By Greg Quinn

September 28, 2005

 Am I the only one that is getting just sick of all the talk of “tolerance”?  What does all this mean, and where is it coming from?

The “tolerance movement” was started by anti-Christian liberals who have promoted a campaign to “guilt” people into a wrongful belief that, if you do not accept another person and their views, you are labeled as “intolerant”.  Satan himself is at the heart of the intolerance movement, as if he can get people to question the authority of the Bible, and the belief of Jesus, then he has won.  And, sadly, it often appears that the devil is winning.  If one accepts anything other than Jesus Christ as being the only way a man can come to God, then these beliefs contrary to the teachings of the Bible are incorrect.  It sounds intolerant, but it is correct.

I am not sure that, contrary to what popular opinion may be, that this intolerance is such a bad thing.  I am intolerant.  Yet, I am not intolerant in the same way that the secular humanists of liberal America, or those Muslim extremists that want to wipe out Christianity, would have you believe.  I am intolerant as Jesus was intolerant, and figure I am in good company.

As Christians, we believe that there is but one way that a sinful man can ascend to a good relationship with a holy God.  Only through Jesus Christ.  We cannot work our way into godliness, as we have nothing in ourselves that is good enough to allow us to work our salvation.  The Bible says that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” and “there is none righteous; no, not one”.  There is nothing we can do that is good enough to work our way into Heaven.  God is so holy, and man is so sinful, that there is affixed such a chasm between them that there is nothing that a sinful man could do to move himself into a close relationship to a holy God.  Impossible.  So, God himself, in the form of a man, had to come to Earth, assume the penalty of our sin (“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ.”) through His own death (though He was totally without sin) in order to redeem us from this penalty of sin, and then raise from death after 3 days to prove total dominion over death and the grave, and total victory for God and the Lord Jesus Christ, His Son, and all that believe in Him and accept the full pardon of sin through Jesus’ sacrifice.  This is the core basis of the Christian faith.  This Christian faith is the foundation upon which we live, the hope of our salvation, and the peace we have in the future.  And, this Christian faith is the foundation of this great country called America.

Yet, the popular (and ungodly) opinion of the day is one of total acceptance of any and all beliefs.  That “if one believes and is sincere, that is good enough”.  That, my friend, is wrong and will send the believer to Hell, and eternity without God.  One can be sincere, and be sincerely wrong.  And, there becomes a point when their sincerely wrong beliefs are too late to change. 

So, you may say, what makes me right and the others that disagree with me wrong?  One thing.  The Bible.  God’s the only God, the Creator’s, written Word.  The Bible is the recorded truth of the ages, the wisdom of God dispensed for the betterment of mankind, God’s creation.  If it’s in the Bible, it is irrefutably proven to be correct and true.  For ages people much smarter than you and I have tried to prove it wrong; none have succeeded.  So, accept it.  It is the only truth.  Once you accept that, then the rest is much easier.

We believe, as Christians, that there is but one means of salvation.  Only one means of entering Heaven.  Only one means of escaping a life of darkness and evil.  Only one means of entering a relationship with God, the Creator of the Universe.  The only means of salvation, as stated in the Bible and satisfied through infallible proofs over centuries, is that Jesus Christ is the one and only hope of mankind.  The only source of salvation from sin and death.  The only means of a peaceful life.  The only way to fully understand the love of God.  Only way to Heaven.  The only way.  The one.  The only.  No other.  It.  Final.  Finished.  And, intolerant to other beliefs to the contrary.

Jesus was intolerant of other beliefs.  All Christian leaders of our faith as recorded in the Bible were intolerant of other religions and other gods.  God destroyed earth through a flood and created a new society through only Noah’s family because God is intolerant of us having beliefs in any other deity but He alone (look at the first Commandment of the Ten Commandments).  God destroyed the wickedness in Sodom and Gomorrah because of their anti-God attitudes; God was intolerant.  God put plagues on Egypt at Moses’ hand because God was intolerant of the Egyptian treatment of God’s people.  Jesus said “I am THE way, THE truth, THE life; no one comes to the Father but through me”.  Sounds intolerant, doesn’t it? 

Being a Christian as a follower of Jesus is to be intolerant of other beliefs.  We cannot listen to the liberals; we must listen to God.  We are not to accept the teachings of anything that contradicts to the truths of scripture as found only in the Holy Bible.  Anything to the contrary; we are to be intolerant of their teachings.

We are not to mistreat others that believe different.  We can show compassion to their cause, even when understanding that they are completely wrong if they differ with us and the teachings of the Bible.  We are to love them as Jesus would love them.  We are to help them understand, but not through brow-beating or militant attitudes like the Muslim extremists and others.  We are to pray for them, love them, try to understand that they differ with us because they haven’t yet been enlightened, and then try to enlighten them to the truth.  The truth of the Bible.  The truth that Jesus is the only way.  The truth of intolerance.

Be intolerant.  If you are a Christian, and you are a follower of Jesus Christ, and you believe the Bible to be totally true and totally the Word of God, then you have a right to be intolerant.  Because, any that differ with you are wrong.  Not because you said so, or I said so, but because God said so.

Be intolerant, but love others through their misunderstanding.  Help them understand the love of Jesus by doing what Jesus did, and loving those that did not understand.  Perhaps you will be able to help them understand.  And, help them become intolerant.

Be intolerant.  Now is a time for God’s people to stand up and be intolerant.  Not militant.  But intolerant. 

We are to not accept that the government can allow Satanism and Muslim studies and Darwinism to be taught in our public schools, but Christianity and the God of the Bible cannot be taught.  We are to be intolerant to those that want to give our kids condoms instead of teaching Christian principles of abstinence.  We are to be intolerant of political leaders who are supposed to represent us Christians but they themselves cannot understand because they are not believers in Christ.  We are to be intolerant of those that want to remove “In God We Trust” from our nation’s currency, or “Under God” from our pledge to our country.  We are to be intolerant to the filth of our mainstream media.  We are to be intolerant to those that want to ruin the beauty of God-ordained marriage by providing the same privilege to those of errant homosexual beliefs.  We are to be intolerant as to how Christians are misrepresented and mistreated by many in the media and politics.  We are to be intolerant to those that tell us to be tolerant to other faiths, as they are telling us to deny our faith.  We are to be intolerant to those that murder babies through science or choice, and let our voices and votes be heard in support of Godliness and life.  If it is anti-Bible; we are to be intolerant to these teachings and actions that are contrary to the Word of God.  If it is anti-Jesus, we are intolerant.

So, intolerance is not a bad thing.  Intolerance is a good thing.  People lacking in understanding will tell you something to the contrary.  Believe them, and you will have eternity in Hell to debate the matter. 

I’ll close with another statement of intolerance: Jesus is the ONLY way.

 - Greg Quinn

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