Cross Breed Holstersí New Supertuck Deluxe Concealment Holster


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

April 26th, 2007




Just a couple of weeks ago, as I was seeking out interesting stuff at the NRA Show in Saint Louis, I ran across a display booth exhibiting some unique-looking holsters. The Booth was that of Cross Breed Holsters of Republic, Missouri. Their holsters appeared to be a combination of Kydex and leather, and I spoke briefly with the gentlemen manning the booth, and asked that they send one to fit my S&W M&P 9mm pistol. The M&P is a dandy pistol, and I find it accompanying me more and more, but usually carry it in a standard belt holster upon  my hip, under a light jacket. With hot weather here in Tennessee already, I needed another option.  The Cross Breed is a deep concealment holster, and looked like it just might work.

Like most who have been carrying handguns for many years, I have a couple of boxes full of holsters that just didnít work out for whatever reason, and while the Cross Breed looked okay, I must admit that I did not have high hopes for the design.

Cross Breed offers several models of holsters, and the one sent to me is their Supertuck model. As the name implies, it is a tuckable holster, meaning that it is an inside-the-pants design, that also allows the shirt tail to be tucked in while wearing. The only thing that shows is two small half-circular tabs at the bottom of the belt. With a black belt, even those would be hard to see. Anyway, the tabs securely hold the holster in place while the weapon is being drawn, and do not look at all like a holster retaining clip. The Supertuck also comes supplied with two standard belt attachments, for those who prefer that design.

The Supertuck model has a Kydex holster and two belt clips attached separately to a piece of leather that offers generous protection to oneís hide from abrasion by the weapon, and protects the weapon  from sweat. The Holster and belt clips are attached securely to the leather by heavy rivets around the holster, and Phillips head Chicago screws on the belt clips. The Kydex is a great idea, offering a very low profile, and the leather is there for comfort. The best of both worlds. One other feature that is of paramount importance on an inside-the-pants holster is that the Kydex retains its shape after the weapon is drawn. A holster that collapses when the gun is removed is worse than useless. It is dangerous. With the Supertuck, when you withdraw the gun, your pants donít fall to the ground, and most importantly, the gun is easily reholstered using only one hand. 

Another fine feature of the Supertuck is its adjustability. With most Kydex holsters, you are stuck with one angle of carry and one depth of carry. One the Supertuck, there are four position holes for each of the belt clips, allowing a great deal of adjustability to the holster.

As alluded to earlier, I did not get my hopes up to highly over the Supertuck, as I generally do not like inside-the-pants holsters, as most are not comfortable to me, and I have tried several. In hot weather, I do not like wearing layers of clothing. I never wear a T-shirt as an undershirt, but always as the only shirt. I have never found an inside-the-pants holster that was comfortable against my bare skin, until now. The Supertuck places that big piece of leather between me and my weapon, offering good protection to us both. The wide spacing of the belt clips makes the holster very stable, and the gun stays right where it belongs, without shifting. The Supertuck can be removed without removing the belt, which is a good feature, but absolutely stays in place. The wide belt clip spacing distributes the gunís weight well, and just makes for a more comfortable holster.

I have worn the Supertuck for only a few days now, but find it to be the most concealable and comfortable inside-the-pants holster that I have ever worn.  Even under a light T-shirt, tucked or untucked, the M&P hides very well. After wearing the Supertuck, the best word to describe it is "comfortable". With most holsters, the first thing I do when I get home is to take it off as soon as possible. Without thinking about it, I found myself wearing the Supertuck even around the house.

Going to different shows, I see lots of holster displays.  The thing that caught my attention at the NRA Show was the logo of the Cross at the Cross Breed holster booth. Speaking with Mark Craighead, the owner and designer, I found that Cross Breed is a Christian owned business.  That may or may not mean anything to you, but it does to me. Mark doesnít make a big deal about it, and will of course sell a holster to anyone, regardless of belief, but it is refreshing these days to see the Cross in a business logo.

If you need a good, comfortable, affordable, concealment holster that works and works well, I highly recommend that you give the Supertuck a try. If you try it and donít like it, Cross Breed will buy it back if you change your mind within two weeks. In addition to that, it has a lifetime warranty.  Cross Breed also gives an NRA discount. Cross breed holsters are custom made to fit many different handguns, both pistols and revolvers.

Call Cross breed toll free at: 888-732-5011 or order online at

Jeff Quinn

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Cross Breed Holstersí New Supertuck Deluxe Concealment Holster.



Author's S&W M&P 9mm is invisible under an untucked shirt...



...with the shirt tucked in, the only visible sign that the author is heeled are two tiny tabs at the bottom of the belt.





There are four different settings on the holster for how high the gun is carried on the belt.



For added versatility, the holster also comes with standard belt loops.



The back side of the holster that touches the body is soft and very comfortable leather.



Cross Breed holsters is a Christian-owned company that offers an innovative and useful product.