Redesigned Hammers & Triggers on Bond Arms Derringers

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

December 27th, 2012


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Original Snake Slayer (right) compared to new Snake Slayer (left).



Old-style hammer (top and left) compared to new-style hammer (bottom and right).



Old-style trigger (left) compared to new-style trigger (right).



Old-style grips (right) compared to new-style grips (left).



Old-style hammer & trigger.



New-style hammer & trigger.



Author's old scratched-up Snake Slayer grips.



New-style Snake Slayer grips.



Bond Arms of Granbury, Texas has been making premium-quality two-shot derringers for almost two decades. They currently produce eight different models that are available in at least sixteen different chamberings. About three years ago, I started carrying a Bond Snake Slayer whenever I am out checking and repairing fences, or doing other work around the farm or in the woods. Loaded with a three inch 410 shotshell packed with number 7.5 or 8 birdshot, it will shred a venomous snake at close range. Loaded with Winchester PDX-1, buckshot, or 45 Colt ammunition, the Snake Slayer makes a very reliable, compact, and powerful defensive weapon. The Snake Slayer is my favorite version of the Bond derringer. It has three and one-half inch barrels, to accommodate three inch magnum shotshells, a trigger guard, and the extended grip. I can shoot the Snake Slayer better than I can the more-compact Bond derringers, and the trigger guard makes the weapon easier for me to cock the hammer. For more information on the Bond Snake Slayer, I refer you to my previous article from 2009.

Here, we are looking at the new hammer and trigger design that Bond has now incorporated into their entire line of derringers. These changes are subtle, but they make the pistols easier and more comfortable to shoot. The new hammer spur is wider, for a better purchase with the shooter’s thumb for cocking back the hammer to fire. The shape of the trigger has been slightly redesigned for a better trigger feel. These two small changes to an already-outstanding derringer design make a good thing even better.

All current-production Bond derringer have the new hammer and trigger. Also, if you have an older Bond derringer, it can be retrofitted to the new parts for a fee. I own Bond derringers with both the original and the newer design hammers and triggers, and while both work very well, I do prefer the look and feel of the new parts.

Check out the extensive line of Bond derringers, holsters, and accessories at

To send your Bond Arms derringer in for action upgrade (new trigger and hammer combo), please contact Bond Arms at 817-573-4445 to determine eligibility, get current pricing, and obtain an RMA number.


You must ship the firearm FEDEX OVERNIGHT.

Bond Arms can only return the firearm to the address it was sent from.

It is illegal to transport Bond Arms derringers from or to California or Massachusetts. If you send one from California or Massachusetts, they cannot send it back.

Jeff Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.



Snake Slayer comes with hard plastic storage case.





Barrel latch (top), manual crossbolt safety (center), extractor (bottom).





Leather Driving Holster.



Snake Slayer shoots 2.5 and 3 inch 410 shotshells, as well as 45 Colt ammunition.





Winchester PDX-1.



Buffalo Bore standard-pressure 225-grain lead hollowpoint ammunition.