Dude, Are You Getting A Dell?

by Boge Quinn - Webmaster

There has been some controversy surrounding Dell Computer Corp. recently. It seems that Jack Weigand attempted to buy a Dell computer for his company, Weigand Combat Handguns, Inc., but the order was cancelled by Dell without notification because Jack's company name includes the evil word "Combat", apparently triggering the all-too-familiar "Post-9-11 Hysteria". To further fan the flames of controversy, it seems that buyers of Dell computers have been given the option to donate funds to none other than Handgun Control, Inc.

As a computer industry professional, a user of Dell products since 1987, and as one who has consistently promoted Dell as a superior product with unmatched customer service, these reports of Dell's anti-gun leanings have greatly concerned me.

After the NRA got involved in the controversy, Dell "did the math" and realized that the collective buying power (if not the media influence) of the millions of politically-active gun owners in the U.S. far eclipses that of the hundreds of politically-active gun-grabbers in the U.S., and Dell has moved very quickly to clarify their positions on these issues. Dell's purpose is to remain politically neutral on such weighty Constitutional issues, and while this may not be the most courageous stance possible, the NRA does accept Dell's explanation of their policies, and it seems that Dell is not actually in league with those who seek to curtail our precious civil rights.

The entire story can be found at the following link: http://www.jackweigand.com/Dell.html. I would like to thank Jack Weigand for staying on top of this story, and for the way he has handled the entire episode.

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