standard  pattern” was finally settled on by Mr. Ruger.  Mr. Jerred engraved about 250 Single-Six revolvers over about a four year period. 

These "Engraved" Single-Sixes came in a black leatherette display case with a gold Ruger "Eagle" on the top.  The interior of the case, both bottom and top, was covered in green cloth.  The guns could be ordered in pairs with consecutive serial numbers.

By mid-1958 the demand for the engraved model had all but subsided.  The higher suggested retail price of $150.50 for the engraved model versus $63.25 for the standard Single-Six model at that time is believed to be the primary reason for the lack of interest in these guns.  Today these guns are very rare, hard to find, and a must for the collection of most serious Ruger collectors.



Single-Six, Engraved:

Spanish engraved, Flatgate, varnished Walnut grips, fitted display case, 5-1/2” barrel.

 Jerred engraved, Flatgate, varnished Walnut grips, fitted display case, 5-1/2” barrel.

Jerred engraved, Roundgate, varnished Walnut grips, fitted display case, 5-1/2” barrel.

The book authored by John C. Dougan, “Complements of Colonel Ruger”, is highly recommended if you would like to gain an in-depth background and understanding of the engraved Ruger Single Action Revolvers, their serial number listing, year of manufacture, etc.

Bill Hamm 


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Click pictures for a larger version.


Very rare all-blue factory-engraved Single-Six, serial #24372 with rare factory ivory grip panels, in its factory display case.



Very rare all-blue factory-engraved Single-Six, serial #24372 with factory ivory grip panels, shown with rare early Ruger patch. This patch is believed to be an example of the first factory Ruger patch.



Engraving on frame & cylinder of #24372.



Engraving on bottom of grip frame of #24372.



Engraving on bottom of trigger guard of #24372.



Engraver Charles H. Jerred's initial monogram, located on top of the barrel near the front sight.



Very rare all-blue factory-engraved Single-Six, serial #24372 with factory ivory grip panels (bottom center), shown with extremely rare factory-engraved consecutive pair #44933 (left) and #44934 (right) and surrounded by rare period Ruger paraphernalia.



Engraving on frame, barrel & cylinder of #44933, one of an extremely rare factory-engraved consecutive pair.



Detail of engraving on the screw heads of #44934, one of an extremely rare factory-engraved consecutive pair. This example is possibly a sample gun sent to Bill Ruger for approval.



#44934 with engraved screw heads and aftermarket longer "Premier" loading gate that probably replaced the Flatgate.



"Standard Pattern" factory-engraved Single-Six #74390, shown with its factory display case.



Inside view of factory display case. You can see where the gun was displayed over the years from the outline caused by the lack of fading of the green lining.